A runner is born

You might be able to relate: I lost almost 30 lbs and then screeched into a wall. I have never been athletic & I never ran. I was in my late 40s.

I had quite a few online friends who ran & they talked about this couch to 5k thing. I thought I needed something to get the weight loss going again, so for some reason I decided to give running a try. Mind you, growing up I loathed running. I was the kid always picked last in gym class, the one who would do almost anything to avoid gym.

Over many years of trying to lose or maintain my weight, though, I had picked up the exercise habit: walking, swimming, yoga, Pilates, kickboxing. But never, ever running.

So I tried C25K. I’m a slow runner. At the end of C25K I couldn’t run a 5k in 30 minutes (I still can’t, but I’m closer – some days). It was a little demoralizing.

I set my sights on our big local women’s race: the Freihofers 5k. I trained for a year. The day I left for it, my husband wondered if I could do it.

Fast forward 8 years & I’ve run 10 half marathons in 8 different states & 1 other country. I’ve run many 5ks since that first one, and a few 10ks, 4 milers & 5 milers as well.  I like to say I’m slow but I finish – so far, anyway.

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