Dear Fall: 5 Things I want from You!


It’s the first day of Fall and I decided to go off script for the Friday 5 and write a little letter to Fall and ask it for a few favors.


Today I am joining up with the  Friday Five 2.0  from Fairytales & Fitness and Rachel @ Running on Happy to share the five things I’d like to ask from Fall.

I won’t rehash our summer weather, you know what you threw at us, but Dear Fall, please let us have some bright blue skies with little cotton candy clouds. I need to recharge my batteries before the grayness of Winter arrives.

I’d like to run without the jacket (or hike!)

Cool enough to enjoy running . . .
. . . but not so cold I need a jacket. Gazillions of layers will come soon enough; for now, please let me enjoy the freedom of running in just a skirt and a tee (or capris, or even tights) — let’s save the jackets for winter, shall we?

No snow!
I mean seriously, it’s bad enough dealing with the snow during the Winter. Do you really need to throw it at us during your season, too, Fall? We runners don’t enjoy it. The furkids don’t enjoy it. And the plants certainly don’t enjoy it.

I know you’re just getting started!

Colorful leaves to entertain me . . .
. . . on the trees. Please let there be a trail angel to blow those leaves off of my running paths. I don’t want to roll an ankle because a branch or a rock was buried under all your Fall colors.

I do enjoy leaf peeping as I run.

A few PRs would be awesome
Seriously, Fall, if it doesn’t happen, I’m cool. I’ve had a good year of running. But you are often my best season for running. I’m hoping for a PR at my Fall half next week, but I’m not putting pressure on myself — it will be what it will be.

I’m counting on you, Fall, to help me out a little in the PR department with some crisp days that make running a pleasure.

So let me know in the comments:

What would you ask Fall for?

Any big Fall races coming up?

What is your favorite thing about running in the Fall?

21 thoughts on “Dear Fall: 5 Things I want from You!

  1. I’m asking for basically the same things from fall. I race all year and my PRs are not often in the fall except for my 10k one.

    Montreal marathon was cancelled this weekend. Glad I’m not running one. Last weekend was bad enough.

    I have two fall halfs. Both are girls weekends and all about fun not speed.

    I love running and seeing the fall colors.

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      1. I bet you get one. It’s a flat course and the weather should cooperate. And you’re still young. Lol

        I think I reached the limit on how fast I can get which is perfectly fine.

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  2. I’m always scared of turning my ankle on the trail due to leaves covering the rocks… or slipping on wet leaves on the road when it’s raining. I actually was once running with a pal and that exact thing happened to her and she twisted her ankle pretty bad! This fall, I just want to be motivated enough to go out and do fun fall activities, like fall fests, wineries, things like that. Sometimes I am a couch potato on the weekend but I want to get out and door more.

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  3. Aww this is a cute post. I love it! I’m so sorry that your summer weather wasn’t what you hoped for. Hopefully Fall wil be nice to you this year! I know fall doesn’t officially end till December 20, but I’m okay with snow in December if we get it before then. Thanks for linking up Judy!

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    1. I’m more than happy if it never snows. Sure, it’s pretty, but not for long. And it’s like this little refrigerator just pumping out the cold into my runs — assuming it’s actually clear enough to run!

      You can’t change the weather but you can rant about it. 🙂


    1. I would be quite happy to keep fall weather (and you can have the summer we’re about to get, LOL!) — in fact, I’d be just as happy to keep it all winter long.

      I hope you get some awesome running weather, Kim.


  4. This is weekend is prime leaf peeping up in the mountains. I’m staying here with the weather since who knows what the mountain passes will be like at high altitude. The trees are changing color in the neighborhood, and I keep seeing more and more. I saw one tree changing two weeks ago, and they’re all following suit. It’ll keep me entertained on my run tomorrow.

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