As Seen on the Run


I cheated a little: I’m sharing things I saw on a long run a couple of weeks ago.

I saw the usual animals:

  • Bunnies
  • Birds
  • Chipmunks
  • Squirrels

Nothing unusual in the list. Sometimes I do see something more exotic like a turtle or a groundhog or beaver, maybe even a bald eagle if I’m really lucky (actually, never at this section of the bike path, but I have on other sections), but I was running along and thinking this is kind of a boring run.

Humans and their companions
It’s a popular trail so it’s rare that you don’t see someone, even in Winter. People walking their dogs, their kids. People riding their bikes. Other runners. Occasionally skateboarders, but not this day.

A guy fishing
This isn’t unusual either, although most of the time I don’t see people fishing here. But once in a while I do. I always wonder what the heck they catch out of the algae choked canal. Is it edible? Or are they just fishing because it destresses them?

The grand finale
Seriously, I was running and thinking this is a really boring run. Nothing to see here. Then it happened . . . 

Definitely one of the weirdest things I’ve seen on the bike path

I did not see this on the way out. I can be pretty oblivious sometimes, listening to my own thoughts, but I don’t really think I could have run anywhere near the union jack jester’s hat above and missed it. Since this was almost at the end of the run, it did keep me occupied, wondering who would ever wear such a thing? More importantly, why? Finally, why would they leave it on the trail?

What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen on a run?
If you run by a water source, are there people out fishing?
Looking forward to see what
you see on the run!


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20 thoughts on “As Seen on the Run

  1. Haha!! What a find! And now you have me asking the same questions?! Why were they wearing it and why was it left on the trail? Was it left deliberately to keep us guessing? LOL. Too funny. I haven’t seen anything interesting lately but the kids did see guinea fowl, ostrich and small antelope (impala) on one of their bike rides with their dad.

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  2. Ha, that Union Jack hat! My first thought was a football fan (the European Championships are in full swing over here).
    But that idea doesn’t work, because England, Scotland and Wales have their own teams with their own flags…now I’ll have to think about it again…

    When I walk to the grocery shops I usually pass young teenagers fishing in one of the rivers. It’s nice to see young people interested in that sort of thing.

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  3. It depends where I run. Always fishermen on the Corning path. On rail trail art work painted rocks and many animals. On Zim I once saw a bra hanging from a tree. On the new trail I did not see anything interesting. Which is why I did choose this topic. Lol.

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  4. It does seem like I see much of the same thing on my runs…lots of squirrels and bunnies (most recently). I see a lot of chipmunks on the bike paths, and those little critters are pretty daring, running across the path right in front of us LOL Supposedly, our friend spotted a badger in the brush last weekend, while we were riding, but no one could vouch for that. I love the mystery surrounding that jester hat!

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    1. I don’t think I’d know a badger if I fell over it — which hopefully never happens. 😊

      We saw the albino squirrel again today, and a doe with a fawn the other day (we don’t get deer!) & are wondering what’s next!).


  5. Hmm what a strange thing to see on the trail! I have noticed that I am seeing alot of face masks on the sidewalks lately. I always wonder if people drop them by accident or if they decide they don’t want to wear them anymore and leave them on the ground. I hope its an accident, because is it really so hard to just throw them away?

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  6. I used to see woman’s shoes. Only one at a time. Let’s just say that pre-pandemic I would see ladies of the night going home after “working”. I just assumed it was their shoes but I could be wrong.

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  7. It’s always a shock when you see things out of the ordinary during a run. A few times I’ve seen empty tiny bottles of liquor when I run through the park. I guess people have a party there at night? Who knows!

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