Delirious: let’s go crazy!


One defintion of delirious:

Very excited

I think Mr. Judy would tell you that when it comes to registering for a half marathon, I tend to get a little delirious.

In fact, I’m usually not happy unless I’m registered for the next half before I’ve even run the half I’m training for at present. You might say I’m a wee bit delirious with joy right now, because yes, I’m signed up for my fall half and a half in December, too.

It doesn’t really take that much to keep me happy (okay, we’ll turn a blind eye to the clothes, the running clothes, the shoes, the massages, the chiropractor . . . ); just let me plan out my year and not only do I keep myself motivated, it makes me very, very happy too.

Delirious at the start

The Michael Phelps of the world? You know, those people at the starting line listening to their tunes and tuning out the rest of the world?

That’s not me!

This little anecdote isn’t from a starting line, but I was recently chatting with some people in my running group after a run. We were talking about races, discussing ones we’ve thought about, and at one point, for some reason, I was mentioning about how I’m shy.

The person I was chatting with was shocked. I don’t come across as shy at most starting lines, corrals, or after the race. Endorphins, as I said to my new buddy that day. And it’s true.

If I’m not injured, I’m excited at the starting line.

Running isn’t the only thing that makes me delirious
Life is too short to not have things that make you delirious with joy. For me, that list includes:

  • Chocolate. Well, d’oh.
  • Food in general.
  • Planning trips, especially racecations.
  • Exploring new places.
  • Coming home to the furkids — nothing like someone following you around because they missed you so much (even when it gets annoying)!
  • When I find out a favorite book is being made into a movie.
  • Meeting fellow bloggers!

In fact, follow me on Instagram and you’ll see what’s been making me delirious (and a tad obssessed) this week.

Deb Runs

Tell me in the comments:

What makes you delirious?

Excited or nervous at the start of a race?

Anyone else get delirious just thinking about food and/or racecations?