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Are you one of those runners that just run? So many runners really only love running. I want to be strong the rest of my life, though, and as you get older, it can be an uphill battle.

Strength training is so important. Sure, it helps your metabolism and it carves sexy muscle, but it’s so much more than skin deep. It can be the different between staying independent as we age — or not. Like anything — strength, balance, mental sharpness — use it or lose it!

Although I have been a gym member and loved that, most of my life has been spent exercising at home. It’s convenient. Today it’s also so easy!

Pahla B Fitness
I’ve mentioned Pahla (click here for her Website) time and time again. Because she’s a runner. Because she’s fun. Because even though she’s younger than me, she is aimed at older women. How we work out as we get older, like so many things in life, needs to change. Pahla explains why.

The Peloton App
Even though I’m not super in love with the strength training via the Peloton App (I tell you why in my review here), I enjoy the bootcamps. There are lots of bloggers in our linkups that do love the strength training in the Peloton App, too!

woman in white sports bra and black leggings doing yoga
Barre Inspired Workouts can lengthen & tone you | Photo by Ea Ehn on

The Movement
The movement is not your typical strength training — and that’s part of why I love it. Erin is super uplifting and encouraging, and the creator of my beloved Soul Strolls. Her strength workouts tend to be more Barre-inspired (think lighter weights, more reps) so it may not be your thing. There is so much more to the Movement than ST and I highly recommend this app too! Find it here (and you can start with a free 1 day trial).

Marcia’s Healthy & Coach Debbie Runs
We have our own secret weapons in the linkup! Marcia’s YouTube workouts (find them here) are mostly short but they ain’t easy. Coach Debbie Runs has lots of workouts for runners on her blog, too. Find them here.

Of course there’s also my YouTube Channel. Not so much strength training — although some Yoga, done right, will absolutely strengthen your muscles. I know that bodyweight exercises can be super effective, but I also feel that there is just so many benefits to adding in some weights. Guess what? I’m working on a Yoga with Weights video. So keep your eye out for that on my YouTube channel here within the next few weeks.

What are your online resources for strength training? 

Have you found something new you love due to the Pandemic?

What’s your favorite fitness activity after running? 


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