5 Ways to Enjoy Oatmeal


Mr. Judy used to think he didn’t like oatmeal. Until I introduced him to the ways I eat oatmeal. I’m not sure he’s really a fan, but he eats what I give him without complaint. Occasionally we have actual oatmeal, but more often oatmeal appears in different forms in our house.

I might actually have to write another post on this, because there are lots more ways I enjoy oatmeal!

This week’s Friday Five from Cynthia from You Signed Up for What?, Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, and Mar from Mar on the Run is all about food and drink, in case you couldn’t figure it out.

Best way to use an almost empty nut butter jar!

Overnight Oats
I was not a huge fan of overnight oats the first time I tried them. And I didn’t understand the whole overnights oats in a peanut butter jar, either.

It took some recipe trying, some tweaking, and some experimenting, but now overnight oats — especially in a used almond butter jar — is my preferred pre long run/race meal.

I like my oatmeal thick, so I tend to add less liquid. I’ve come to find that although I love greek yogurt, I don’t like it in my overnight oats. And the very best thing about overnight oats? The versatility: they can be eaten warm or cold.

I brought two almost empty almond butter jars to my last half. I brought a small tetra container of coconut milk (usually I use almond milk, but I couldn’t find small tetra containers of it — tetra are those small containers like milk cartons that don’t need to be refrigerated until opened). And finally I brought a couple of ziplocs with the ingredients for my overnight oats.

Our room had a mini fridge. Put the ziploc contents in the almond butter jars, add the coconut milk, stir, and let sit in the fridge over night. Worked like a charm.

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Breakfast cookies that traveled across the country

Breakfast Cookies
It doesn’t take a whole lot to throw together a breakfast cookie the night before. Basically it’s pretty much overnight oats but in cookie form. And then I pan fry them in the morning.

Who doesn’t want cookies for breakfast?

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Actually, these pancakes don’t have oatmeal . . . but they could!

There are so many recipes for oatmeal pancakes, and I may just have tried them all. I don’t eat pancakes as often as I used to, and now rarely have them before a long run/race. Sometimes I find myself craving some after a long run/race. They’re super simple to whip up.

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Sometimes only a cookie will do

I often make simple cookies out of oatmeal, bananas, and some chocolate chips. Unlike the Freihofers chocolate chip cookies, I can refrain myself to a just a few (and there’s no added sugar). They satisfy my sweet tooth without creating cravings.

But sometimes I get a little more creative with my cookies, too. I might try a recipe and send the rest into work with Mr. Judy. Because sometimes you just need to bake (or you do if you’re CRJ).

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Again, balls without oatmeal, but they could . . . 

Protein Balls
Most of the protein balls I’ve been making lately don’t have any oatmeal in them. I find I do better if I don’t go overboard with oatmeal, and since I am most likely to reach for a ball after a run (or swim!), I need the protein more than I really need carbs. Usually I’ll have a banana with a couple of balls after exercise — so I get my carbs from the banana.

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Tell me in the comments:

Are you an oatmeal lover?

What’s your favorite way to eat oatmeal?

What’s your favorite thing to bake or favorite baked good? 

5 Favorite Foods from Race Week

Darlene thinks I always eat healthy and never induge. Ha! She’s actually seen me in action on some pretty unhealthy food after long runs. I think that long long runs are at an end for a while (although I am not sure yet), and that means I have to reign it in and eat a little cleaner — I’ve gotten too used to popping in a protein ball when I want one (or two) but don’t necessarily need one.

So let’s just take a little walk down memory lane and I’ll share with you a few of my favorite foods from last week, since we’re talking favorites for this week’s Friday Five from Cynthia from You Signed Up for What?, Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, and Mar from Mar on the Run

When in Maine, Lobster Roll!

Lobster Roll
I think eating a lobster that is thrown into boiling water is cruel and I won’t do it. I’m sure they are cooked the same way for the lobster roll, but what can I say? Sometimes it’s good to be bad.

Except the lobster rolls in Maine seemed to have increased in price and decreased in size since the last time we were there a couple of years ago. Insert frowny face here.

And Lobster Mac n Cheese

Lobster Mac n Cheese
It’s been a long, long, long time since I’ve had mac n cheese. Trader Joe’s used to have an awesome gluten free version, but it disappeared and despite my desperate email, it never reappeared.

I couldn’t tell you the last time I’d had mac n cheese before this.

Brownie a la mode for two

Brownie a la Mode
We watched “Little Miss Sunshine” shortly before leaving for this trip, and let’s just say there’s a slightly different way to pronounce “a la mode” and I joked about it while ordering and eating that scrumptiuosness above.

The lobster mac n cheese and brownie a la mode were my recovery meal after my half. It took a while to get around to that. I had some snacks immediately after the race, and then, as usual, I really wasn’t hungry for hours.

A new discovery

Martha Bar
The only shopping we did do in Freeport, aside from getting the Frontline Plus for Lola, was a stop at Wilburs (a chocolate shop, of course — but don’t get judgy on me; we always bring back chocolates for the pet sitters).

Conveniently the two stores were on opposite sides of the street. I suppose it would have been even more convenient if they’d been side by side, but clearly it was meant to be.

In case you didn’t know it, I love trying new stuff. And this Marthabar, which I’d never heard of, caught my eye. Filled with great ingredients: dark chocolate, almonds, peanut butter, cranberries, honey, flaxseed, chia gel, coconut oil, hemp protein powder.

There was no nutrition information on the bar, but I bought two anyway and ate one. If you do a search online, you can get the nutrition information — it’s actually pretty similar to a lot of protein bars, but with much better ingredients and it tastes really awesome.

But it’s quite small, and much as I really loved it, it’s not something I’ll be buying again. I think.

Yup, I still have a balls problem

Protein Balls
I have really gotten into the habit of just reaching for a protein ball when I want one, not when I need one. I’ve got to break the habit, especially as I’m barely moving this week, yet still eating the damn things.

The healthy cookie dough peanut butter balls has been moved to my favorites 2016 board. As well as the Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls I made when I got home. Because I was running low on protein balls.

There you go: I try to eat pretty clean before the race, and enjoy some not-so-clean food afterward.  The hard part is going back to more clean eating once you’ve properly refueled!

 What food do you have trouble over indulging in?

Do you even think about what you’re eating after a race?