Are you functionally fit?: TOLT

Today is Thinking Out Loud at is best: a truly random sampling of what’s swirling around in my head. Little things that puzzle me. Bigger things like selling the home I grew up in. And Bandit, of course.

Can you get up off the floor?
Without using your hands? Supposedly this is a measure of how long you will live (relatively) — if you can’t do it, you are more likely to die sooner rather than later.

I consider myself to be a relatively fit person, and I can do it if I’m sitting cross legged, rock onto my knees, and then put one foot out. But if I try to go from sitting cross legged to kneeling without using my hands? Not happening.

Knotted hair ties
I don’t knot them into my hair, so seriously, why do they always seem to come off knotted?

Not to mention they’re as bad as my socks — always disappearing!

Saying goodbye to the childhood home
My parents are still not terribly happy in their senior living community — mostly it’s the loss of their independence. Which is understandable.

We have not wanted to take them to the house. Because it’s half furnished, half empty, and still has papers everywhere. Besides the fact that it’s depressing, we have been afraid they’d want to move back.

My brother was visiting this week and finally took them. Not only are they still on board with selling it, they didn’t even ask for the car. My Dad is not supposed to drive. Technically my Mom can, but she doesn’t really seem to want to.

This is good news, as it means they will stay where they are, and the house will no longer be such a drain on their finances. The bad news is getting it ready to show. I’ll miss running through Vassar College, too.

It’s a beautiful sight
My home, that is. No, it won’t pass the white glove test. And yes, there is still clutter aplenty. But it is cleaner and less cluttered after having people over twice in the last couple of months.

I am trying to keep it that way. Of course I know that pretty inevitably, at some point — like next week maybe, because I have jury duty (if there’s a trial — no trial vibes much appreciated) — I will get busy and all the little things I’m doing to try to keep it up will fall by the wayside.

Any bets on how long it takes before it reverts to its normal cluttered status?

See the cat graphic behind Lola? I liked the juxtaposition

Bandit update
No growling at Mr. Judy this week. Or Lola, or Gizmo. Some barking and a little growling at my running friends this weekend, but that’s to be expected.

What was unexpected was the nervous shedding. I’ve never seen him do that before. Not at Thanksgiving, not at the vet. I combed him and fur actually came off of him — he’s short haired and while he does shed, normally when I comb him there’s almost nothing that comes off.

Sometimes Lola still seems nervous of Bandit; othertimes, not so much

He is mostly free in the house now. He’s crated at night and when I go out, but that’s it. I put him in the office when I shower, which he doesn’t seem to enjoy, but I figure it’s better than the crate. He’s got nice comfy beds in the office (even if I often find him laying on the floor when I come back down).

It’s like I have mom guilt, though — I feel bad for him. I’m also not ready for him to be completely free around Gizmo & Lola when I am not available to stop something, should the need arise. I also know it could happen in the blink of an eye, even if I’m right there, but we’re also a long way away from the days where he moved from one area with baby gates to another area with baby gates.

Talk to me. Tell me in the comments:

Is it just me, or are your ties always knotted?

Ever feel guilty about leaving the furkids (crated or not)?

How long does your home stay in good shape after a thorough cleaning?

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