Weekend Recap: 6/8 – 14

Monday: what happened last Monday? Not much; the usual stuff; nothing memorable, apparently.

Tuesday: short run on the treadmill, because I could – not that I like treadmill runs, mind you, but it was hot & humid & I have no big races looming. There will be plenty of hot & humid runs outside this summer, I’m sure.

Wednesday: back in the pool for some cross training for the first time since my half the end of May. It was glorious & I had it mostly to myself.

Thursday: another short run, this time outside – warm, but not so humid. Nothing remrkable.

Friday: my “rest” day. Dog walking, lots of chores; same old, same old. Except for the violent thunderstorms & hail.

Saturday: early morning run with USAFit Albany. Shocked to see my driveway blocked by fallen branches, but they weren’t too heavy for me to move (my husband would definitely be grumpy if I had to wake him for that). I was even more shocked to see the hive above on our shed later in the day – thankfully not occupied & my husband took care of it.

Sunday: a Target/TJMaxx run & finally got some pillows for the chair I found in the dumpster last week, but of course you can’t leave Target with just what you came for right? Right. Like these compression socks for $10 (that’s Gizmo in the background).

Mostly my rest day. Did a little baking, walked the dogs, & we grilled for dinner. A mostly quiet week.

A measly 8 miles; taking a little running break after my 2 halfs in May & before ramping it up for fall. Trying to stay injury free – injury free for 3 halfs might just be a record!

I’m linking up with Tara at Runningnreading.com for her Weekend Update.

Anything shock you this weekend?

12 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: 6/8 – 14

  1. I think those are the compression sleeves that I bought at Target. I don’t think they offer much compression but they were cheap and they look ok.


    1. Well, that’s 8 miles the entire week – I don’t do lots & lots of miles, but that’s not much for me. I’m sooo with you on the hive – I told my husband I wouldn’t help with the removal even knowing it wasn’t active. We’ve lived here 6 yrs & I had no idea it was there!


  2. Oh, my gosh! I can’t get over this hive, Judy – that is CRAZY! I’m so glad y’all knocked it down before it could be reoccupied – ha! I think the only thing that truly shocked me this weekend was the fact that I looked like I’d just jumped out of a swimming pool when I finished my long run yesterday; I know I sweat a lot, but, jeez! I guess it’s just that time of year, isn’t it? Thanks so much for linking up with the blog today!! Hope your Monday goes well!


  3. I always forget about TJ Maxx because it’s not on my regular driving routes. I hear everybody talking about the things they find there. That is one HUGE hive. I’ve got active bees in one of my bird houses but that is tiny compared to yours.


    1. I had definitely never seen a hive so large. Even the small ones scare me! Unfortunately for me, both TJMaxx AND Marshalls are just a mile from my home & I have a slight shopping addiction. I try to stay away for the most part, but there was actually something I needed. Sadly, the roads are not conducive to actually running to them – but I do once in a blue moon run to my grocery store!


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