Stop, Chester, STOP!!!!!!

Mr. Judy “walks” Chester
By Mr. Judy

Our 10 week old puppy Chester had only been with us for a week or two and we were all climbing the learning curve and adjusting to each other. How much to feed him? House training. What type of leash and collar? We were still trying to figure it all out.

Judy had decided that it would be a good idea for me to take him with me on the daily trip to get our mail from the community mailboxes located down the street and around the corner. She had made the trip with him only about a dozen times before and this was my first go at it. I was doing great directing this new, high-energy puppy past the four neighbors’ houses and over to the mailboxes until…as I awkwardly struggled to get the key in the lock, pull out the mail, and replace the key into my pocket, I lost my grip on the leash which dropped to the ground.

Chester stood there for a moment, not understanding what had just happened. I realized this was potentially a bad situation. Since my hands were full it would be tough to bend over and grab the leash in time, so my leg flailed out in a desperate attempt to stomp on the leash handle. Missed, of course.

Chester makes a break for it

Realizing what was going on, or perhaps just startled by my attempt to stomp on the leash, Chester started to move away.  I shouted “Chester STOP” but this command had not yet been installed in his little brain.  I made a second awkward attempt to step on the leash as Chester started to pull away. Missed again. “STOP! CHESTER STOP!” I shouted as I ran after the quickly fleeing 4 pounds of fawn colored fur that was headed toward freedom.

I started to chase him as he made his escape, juggling the mail in my arms and shouting for him to stop. He was a fast little puppy and my middle-aged legs were no match for his speed. As he approached the corner I feared he would continue on, across the street, and out of our neighborhood into a higher trafficked road and on into the great unknown.

As my panic rose Chester changed direction, making a left onto the road that led to our house. I was somewhat relieved, but continued to chase and yell for him to stop. He accelerated and was increasing the distance between us in our sprint across my neighbors’front yards

Made it!

Then, an amazing sight, Chester turned left again just as he approached our house. He headed toward our backyard and I realized this dog was much smarter than I thought. He knew how to get home and that was exactly where he was headed in such a hurry. As I ran around to the back of our house I saw him on the deck jumping to get Judy’s (The Mama’s) attention. Panting from my run I could only laugh and shake my head. Chester just thought this was all good fun.

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