3 Ways to change up running as we age


In less than a couple of years I’ll be turning 60. No matter how well you age, or how fit you stay as you age, things change. That’s life. You can deny it, do the same things you always did, and chances are you’ll end up sick or injured.

You can run and race your whole life — as long as you start to mix things up.

gwy 21 days back stretch pdf
Stay flexible with Yoga

Staying flexible
I actually mean that literally. We naturally stiffen up and lose flexibility (range of motion) and mobility (ease of motion) as we age — if we don’t do anything about it. This can lead to a shorter stride, and that can lead to a slower pace.

This is where Yoga comes in, naturally. Particularly Yin Yoga (my passion!). The longer holds in Yin Yoga may help us maintain — even improve — our flexibility and mobility over time. As long as you don’t go past your edge — then all you’ll do is potentially strain your muscles and/or joints.

My Yin Yoga playlist is here

Foam rolling becomes even more important as we age, too, for the same reason. Even if you’ve never foam rolled in your life, you may want to start doing it as you get older.

Not enough Oxygen
Our VO2max (our ability to process oxygen, which fuels our muscles) also tends to decrease with age. That’s part of what makes those shorter races so challenging as we age.

The good news is our declining VO2max doesn’t impact us as much in the longer distances. If you’ve been a 5k junkie your whole running career, your “golden years” might be the time to give distance running a try.

Maybe rethink your running schedule

If you read my blog for a while, you know that I’m always harping on recovery. See my post here to read many of my recovery posts. It gets more important as we age, because it simply takes us longer to recover from hard workouts.

It’s no longer a great idea to run every day — that’s an invitation for burn out, injury, or illness — maybe even all three!

Younger runners can do back to back runs — of course older runners can, too, but older runners will really benefit from a rest day in between runs. That doesn’t mean you have to be a couch potato when you’re not running. Cross training will really help you, but take it easy.

If you are running back to back days, it’s even more important to make sure that you’re not running hard two days in a row.

Instead of a 7 day training cycle, consider a 10 day training cycle. That gives you enough time to run and then take a rest day the next day (rest from running). That may mean that you run three times one week, then four times the next week.

Of course YMMV (your mileage may vary). If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If you find yourself struggling with burnout, illnesses, or injuries — consider working out smarter, not harder. — Chocolaterunsjudy

Final thoughts
I started running later in life. Sometimes I feel that I missed out on what I could have achieved with running had I started younger, and other days I’m grateful because my body isn’t beat up by years of hard running.

I do want to keep running — and racing — the rest of my life. That means training smart and listening to my body.

Has your running changes as you’ve aged?

Do you feel as though you need more rest between runs as you’ve gotten older? 

Have you turned to new distances — or tried triathlons or trail running as you’ve gotten older? 


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Finding Good Even in Pandemics


We can all agree that 2020 has been “interesting”, right? And by interesting I mean the gift that keeps on giving — not in a good way. Or is it?

Of course there is just so much about 2020 to hatedislike, to want to move past, to want to forget. I often spend time thinking about how I can make people feel better with a blog post — if only for a little while. Here’s my rundown of some good things to come out of 2020.

Fairytales and Fitness

Less time on the road
Since I wasn’t working outside the house, I already drove much less than most people. Which is why my car is 20+ years old. For many months I didn’t take Lola to the vet, but now we’re back to regular visits.

I go grocery shopping about once a month (the rest is delivery). Dinner “out” is usually delivery. I spent months not visiting my mom, and I’m back at it twice a month, but unless they start letting us inside, that will come to a halt as it gets cold.

I rarely drive to run these days. Well, you get the picture. It saves wear and tear on the car, saves money on gas, and it helps lower pollution. If you’ve seen those photos of heavily polluted cities — the difference is astounding.

Getting stronger
I wrote my thoughts about why strength training is important here. Ironically I also chose Strong as my word for the year (se why here). It’s still totally appropriate for 2020, for many of the same reasons — although at the same time things changed, too.

I have made the personal choice to run less — some choose to run more, to each their own. With less running I have more time to cross train and strength train, and there is less stress in an already stressful year.

More time on the phone, more Zooming — who would have ever guessed my mom would Zoom (with a lot of help)

More time with family
Well, more time with Mr. Judy. Not so much with my family. I know some families have had much more time together though. The reason sucks, but spending time connecting is a very good thing in our unconnected world.

Getting creative about get togethers — and other stuff!
I will admit I haven’t been that creative about get togethers, but some people really have! Where there’s a will, there’s a way, as they say. It’s also amazing to see how creative some companies are.

Speaking of getting creative, how about those Blogger Zoom calls?
It was fun to put voices with faces of people you haven’t met. I’ve met some bloggers, but I haven’t been able to make any of the big blogger meetups, so that was nice.

How have you gotten creative this Summer?

Do you feel you’ve gotten closer to your family?

What good can you find in 2020?

My Virtual Gym


Are you one of those runners that just run? So many runners really only love running. I want to be strong the rest of my life, though, and as you get older, it can be an uphill battle.

Strength training is so important. Sure, it helps your metabolism and it carves sexy muscle, but it’s so much more than skin deep. It can be the different between staying independent as we age — or not. Like anything — strength, balance, mental sharpness — use it or lose it!

Although I have been a gym member and loved that, most of my life has been spent exercising at home. It’s convenient. Today it’s also so easy!

Pahla B Fitness
I’ve mentioned Pahla (click here for her Website) time and time again. Because she’s a runner. Because she’s fun. Because even though she’s younger than me, she is aimed at older women. How we work out as we get older, like so many things in life, needs to change. Pahla explains why.

The Peloton App
Even though I’m not super in love with the strength training via the Peloton App (I tell you why in my review here), I enjoy the bootcamps. There are lots of bloggers in our linkups that do love the strength training in the Peloton App, too!

woman in white sports bra and black leggings doing yoga
Barre Inspired Workouts can lengthen & tone you | Photo by Ea Ehn on Pexels.com

The Movement
The movement is not your typical strength training — and that’s part of why I love it. Erin is super uplifting and encouraging, and the creator of my beloved Soul Strolls. Her strength workouts tend to be more Barre-inspired (think lighter weights, more reps) so it may not be your thing. There is so much more to the Movement than ST and I highly recommend this app too! Find it here (and you can start with a free 1 day trial).

Marcia’s Healthy & Coach Debbie Runs
We have our own secret weapons in the linkup! Marcia’s YouTube workouts (find them here) are mostly short but they ain’t easy. Coach Debbie Runs has lots of workouts for runners on her blog, too. Find them here.

Of course there’s also my YouTube Channel. Not so much strength training — although some Yoga, done right, will absolutely strengthen your muscles. I know that bodyweight exercises can be super effective, but I also feel that there is just so many benefits to adding in some weights. Guess what? I’m working on a Yoga with Weights video. So keep your eye out for that on my YouTube channel here within the next few weeks.

What are your online resources for strength training? 

Have you found something new you love due to the Pandemic?

What’s your favorite fitness activity after running? 


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Roatripping: 8/10 – 16 WRD

Some people are effected more by heat than others. I remember once, in TX, we’d been out to a memorial service. It was hot and humid. As we sat in the car afterwards, trying to decide what to do, the sweat was rolling down my face. But not Mr. Judy’s.

I’d rather run outside than on the treadmill, but for me, I’d come to the proverbial breaking point between the heat, humidity, and early mornings. Embracing the treadmill again this week helped. A lot! Originally I planned to run today, too — inside or outside — but I took a long walk instead. You’ll see why.

I’m not trying to tell you to run on a treadmill, not at all. Just reminding y’all that we’re all different. The most important thing is to just keep moving by whatever mode works for you.


Joining Kim @ Kimrunsonthefly and Deborah @ Confessionsofamotherrunner, and easing back into running and embracing my treadmill again (a little).

Workouts update

  • Monday:  Dogwalk, 3 ish treadmill miles, Filmed Yoga video (50 min)
  • Tuesday: Dogwalk, Peloton Bootcamp (2ish? mies + ST — total 45 min)
  • Wednesday: Dogwalk, Walking around historic sites & over bridges
  • Thursday: Dogwalk, Yoga with Weights (20 min)
  • Friday: 8 mile LSD, Yoga (20 min)
  • Saturday:  Dogwalk, Yoga (20 min), Soul Stroll
  • Sunday: Dogwalk, Long Walk in a New Place

Mileage: 12 (+.9)

JY = Jasyoga
PB = Killer B
TM = Treadmill
YFR = Yoga for Runners*
WU = warmup
CD = cooldown
SB = Stationary Bike
YFPR = Yoga for Pain Relief
YTU = Yoga Tune Up Lower Body*

*Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links; I will make a small amount of money if you buy through these links

Running Update

Monday intention: try something new
My first running class on Peloton. I did a 10 min running warmup + a 30 min running class (beginner) + 10 min walking cooldown. Apparently the incline is broken on my treadmill again. Not the end of the world. Garmin is notoriously inaccurate with indoor runs, and of course ancient mills aren’t so accurate either. So not so sure how far I ran, but I know it was fine and definitely hit some paces (for a brief time) I wouldn’t have if I’d slogged it out outside.

Tuesday intention: nasal breathing
I did my first running + ST bootcamp with Peloton App. I chose a beginner, 30 min bootcamp. I definitely liked the running portion — perfect way to get just a little bit of running in and I was able to push the pace while running (it used run/walk intervals) and maintain nasal breathing — something I just haven’t been able to do outside during the Summer, although I keep trying!

The strength portion was good, but again, I really felt like it was rushed.

Scooooore! Rabbit in front of goal amused me

Friday intention: support women with breast cancer
It was much warmer than predicted this morning. I wish I’d worn my cooling towel. The roads seemed choked with wrong siders, but most crossed when they saw me running towards them. I tried hard to stay with my run/walk intervals (not throwing in extra walk breaks) and mostly — but not completely — succeeded.

I spent some time before this run thinking about my intention, and I pulled out the 5 whys (ask yourself why you’re doing something, then ask 4 more times). Finally I came up with dedicating this run to the women battling cancer and the virtual Dempsey Challenge I’m training for to raise funds for them (If you’d like to donate, you can do it here. Thank you!).

I got it done. I have to admit the run took a lot out of me, but then I thought about the women battling cancer. The ones that don’t win their fight. The ones that battle through all their treatments. Running 8 miles in heat & humidity seemed a small thing to do.

Scenes from my side trip on my way to visit my mom

Favorites of the week
I decided to break up my drive to my mom on Wednesday with a small side trip. As much as I like seeing my mom, these trips are also tiring. The side trip (made easier by no husband or dogs in tow) was well worth the extra time — even if I was really feeling the need for a bathroom by the time I got home!

Long walk on a new to me rail trail

Today I am off to pick up my bowl/mug for me and my friend from our virtual XC series in July. I found what sounds like a nice rail trail close to the pickup location.

At least I added one new mug this year

The rail trail was very nice! So is the new mug.

He looked left, then right & I captured both
Lola spends a lot of time just staring into space

What have you been doing to have some fun this Summer?

Do you think you can’t meditate? There is no can’t, only won’t!

What was the highlight of your week? 

ICYMI: I had a video on balance done early. Except I hadn’t uploaded it to YouTube. Then our desktop crashed and died yesterday. So it’s stuck inside the desktop. I made a quick vlog on my walk today about the many benefits of meditation. Watch it here.

Coming up on Tuesday: Strength training — why I do it and where I do it. On Friday I’ll be thinking about what good things have come out of the Pandemic. I hope anyway, everything takes a lot longer on my phone/tablet. It’s probably going to take me longer to comment on blogs, too.

4 Running Masks . . .


. . . I Haven’t Run In

I do wear masks:

  • I wear them when I go grocery shopping or take Lola to the vet (even though I don’t actually go in with her).
  • I wear a mask when I visit my mom (even though we’re outside at either end of a bench).
  • I wear a mask when I get together with friends, even outside.
  •  I often have a mask in my pocket on our daytrips (and wear it as needed).

I have yet to wear a mask on the run. When it was colder I wore a neck gaiter, which is how I run when transitioning from Winter to Spring anyway.

In the summer the neck gaiters annoy me. I run in my neighborhood or on the sides of the roads bordering my neighborhood. Sure, there’s a lot more people out there these days, but the roads are wide and most (but not all) people are respectful of your personal space.

Fairytales and Fitness

BOCO is one of my favorites. Cute! Lightweight! Nose piece — which I didn’t even realize for a while

Here are four running masks I own (and one that’s not made for running):


  1. Athleta. So far the Athleta masks are my favorites — although it’s neck and neck with the BOCO mask. They don’t come in a huge variety of colors, but it’s a pack of five for $30. Surprisingly affordable, which Athleta is not known for. There’s a bendable nosepiece and little circle thingies on the ear strings so that they’re adjustable. It took a very long time to get these; they might be shipping quicker now and they’ve come out with a slightly different design — but it still has the adjustable ear pieces. Buy them here (the link is sneaky — it’s not just the masks).
  2. BOCO. BOCO is a close runner up. It’s cute, and it actually fits my face well. I have a small face, so I wonder if it might be too small for larger heads. Cute designs, but they sell out quickly. Shipping was quick. They are $11.99. You can also custom design one. Buy them here.
  3. Pro Compression. I was ordering some socks recently and saw that they sell masks. Very plain jane. Kind of heavy for running. You can’t choose what color you want, you get what you get. Shipping was quick. They are $12.50. I had a coupon. Buy them here.
  4. Zensah. I have to admit I haven’t worn this mask at all yet. I’m sure it will come in handy during the colder months. It’s also quite plain and seems even heavier than the Pro Compression mask. I bought the gaiter as well: both the mask and the gaiter have copper woven into them. Copper has anti bacterial properties. The gaiter is huge though! Regular masks are $16. They come in a variety of colors, US flag, and camo. The one I got goes behind your head & neck; they have newer masks with ear loops (same price), but in fewer colors. Buy them here. Ask Cari @ Travelingcari about them, I’m pretty sure she’s run in them.
  5. April Marin. This mask isn’t for running, and it was not cheap at $24. It’s linen, and also a bit heavy. It has a bendable nose piece. They’ve come out with it in some really cute prints, and of course you know me, I’ve been tempted, but no. I can’t use it for running and I don’t want to pay that much for a mask. I’m pretty sure I had some kind of discount initially. I was getting so frustrated at masks that were too large for me that I had to constantly adjust, but this one stays put. I wore it on a hot walk with a friend, and yeah, it got kind of stifling in there. But so did my friend with a regular cloth mask — it was hot! I may wear it more when summer is over. Buy it here.

It’s a toss up between BOCO & Athleta. Athleta is actually a lot cheaper.

Pro Compression verdict: meh. Can’t choose the color. Heavy. Maybe good when it gets colder.
Ultimately the I don’t really like this one so much, but it will go with anything and the truth is as far as spreading any germs, thickness is a good thing.

I am not going to lie: I don’t like wearing masks. I don’t like how they look. I don’t like that it makes it harder to breath — or even tell people’s facial expressions. The main reason I’ve bought so many:

  • I prefer to wash my mask after wearing rather than throw it out (or see masks everywhere out walking or running — seriously, I do! how lazy are people?).
  • The cheaper masks irritate my skin.
  • Yes, a little vanity; just like I like cute running clothes, I like cute masks and somewhat matching my mask to my outfit.
  • I said a while ago that I think mask wearing is going to be with us for a while — I’m sad I was right, but I don’t see mask wearing going away anytime soon.

It’s still important to wear your mask. It’s being kind to human kind. It’s a relatively small sacrifice to make to help bring this pandemic to a close. We all want that, right?

I wrote a post about where to get running masks a month ago. You can read it here. Now it seems everyone is making & selling masks!

Here are more options for you:

  • Headsweats. They sell regular and small size masks, and they’re reversible. They are $13, but if you don’t care about the design and just want to be surprised, you can get one from their “grab bag” for $7. Find “elite” masks here, and grab bag masks here.
  • Rabbit. A company I’d never heard of. They sell both regular and kids sized masks. They’re made from scraps from their clothing line and there are cute designs. They sell for $15. Buy them here.
  • Addidas. A reusable face mask that apparently comes in black or blue. They sell for $20. Buy them here.
  • Under Armour. A reusable face mask, apparently just in black, but in a variety of sizes. Glancing through the reviews, though, I wouldn’t plunk down $30 for it. For that amount of money it ought to be the most comfortable running mask! At the moment they’re on pre-order. Buy them here.
  • Asics. Hey, you thought UA was expensive? How about $40? Yup, that’s what Asics will set you back. No, I don’t plan to be buying Rabbit, Addidas, or UA, (although the Rabbit masks are tempting . . . maybe). It’s an interesting design with adjustable ear pieces but seriously, for that amount of money I could be buying running clothes (well, on sale maybe). I’m just giving you options here. Oh, and it’s another pre-order. Buy it here.

I definitely do look forward to the day masks are a thing of the past. It’s coming. I don’t know when, but there will be a day when we can all breathe easy again.

Do you run in a mask?

Do you have a favorite mask?

If a race required you to run in a mask: would you do it?

Taking Yoga off the Mat


Most people come to Yoga for the physical benefits — and there’s no denying there can be many physical benefits. Many people stay with Yoga because of the physical benefits. More people stay because of the mental/spiritual benefits. Those benefits can benefit your running and/or everyday life, too.

Not going deeply into the pose right away
It’s really tempting to just muscle into a pose the first time you do it. It’s a really poor idea, though, and can be a recipe for a quick injury — or an overuse injury over time.

Running: Not going out too fast. Most of us have crashed and burned in a race because we gave into the excitement and started out way too fast.

Not warming up for a Peak Pose
Often Yoga teachers will design their class carefully to warm up students for a peak pose. Generally that pose is the “hardest” pose of the class. Sometimes it’s the pose we love to bust out for those IG selfies — but without warming up first. Another recipe for injury.

Running: many runners never warm up for a run because they just want to hit the road and get going, or lack of time, or maybe simply because it’s cold out (guilty!). The whole point of the warm up is to literally warm up your body to run, so that you don’t injure yourself.

Noticing Your Breath
In Yoga your breath is your clue to whether or not you’ve gone over your edge. When it gets short and choppy, you know you’re pushing too hard.

Running: Yup, pretty much the same thing!


Starting with a good foundation
It’s important to have a good foundation in your Yoga poses — often this is your feet. Are they turning out or in when they should be pointing forward? Are your ankles collapsing in or out? Is your weight evenly distributed across your whole foot?

Running: Substitute base for foundation, although what your feet are doing in running is important too! We build our base, making sure that we slowly and carefully prepare our bodies for longer and harder runs further down the road.

Finding Our Edge
In Yoga we never want a pose to be too easy or too hard; we call this finding our edge, that sweet spot where we’re stressing our body in a good way, but not feeling pain.

Running: In running we’re trying to find the edge for pushing ourselves hard enough so that we grow as a runner — but not pushing so hard that we get injured.

photo of person running on dirt road
It truly is the journey, not the destination | Photo by Visually Us on Pexels.com

It’s the Proverbial Journey
Every day on your Yoga mat is different. Something that felt easy yesterday can feel out of reach today. One day we can balance forever, and the next all we do is wobble and fall all over the place. It’s why Yoga is called a practice, because there is no such thing as a perfect pose — there’s always a way to go deeper or improve.

Running: in running it’s not just about the race, it’s about the training that leads up to the race. You may have your eyes on the prize (a goal race, getting faster, going longer), but it’s the training that will get you there. You have to figure out a way to enjoy the process, the training. Otherwise you’re likely to skip the parts you don’t like — plus you’ll be spending a whole lot of time doing something you don’t enjoy.

Yoga can literally be translated as union: union of body, mind, and spirit.

Running: Yup, pretty much the same thing!

Another “translation” for Yoga is the Science of Joy. At its heart, Yoga is meant to remind us that just as our body, mind, and spirit are connected, so we are connected to every living thing. Yoga — not just asana, but the whole package (asana, breathwork, meditation, etc.) — shows us that when we are present, mindful, and unattached to the outcome, our true nature is joy.

Now that’s a lesson we can take into everything in life, not just our running!

What makes you feel connected to your body? 

What makes you feel connected to others — even in times like these?

Do you think life is hard and then you die, or can you find the joy even in difficult situations? 


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A Buzzzy Week: 8/3 – 9 WRD

We’ve spent way more time eating & relaxing on our deck this Summer than we ever have. In the past, heat (it’s off of the second floor) often prevented us. Of course we’ve had plenty of heat this Summer, but with two umbrellas instead of just one, we’ve been out there more.

The other limiting factor was always the wasps/hornets (what’s the difference?). There have been some this Summer, but I’ve managed to control my freak out until this week.

We were eating dinner, and I had my bare feet up on a chair when a hornet landed on my foot. Do you know how many nerve endings there are in your foot? Somehow I managed to brush him off without getting stung after about a minute, but that was it for me that night.


Joining Kim @ Kimrunsonthefly and Deborah @ Confessionsofamotherrunner, and easing back into running and embracing my treadmill again (a little).

Workouts update

  • Monday:  3 miles easy, Pilates Stretch (8 min) + Yoga (50 min), PM Dogwalk (tropical storm moving in for Tuesday)
  • Tuesday: Peloton Bootcamp (1.13 mile + ST), Dogwalk rained out by Isaias!
  • Wednesday: Dogwalk, Pilates (30 min), Soul Stroll
  • Thursday: Roadtrip with lots of walking
  • Friday: 8 mile LSD, Dogwalk
  • Saturday:  Dogwalk, Yoga (30 min)
  • Sunday: Dogwalk, Yoga (15 min), Walking with a friend later,  Full Body ST (25 min)

Mileage: 12.13 (+5.13)

JY = Jasyoga
PB = Killer B
TM = Treadmill
YFR = Yoga for Runners*
WU = warmup
CD = cooldown
SB = Stationary Bike
YFPR = Yoga for Pain Relief
YTU = Yoga Tune Up Lower Body*

*Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links; I will make a small amount of money if you buy through these links

Running Update

I captured a “real” rainbow!

Monday intention: body scan
It’s clear I’m not going to find much joy in runs in the heat, but I continue to try to tune into my body and try to figure out what would make it better. I spent a lot of time trying different things and seeing how it effected my hamstrings, which are always slightly achy when I run — even slowly. I’m not sure I have answers yet.

It was warm and humid and not as cloudy as I’d like, but it was a nice, consistent run and after about an hour back in the coolness of the house I felt re-energized (not right after the run!).

Tuesday intention: nasal breathing
I did my first running + ST bootcamp with Peloton App. I chose a beginner, 30 min bootcamp. I definitely liked the running portion — perfect way to get just a little bit of running in and I was able to push the pace while running (it used run/walk intervals) and maintain nasal breathing — something I just haven’t been able to do outside during the Summer, although I keep trying!

The strength portion was good, but again, I really felt like it was rushed.

Third time I’ve caught a rabbit in this spot

Friday intention: be kind
It wasn’t supposed to rain that long or that much when I went to bed, but by morning things had changed. The good news was the comfortable temps. The rain came & went (mostly came), but stayed between a drizzle and more steady rain. In fact, when it went I was not happy — but it came back!

I had paused my Garmin to take this photo (no, not downed from Isaias, grooming for returning college students) when my Garmin just decided my run was over. Too bad I was still a couple of miles away from home.

I did feel kind of tired. Technology was rebelling all over the place. My Garmin kept moving data screens, and finally decided to end my run at one point when I paused it to take pictures. It was super annoying.

Still, I’ve been at 7 miles for weeks so decided to try for 8. I’m not sure that was really being kind to myself, but oh well, I did it.

I felt as thought I was inside a Van Gough painting

Favorites of the week
Oops! We did it again! Another road trip. Darlene @ Myfirst5k posted photos of a beautiful field of sunflowers, and I knew I had to go see it. It was cooler, so we took the dogs (who did fine this time).

This was the other buzzy part of the week — we could hear the sunflower field just buzzing with bees! They left me alone & I left them alone.

Some photos from our other walks

We also stopped at a couple of pocket parks in a different town, ending up at a surprise covered bridge (close to vehicular traffic! Yay!).

I bet Darlene knows exactly where we were 🙂

Ended with lunch at a popular farm which I’ve only ever run at before (once) — there was a takeout window and picnic tables to eat at. The first time we’ve done anything other than delivery in forever.

Isaias knocked out power to my mom for days. No phone. No internet. There is a generator there, but it only powers the essentials. Because she rarely uses her cell phone — and I’m not sure she actually hears it ring — no way to contact her. They finally got everything up and running yesterday, so we got to talk.

Bandit was the only one that enjoyed the hammock, sadly. It leans to one side. Any advice?
Bandit also makes Yoga challenging some days
Lola will come say hi during Yoga, but she never stays

Do you have a getaway planned? Nope, not me.

What about short day trips? Yup, I’m embracing them while I can!

Any advice for the unbalanced hammock?  It has really hard slant to the side, making it uncomfortable.

gwy personal oasis

ICYMI: I have a short meditation (roughly 10 minutes) that will help you build your own personal oasis you can visit anytime you need to escape it all. Watch it here.

ICYMI2: Don’t forget that 100% of your donation to my Dempsey Challenge fundraiser goes directly to benefit cancer patients, survivors, and their families.  If you’d like to donate, you can do it here. Thank you!

Coming up on Tuesday: I’ll be talking about how you can take Yoga off your mat and out into your life. Friday I’m sharing my thoughts on four of the masks I use regularly — all are appropriate for running. Or are they?

Pandemic Dressdown: Tea/coffee Date August 2020



Pull up a chair and mug with Coco and Deborah and me and a bunch of bloggers for the ultimate coffee tea date: I’m sharing all my any cute shoes are gathering dust. But first . . .

woman wearing black dress
Fanny packs: Yay or Nay? | Photo by Johnny Edgardo Guzman on Pexels.com

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
Have you noticed fannypacks making a comeback? I’ve noticed quite a few runners/walkers sporting them. I’m happy that my Skirt Sports provides me with #allthepockets and I don’t have to sport that look.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you we did find someplace local to donate clothes/shoes. There is more decluttering to be done (seems like an endless job) but it was nice to get rid of quite a few bags I’d accumulated to donate.

You can’t see anything — other than sunscreen it’s all me under that hat!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you in that I rarely wear any makeup these days with the exception of lip balm (it’s got SPF in it). Seriously, what’s the point? If I’m going out, I’m most likely just putting on a mask at some point anyway. I have to remind myself not to put on the lip balm if I know that I’m going to be wearing a mask!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you along with the makeup, I rarely wear anything other than running shoes, Oofos, and sneakers I use for walking or very occasionally hiking shoes. So every once in a while when we do go somewhere, I make a little effort and wear some cute sandals (but no makeup).


If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I rarely wear any earrings, either! I have to remind myself to put in some earrings once in a while so my holes don’t close up. Usually when I go see my mom.

Our glasses and dishes are in these cabinets. It’s so awkward getting in there. Excuse the dirty floor! I blame it on the dogs. Except they’re constantly trying to help me clean the floors.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
Finally, I’d tell you I have one of  the most awkward kitchens. My dishwasher is almost in the corner by the fridge, with a lazy susan cabinet and some drawers in between — it’s a very tight space.

I’m constantly banging against it when emptying it. I recently knocked my ankle against it good. I had a bruise that hurt for week. Heck, even my foot hurt when I ran for a little while and my gait was slightly altered. Thankfully it did heal up on its own, but I’ve been super careful since then — until the next time, of course.

Do you miss dressing up?

Do you put on makeup even if you’ll be wearing a mask? 

Do you — or have you ever — worn a fannypack? 

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I tried it: Peloton App


I got in on the very last day for a 90 day free Peloton app trial. I have recently finished that trial, and I’m staying on. I actually took some form of class every day in July except for one.

Everything a runner & cyclist needs in one app

What I liked about it:

  • The variety: there are classes in: Strength, Yoga, Cardio, Meditation, Running, Outdoor (audio classes), Cycling, Stretching, Bootcamp, Walking. There are different kind of classes within each category, too (warm up, low impact, etc.).
  • The instructors. There’s someone for everyone, and they’re all very encouraging and upbeat. You may not jive with everyone, of course, but there’s enough instructors that you’ll find someone you like.
  • Music. I think that’s one of the key draws for Peloton — there’s music with all the classes, and you can choose what sort of music you want.
  • You can preload classes. I did that so I could take a warmup when I drove somewhere to run and it worked fine for me. And I have an older iphone that can be balky about connecting.
  • You can bookmark favorite classes.
  • You can filter each type of class: bookmarked, taken by you, length, class type, instructor, music, and difficulty.
  • When you filter classes, you can also sort them by: new, trending, popular, top rated, easiest, and hardest.
  • If you’re motivated by challenges, there are quite a few to choose from. I have not joined a challenge yet (lone wolf that I am!).
  • There are a variety of classes linked together into what Peloton calls “programs” — these are usually multi week programs with a variety of instructors on a common theme: strength, training for a 5k or marathon (hello, what about the other distances?), meditation, core, and a whole lot more.
  • Then there are collections. Don’t ask me what the difference between a collection and a program is, they seem rather similar to me.
  • Finally there’s a schedule of upcoming live classes to choose from. I haven’t tried a live class yet.
  • The community. Actually I haven’t really done much at all with the community aspect of the app, but it’s there. If you want to connect with others to motivate you, it’s possible.

What I didn’t like about it:

  • This is my biggest complaint: there is no way to search! Seriously? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to search for something, like when it was mentioned that there are some foam rolling classes on the app. Darned if I’ve been able to unearth them.
  • Sometimes things just weren’t where I expected them to be, and of course I couldn’t search on them, since there’s no way to search (unless I’ve somehow missed the search function?). For instance, I expected a run warmup to be under “running”. I suppose it makes sense for it to be under “stretching”, but that wasn’t intuitive to me.
  • Not to beat a dead horse, but there’s so much available it can be hard to remember where you found it — or find it in the first place. Because there’s no way to search.
  • I guess I’m old enough that a lot of the music doesn’t really appeal to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found plenty of classes whose music I enjoy. I’ve also looked at a lot of classes that look interesting, only to not be excited by the music choices. Sometimes I take them anyway, but more often I keep searching until I find something with music that I’ve at least heard of.
  • The instructors have a tendency to talk too much for my taste. Hey, I came for the music, let me actually listen to it! OTOH, they usually have inspiring, upbeat messages.
  • I’m not a big fan of the strength classes. It’s not that they’re not good (most), but I find most of the instructors are rushing through it too quickly — and sometimes, quite frankly, using bad form. They will admonish you to take your time and then they’re actually kind of throwing the weights around — it’s a recipe for injury for those who don’t know better.
  • Why no Pilates? You know I love me some Pilates. There’s a Crush Your Core Program, and that is somewhat-Pilates based. There’s also a lot of crunches in that program. Crunches work mostly the superficial muscles in the abs — the showy 6 pack abs, not so much the deep abs that really give you core stability. Otherwise there’s no Pilates. Yet, anyway.
  • Sometimes I wanted longer classes. Why are there no post run stretches longer than 10 minutes, for instance? I totally get a short pre run stretch, in the summer I rarely do more than 5 minutes — but after sometimes I do want a longer stretch. There are also no strength classes longer than 30 minutes — which is fine by me, and  you can stack classes together; still, sometimes it left me scratching my head.
Lots of variety

Final Thoughts
You can see that I liked more things than I didn’t like. I didn’t mention that you get badges as you complete a certain number of classes, or particular series — it’s cute, and I know some people are really motivated by it.

There are a lot of things I haven’t even tried: walking, running (yes, since I had been trying to do my runs outside), cardio, outside.

I think the two things I love most about Peloton:

  1. The music: before the app I was rarely on my stationary bike longer than 20 minutes and I wasn’t getting that productive a workout — I’ve definitely felt some of those cycling workouts! Music definitely motivates me, but on my own I rarely use it for my workouts. That has its advantages too; music can keep you too disconnected from your body — but it definitely has advantages.
  2. The instructors: you have to find the instructors that resonate with you, but they all have such upbeat, inclusive messages. There’s no shouting or no pain, no gain attitude.

It always come down to: would I pay for it? Obviously my answer is yes.

One last thought: yes, I think I would love a Peloton treadmill. Mine is ancient. Of course $$$. They stopped selling them for a while because they come with in-home setup (nice!), but they are being sold now. I haven’t really researched them to see what people really think about them, but I know many bloggers who love their bikes, so I have to imagine the treadmills are good too.

What’s your favorite fitness app? 

Are you intrigued by Peloton now?

If you’re on the Peloton app — or lucky you, own a bike or treadmill — what’s your favorite thing about Peloton? 


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