Do injuries make you a cautious runner?

Deb Runs

The cautious seldom err — Confucious

Today’s Wednesday word is cautious. I feel as though I could write volumes about this one!

Every little twinge of my knee makes me cautious: have I run too much? Too fast? Is the other knee next? Will it be painful if I push harder? Will I be able to run my next race?

Then there is my mother. My mother is a strong woman, but if I listened to her way back when I got started, I would never have run another step. She was certain I would run my knees. Ironic, no? But I haven’t ruined my knees; I just have a tendency to “overuse” injuries.

And then there’s my husband, of course. Who questions my sanity when I leave for a race on a snowy and/or cold night.

I put overuse in quotes because I am a cautious runner due to my knees (well, really my IT band, so sometimes it’s hips, too). I don’t run a lot of races and my weekly mileage isn’t that high. Still I struggle with IT Band syndrome at times. Yes, it makes me cautious.

I’d like to run halfs just by feel. To push myself. Yet I find myself lining up, starting, and being cautious.

So yes, I am a cautious runner. But mostly in a good way, I think. Sure, being cautious keeps me hanging back sometimes. But I think that it will keep me running for the long haul, too. Because that’s what I hope to do.

‘There were many talented people who haven’t fulfilled their dreams because they overthought it, or they were too cautious, and were unwilling to make the leap of faith.  — James Cameron

Are you a carefree runner?