TOTR: Running Solo vs Running with a Group


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I love to run with other people! Yet the vast majority of my runs are solo runs. My town has a thriving running community, so why would I have to run alone?

  • I do not work (now) & although I am a morning person, my mornings are busy with feeding animals (2 dogs & 1 cat) & walking the dogs. I am so not an evening person, when most group runs seem to take place. I do it, sometimes, & then I have trouble getting to sleep at my normal hour.

  • The bigger reason? Very few people run my pace. I’m slow – my easy pace is between 13-14 minute miles on a good day. I’m sure there must be people at my pace in the area, but it seems as though every time I started running with someone who is around my pace, they get faster – & I just don’t.

For the last four summers I have run with USAFit Albany. I am often, but not always, running by myself in the group. I seem to fall in between the average runners & the slower runners. Sometimes I get to run with someone; sometimes I’m by myself. But there’s always someone to chat with before/after my runs & I highly recommend this group to runners of all abilities.

Advantages of running solo:

  • Go at your own pace
  • Get lost in your thoughts/music
  • Run whenever you feel like it

Advantages of running with a group:

  • People to chat with
  • Safety
  • Someone to push the pace

Do you prefer running with a group to running solo, or visa versa? Any great running groups like USAFit to recommend?

10 thoughts on “TOTR: Running Solo vs Running with a Group

  1. I generally run by myself because my schedule is odd, but when I do run with a group, I want to actually run with someone. Since those are usually social runs for me instead of training runs, I adjust my pace to run with someone else. Thanks for linking up with us!


  2. I would LOVE to have a running buddy, but between my schedule and my fear/anxiety of people I just run alone. I keep thinking I’ll “make” Lucy become my running partner, but then I think about how she acts when she sees a rabbit or squirrel, and I’d rather not hurt myself 😉 She also doesn’t do very well in the heat.


    1. The dogs are sprinters & Chester doesn’t even do well walking in the heat. I would run more in the mornings, but by the time I feed them all & walk them there usually isn’t time. You never know when you might meet a running buddy though! Stranger things have happened.

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