Chocolaterunsjudy in 5 words

Been reading this blog for years? Do you think you know me? Do you really know me? Can I really describe myself in just five words? I’ll share some takeaways for you, too.


There was a time in my running “career” that I ran quite a few halfs at basically the same finish time. While I’ll never be a fast runner, I had a deep conviction inside that there was a fast-er runner inside of me.

So I ran, and I trained, and I raced. Then one year I had my breakthrough year where I ran 4 halfs , each one faster than the last.

Takeaway:   training always pays off — but on its own timetable


I am very consistent, unless I’m sick or injured. I run, however many days a week feels right to me. I run in bad weather. I run on the treadmill. I’ve always said consistency is my super power — I show up and do the work.

Takeaway: consistency always pays off, just like persistence!

I am shy when I first meet people, although sometimes that also causes me to talk too much from nervousness. I’ve also led groups (weight watchers, yoga, meetups for designers) — I can do it, but being “on” is very draining for me. So it might surprise you that I actually do love running in a group. I turn into a real chatty cathy!

Takeaway: don’t judge a book by its cover. Or someone you’ve just met  (or while you’re running together).

Laser Focused
If it’s something I’m interested in? I go all out. I pour my heart and soul into the things I love. The things that don’t interest me? Let’s just say I know I need to do those things, but sometimes I struggle with motivating myself.

Takeaway: sometimes that laser focus gets in the way of the things that have to get done

Open to New Ideas
I love trying stuff! Food. Clothes. Styles of Yoga. Ways to train for running. I actually think this is another of my super powers when it comes to running. It keeps it fresh, anyway! I think the worst thing a runner can do is run the same distance on the same route day after day. Shake it up! Keep what works and throw out what doesn’t. Always have a beginner’s mind — be willing to try and learn new things.

Takeaway: it’s a super power and a curse — because sometimes trying new things costs $$$

What do you think? Do you feel as though you know me a little better now? What words come to mind when you think of me? What words did you — or would you — use to describe yourself? As a runner? As a person? What are your super powers?


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