A white Christmas walks barefoot into a backpack: TOLT

That subject will make sense to you if you just bear with me and my  Thinking Out Loud — I promise.

Why should Christmas be white?
Explain to me why you so want Christmas to be white. I’ve lived in the northeast for the majority of my life and as far as I’m concerned, if it never snowed again I’d be happy as a clam.

Granted, I’m Jewish. But so was Christ. And he wasn’t born anywhere near snow, either.

Is walking barefoot in winter a thing?
Inside, of course, but still. 3 of my nieces/nephews grew up in SoCal. Two of them decided to go to almost the snowiest places they could find for college. And they still walk around barefoot inside.

Are you just naturally more warm blooded if you’re raised in a warm environment?

I’ll have what they’re having.


This made me giggle


Putting Chester to work
Seriously, the fact that the mini backpack/first aid kit I got at Last Run fit the dogs just made me way too happy.

Now what could I put it in? I could put in treats, of course, but they’d probably dislocate a hip trying to get at them.

Seriously, I have no plans to make them wear it, but ya just need a giggle now and again, ya know?

I have a stye
Yes, I have a pimple on the inside of my eyelid, essentially. I do think I’ve had one before, but not while married, so it’s been at least 3 decades.

It’s annoying. It caused me to spend hours I didn’t really have yesterday at the eye doctor, then at the pharmacy. And let me tell you, even the drugstore can be a dangerous place for a shopaholic like me!

In the end I escaped with just stuff I needed for my eyes, but makeup! Protein powder! Gummy vitamins! So many temptations and we won’t even go into the seasonal candy.

The most annoying thing, other than looking pretty bad, is that I can’t wear my contacts for a week (because I have to put drops in my eyes 4 x day).

But deb’s wednesday word, which just happened to be joy, reminded me of all the ways I am so lucky (not the least of which is that I can afford to go to the eye doctor).

And, as always, this too shall pass.

Did you get the recaptcha with the gift boxes?
That was actually kind of cool. Clever. Damn, I should have taken a screen capture. 

Bad blogger.


Anything make you giggle this week?

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