A Week of Weather Whiplash: TOLT

I’m Thinking Out Loud about Mother Nature and our weird weather this week — not to mention more Lola, a kitchen hack, and how Deena Kastor and I are alike.


Yes, I got them before my birthday but didn’t open them until my birthday

Delayed gratification
I’m usually the one that gets the mail, since I’m the one that’s home. If cards come for my husband for his birthday, I’ll hide them until it’s his birthday.

If cards come for me for my birthday, I’ll save them until it’s actually my birthday!

It kind of drives my husband nuts.


Finally some good free stuff from Sephora!

Score at Sephora!
I don’t shop at Sephora all that often, every once in a blue moon. Because I swear it’s like Target — every time I go there I drop way more than I’d planned to.

And the frequent buyer points? I’ve just been letting them build up and up and up, because I never like what you can get with them. Until last week! Score!

It was a sample box from one of my favorite makeup lines, Tarte (you can see some of the other brands I use here), and a product I’d been wanting to try forever from Living Proof, and a sample from Josie Maran.

And I actually had enough points for all of that!

Except she forgot the Josie Maran sample.

Except I have to go back anyway, I bought lip gloss when I meant to buy lint tint.

Coconut oil spray hack
For years, as winter arrived, I wasn’t able to use a full bottle of cooking spray. I use coconut oil spray, and coconut oil is solid at colder temps. It was so frustrating throwing out half used cans because they wouldn’t spray any longer, not to mention those suckers aren’t cheap!

One day I had the bright idea to put the can under the sink during the winter.

Problem solved and I’m getting my money’s worth.

Chocolate makes everything better

Charley horses & chocolate
One day last week I was woken up by a horrific charley horse. My calf was still all knotted up the next morning, too. While I get cramps in my toes on a fairly regular basis, this was new!

One cause of Charley horses is low magnesium.

Chocolate is high in magnesium.

Clearly I am not eating enough chocolate!

A nation of mug eaters
After I wrote my post on 5 Reasons I Love Mug Cakes, a silly picture popped into my head: people going to work, and instead of sipping coffee from their mugs, they were all eating from their mugs!

My mind can be a strange place.

Lola has the blues

Lola blends
Because no TOLT would be complete without an animal photo.

That sweater used to be Chester’s: blue for boy, pink for girl, get it? Except they’re now all Lola’s (except the momma’s boy sweater). And Lola has hazel eyes (like mommy!). Only her eyes are blue and brown (mine are green and brown).

Can you guess the movie reference in that subhead?


A birthday is the only thing Deena Kastor & I have in common!

What Deena Kastor & I have in common
We share a birthday! 11 years apart, and that’s the only thing about me that is the least like Deena, but hey, I think it’s cool.


-13 was the actual temperature when I woke up Sunday!

Mother Nature is an ironic . . . 
. . . rhymes with witch.

Yes, yes she is.

After our polar vortex visit that lasted Friday-Monday (which isn’t really that long), we were teased with a forecast high of 54 on Tuesday.

Tuesday dawned with some new snow and ice. It did get warm. It also rained all day.


Yes Tuesday’s rain washed our snow away

Why is it that the warm winter days have crappy weather and the bright, sunny days are bitterly cold? Actually, my husband tried to explain that one to me this weekend when I happened to think out loud about it.


Any kitchen hacks to share?

Favorite stuff at Sephora?

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her:

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

Dog videos & paintings & food, oh my!: TOLT

This  Thinking Out Loud is going to get a little active. I’m sharing a couple of videos.

Resting is great, until . . .
. . . you start doing your laundry again.

It’s not that I didn’t do any laundry last week, but that was one of the ways I rested — just doing the bare minimum.

So the upside of having lots of clothes is you can get away with that.

The downside is now I have a ton of laundry to do!

Lola will do this just for fun!
Because everyone loves animal videos, here’s the one where she almost ran into the wall in her excitement (the other video I shared is on my Weekly Wrap).

Sometimes I do this with her without giving her treats at all! And she still loves it. I do it on rainy/cold/snowy days when we don’t get out for our walk so she can get a little exercise.

Yeah, she wasn’t listening too well on that one and she almost took my fingers instead of the treat. She’s a high energy girl!

Prepare to be wowed
I just love this video and the message.


Contacts and onions
Chopping onions and then putting in your contacts? No bueno.

No matter how many times you wash your hands!

Dogs on the run
So I’m running on the treadmill Tuesday and I see a man in a fur hat and bathrobe running past the window. I’m pretty sure it’s our neighbor, but not 100% sure.

Turns out it was, and it reminded me of a story my husband loves to tell about Chester (I’m going to try to get that one up this weekend; he already wrote it up).

Our neighbor is a state trooper. His dog is his partner — a German Shepard. I’m always kind of amused how much he doesn’t listen when he’s at home and off duty (the dog, that is).

Only this was a little disturbing . . . because when I went out to finish up the shoveling later in the day, I could see that they’d been in our back yard, too. I’m a bit worried that George may have jumped our fence. Lola wasn’t out, thankfully, but I must say I’m a bit worried about what would happen if she had been.

Lola’s no, I’m comfy where I am, thank you, look

Do you want to go out, Lola?
So I snapped this photo Tuesday when I asked her that question and she flopped over and flaunted her belly (although the minute I got the ipod, she’s up and trying to pose, of course, because my furkids are the biggest hams for a camera).

We get this a lot when we ask her if she wants to go out. Either that or she streeeetches out and then flops over.

Enjoying a long walk before the snow flies

But get her ready to go somewhere in the car and she’s spinning around. This was the park on Monday; we went for a long walk (for a little dog). The next day it would have been snow covered.

Which is why we went for a long walk Monday.

Angel Chester (notice the heart?)

Our Chester Painting
I mentioned a while back that my husband had us on a list for a woman who paints animals who’ve passed for free. I know too many of my friends have suffered a similar loss lately, and maybe you’re interested too.

My husband sent her a montage of Chester photos, but she chose the one we both like so much to paint. We don’t yet have the actual painting, but above is a photo of it she shared to my hsuband’s facebook page.

Here’s the link to put your name on her list.

Remember you will most likely have to wait a very long time. Our name had been on the list for 1 1/2 – 2 years, with the intention of doing it for a cat of ours who’d passed, and our name came up right after Chester passed.

There’s always some synchronicity out there in the world if you open yourself up to it.

Meyer Lemons
First thing I do in the mornings, after visiting the bathroom, is squirt a little fresh lemon juice in some water and sip while I’m on the ipad.

My lemon of choice is the Meyer lemon. A checkout guy once asked me the difference between Meyer and regular lemons, and I said it was kind of like the difference between red cherries and rainier cherries — a different taste.

Turns out Meyer lemons are a cross between oranges and lemons, and therefore sweeter tasting. Who knew?

No wonder I prefer Meyers with my sweet tooth!

Can’t get enough almond butter & dark chocolate

Peanut Butter Hearts
Yes, after sharing these I just had to make them. No, I haven’t made the fudge bars I shared on my facebook page afterward (yet). No, I don’t plan to eat them on Valentine’s Day (we each had one yesterday). Yes, I modified the recipe just a smidge.

And they were yummy.

Do yo have a favorite furkid photo or video you’d like to share?

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Thursdays are for thinking out loud