What do amnesia & mullets have to do with racing?

Have you ever noticed that there are all sorts of amnesia? Well, I have and today I’m Thinking Out Loud about it.

What to wear in the Fall?
What to wear in the Fall?

Clothes Amnesia
Where you forget how to dress for Spring after Winter, or Fall after Summer. Always makes racing so interesting.

Weather Amnesia
I don’t know why, but I always think that I will not need to slow down in a hot race. So I start at the same pace I planned if it were ideal weather conditions. And somewhere along the way, usually around the 10k-10 mile mark, I crash and burn.

Hopefully someday I’ll learn and I’ll have a hot race I’m actually satisfied with.

Race Amnesia
I don’t know why I always think that racing is going to feel good. I’ve often said it doesn’t matter how far you’re racing, racing is hard. It’s why I don’t race all the time.

You start out, thought, and it feels really easy. Really good. You think you’ve got this and it’s going to feel like this the rest of the race. That first half of my half just flew by.

And then it didn’t feel easy at all. My legs were numb. Another hill? Really? I was thirsty. I was huffing and puffing.

At least, that’s me in a race. Maybe you glide through it!

Races & Eating are like Mullets . . . 
. . . Business in the front, party in the back.

Granted, I’ve never run at the front of the pack. And I never will. Sometimes I’ve lined up too close to the start and watched everyone pass me by (no doubt cursing the newbie that can’t line up right, even if I’m no longer a newbie).

But I imagine it’s pretty serious up there.

At the back? You’d be surprised, sometimes there really is a party going on back there. People are running and singing, they’re dancing — it can be very entertaining.

I had planned for my eating to be a mullet too: eat very clean before the race, indulge after. Worked just fine . . . until we left home.

I decide whether or not to order dessert most of the time based on how good my meal is. And our first dinner was really good. So some of this happened.


Lava cake with ice cream!
Lava cake with ice cream!
Then we had time to kill while waiting to pick up my packet (we were early), so we walked over to the nearby orchard. So some of this happened, too.


Apple crisp & cider donut
Apple crisp & cider donut
Oh well, I had a good race so all’s well that end’s well, I suppose.

The death march
I can understand the death march for a marathon, and I’m not saying I’ve never joined the death march, but I’m just always surprised at how many people are walking it in. Usually the last mile is my fastest mile, as it was at the Green Mountain Half.

I have joined the death march when:

  • I’ve been injured
  • The heat got the better of me

Otherwise, I’m running it in. I’ve come too far to give up in the last mile!

Just Call Us the Cat Whisperers
We stayed at an airbnb in VT. About 5 weeks before we came, the couple we stayed with had taken one of their cats in because they thought she had an abscess; it turned out to be cancer. She stopped eating and they tried to syringe feed her, but she disappeared after 5 days and 5 weeks later they just assumed she was gone for good.

They found out when we got there that a neighbor had been feeding her (yes, she was eating!) the last couple of weeks. The neighbor tried to lure her into their home, but failed; but later that night they managed to get her.

Because they have another cat and the two don’t get along, they were keeping her in their bedroom & she’d meow now & again, and the night before my race apparently they fed her at about 3:30. Even though I was restless that night, it didn’t disturb me.

My husband is totally taking credit for the cat coming back.

Have you joined the death march at the end of a long race?

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her:

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

9 thoughts on “What do amnesia & mullets have to do with racing?

  1. When I was leaving the park after my race and many many racers were still on the course. They were happy and having fun. I was jealous.

    Yes, I almost always do the death march the last mile (except for this race since mile 12 was my death march) right up until the finish line then I sprint.

    And yes, what did I wear last fall??? I never remember and I already overdressed yesterday.


    1. I’d rather overdress than underdress.

      I actually think I got it right for my race, although it’s a close thing — the capris might have been a better choice; my legs were numb from the cold, but sometimes that’s a good thing.


  2. I once did a death march on a very hilly 5k a few years back because the night before I ate fired alligator and drank way too much sangria. Not a smart pre-race move in hindsight lol. I got lost in the moment with friends. Kind of like how you describe your dessert adventures here lol. And love the Business in the front, party in the back idea. So what is the middle called?


    1. Your slow & my slow are different. ๐Ÿ™‚

      But the last mile is typically my fastest (of course we’re talking halfs, not fulls, too).

      I actually don’t think it’s because I ran too conservatively, or certainly not in this past race.

      I think I did a really good job pacing myself for the most part. But I want to be done by that point!


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