Angel on my Shoulder

Angel on my shoulder — literally!

That’s how my run felt on Wednesday.

This week is warmer than last, so I’ve been able to get outside to run again. Since Snowzilla missed us entirely, our running paths are for the most part clear. Usually at this time of year there isn’t a lot of choice of where to run because most paths are clogged with snow.

I set out for one of my favorite paths, which is near the Mohawk river. I always find water so soothing when I run. This particular path just happens to be extremely close to the holistic vet where Chester was put to sleep, and we had walked it many times.


Doesn’t look like a good day for a run, does it? But it was

It was still a blustery, cloudy, gray day when I started my run. I had the path entirely to myself, which is very unusual. There aren’t usually a lot of people there, but usually there’s someone.

I didn’t feel him at first. But as I continued to pound the path, striving for a certain pace, my mind was suddenly filled with the image of Chester running with me.

Mind you the dogs were not my running companions. They were sprinters, not endurance athletes. I did occasionally do some run/walk intervals with them. Especially as I began to run, way back in the beginning. Once the intervals were longer than a few minutes, though, you could just see they were thinking what is she doing?

Running with the wind in his ears, he’s all chihuahua

Yet Chester, who was never a very active dog (and now we know why), always seemed to really enjoy running with me. I’d say ย “Are you ready? Let’s go!” and we’d take off, his floppy ears standing up in the wind, making him look like a real chihuahua.


The sun broke out of the clouds and streamed down onto the river

Wednesday I could feel his spirit running with me, with a big ole chihuahua smile and the ears flying in our wake. And the sun began to break through those clouds towards the end of the run, streaming down over the river.

It brought a smile to my face and soothed my soul.

So many times my thoughts are filled with pain when they turn to Chester, missing him, not believing I will never feel his small, soft, warm body pressed against mine, as if to say you’re safe and loved when I’m with you.


The sun will come out tomorrow . . .

Except I know this day he was telling me that I’m loved even when he’s not with me. His spirit will always be with me; I just have to open my heart and let him in, like a flower lets in the sunshine.

Because, after all, as the song says, the sun will come out tomorrow.

Back to Chester’s story

4 thoughts on “Angel on my Shoulder

    1. Connie, it’s the only run I’ve felt him on. I certainly often think of him when I run, but it seriously felt as though he was there with me (and yes, I believe he was).

      I didn’t feel that way on today’s run at all!


  1. SO sweeet ๐Ÿ™‚ I am glad you can feel his spirit and think of happy things. I’ve had those moments where I could feel the presence of someone I lost and it is a comforting feeling. it is good have your blog to journal those important moments!
    Chester has the sweetest little face ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. People were really drawn to him. I ran into a neighbor I hadn’t seen in a while yesterday.

      He had a very sweet, very elderly black lab that the dogs adopted as part of their pack. And he just adored Chester.

      I’d seen him out walking with one of the neighbors without her, and suspected that she was gone, and sure enough, they’d had to let her go about a month before we let Chester go.

      I don’t always feel him on my runs. Not at all! I think about him on my runs, but his presence was really strong there.

      Getting ready to go away for the weekend, I was making up supplements for Lola. I put them in little baggies so I can just dump them on her food when we travel.

      I came across some from Chester I’d never used . . . that was a sad memory. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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