Half Marathons

A “run” down of my half marathons, in chronological order:

2011: Rock n Roll Las Vegas (NV)
This is the story of my first half marathon, RnR Las Vegas 2011. I had slotted Austin Livestrong 2012 as my first, until a couple of Spark buddies decided to do Las Vegas and I crashed their party. In the end, neither were able to do it — one due to injury, the other was just not able to get away. Read more . . . 

2012: Austin Livestrong (TX)
To date this is the only half marathon that Mr. Judy missed. He was at a conference on the west coast, so I flew out ahead of time, spent a few days relaxing, and didn’t have to worry about waking him up super early to eat my prerace breakfast. He flew in that night. Read more . . . 

2012: Rock n Roll Montreal

2013: Rock n Roll Las Vegas

2013: Blackstone Valley (RI)

2013: Smuttynose Rockfest (NH)

2014: Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill (MA)

2014: Gettysburg Blue & Grey (PA)

2015: Redding Road Race (CT)

2015: ZOOMA Annapolis (MD)
I signed up for ZOOMA Annapolis pretty much on a whim. I’d run a half the beginning of May, and it went so well that I felt I might as well do another one. Soon. Read more . . . 

2015: Green Mountain (VT)
Vermont in the Fall: it conjures up vision of cider donuts, maple everything, mountains, brightly colored leaves. Doesn’t that sound lovely? We lived there as newlyweds 30 years ago. Read more . . . 

2016: Shipyard Maine Coast Half Marathon (ME)
Shipyard Maine Coast Half Marathon could have easily been a PR, given the right conditions — it’s the flattest race I’ve run in the northeast. By far! Read more . . . 

2016: Craft Classic Phoenix Half Marathon (AZ)
Inaugural races can be tricky, and Craft Classic Phoenix was my third inaugural half marathon. I am happy to say it was also extremely well “run”. And although it was definitely a challenging, warm, hilly race, I felt I ran it well. Read more . . .

2016: Panama City Beach Half Marathon (FL)
When my first two halfs of 2016 (Shipyard Maine and Craft Classic Phoenix) didn’t result in PRs, I was just sure that 2016 wasn’t my year for a half marathon PR. Read more . . . 

4 thoughts on “Half Marathons

    1. You’re very welcome. Will your half be a live race? My best pieces of advice are nothing new on race day & don’t worry about your finish time, just soak up the experience — which was easy to do in Vegas, except for the fact that it was extremely cold. And I live in upstate NY so I know about cold!


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