Good judgement comes from experience


Oddly enough, I don’t find runners to be judgemental, the  Wednesday Word for this week. You know who I do find to be judgemental? The non-runners!

I am a solid BOTP (back of the packer) to sometimes MOTP (middle of the pack), depending on the race and who shows up. My most recent race was a small race and I was definitely BOTP for that one.

There were still people at the finish line cheering me on. Darlene waited out in the cold to take my photo.No one was judging me, and everyone was encouraging.

Depend upon yourself. Make your judgement trustworthy by trusting it. You can develop good judgement as you do the muscles of your body — by judicious, daily exercise. To be known as a man of sound judgement will be much in your favor.
Grantland Rice

Ah, but if I had a dime for every time anyone has told me I would ruin my knees by running (no one mentioned my ankles and shoulder!). It is the thing most non-runners associate with running: you will ruin your knees.

If I’d listened to the nay-sayers, I would have hung up my running shoes long ago, I would never have pushed through the aches to reach the highs of more PRs and just the highs from being able to run — there’s a lot of comfort in knowing I can run for miles, should the occasion ever arise where it’s actually necessary, not done for “fun”.

But back to all those judgemental non-runners.

They haven’t researched it, of course, and they don’t run. My mom was very firmly in that camp when I first started running. Of course eventually I did experience knee problems — and hip problems, and shoulder problems, and ankle problems. There is no doubt that running can be tough on your body, but as Mary Beth recently wrote, running never takes more than it gives back.

A funny thing happened as I kept running, though. Eventually the people around me saw that it was good for me, despite the minor injuries that I continue to battle.They stopped talking about ruining my knees, and just urged me to keep on running.

It’s easy to be judgemental — in fact, I’d go a step further and say being judgemental is the path of least resistance. Stretching yourself, educating yourself, willingness to take risks — these are all qualities most runners have in abundance and it serves us well in all areas of our lives.

It goes without saying that we runners, in turn, must learn to be less judgemental about the non-runners. Lead by example. They’ll come around — maybe they’ll never become runners, but they will see that running won’t, indeed, automatically ruin your knees and is, in the end, a good thing.

Deb Runs

Are your friends/family judgemental about your running?

Are they judgemental about other areas of your life?

Where do you think you’re judgemental?