Liebster Award, or Getting to know me

Liebster Award


Thanks to Skinny Running for nominating me for my first award. You should definitely check out her blog; she’s a wonderful writer & inspiring person!

Here are the rules for the award:

Liebster award rules
Liebster award rules

Here are the 11 questions she posed to her nominees:

  1. If you could be any age, what age would that be?

    I kind of want to say my current age — I’m a big believer in trying to live in the now.But I’d also like to go back to my later 20s, when I first decided to lose weight. To tell that self that processed foods won’t help you keep the weight off. Cooking most of your own meals is the way to go. With mostly unprocessed ingredients: whole grains, veggies, fruits, healthy fats (and let’s just also mention that low fat is not your friend) and protein.

  2. What’s your favorite word? Least favorite?

    Favorite word: moderation. As in, everything in moderation.Least favorite word (let’s make that words): have to. Nothing will get my back up like someone telling me I have to do something, even if it’s meant in a nice way.

  3. If you could brainwash anybody, who would it be?

    My husband, definitely. Although maybe my Dad . . .

  4. What has been your greatest challenge?

    I want to say my sweet tooth, but that seems kind of wimpy. I’m going with it anyway.

  5. What is your number 1 goal for the future?

    To stay healthy & active for the rest of my life. I want to be running half marathons right up until the end!

  6. If you could get a drink with anyone – alive or dead – who would it be? What would you drink?

    My paternal grandmother. I never knew her. We’d go to high tea, of course (because I don’t drink).

  7. If money was no object, how would you spend your days?

    I’d mostly be doing what I do now – not that money is no object, but we’re comfortable enough that I don’t have to work.However, I’d have a maid, so I would not longer be cleaning my house. And a chauffeur, because I hate to drive. And a masseuse.I’d also go to the movies more often. And I would travel more, go into NYC at least once a year, see more plays.

  8. What’s your favorite book? Film?

    Too many favorites. Current favorite book: Water for Elephants. I read it a few years back, but it’s the last book I remember really loving. So much so I gave it to my parents.Current favorite film (this year): The Imitation Game.

  9. What’s the best gift you have ever received?

    My husband & I spent almost 2 years living apart before we moved here. He traveled back to where I was often, but still, we only saw each other once or twice a month.He called me after he first left; I won’t drag it out, but he’d bought me a tennis bracelet (you know, the kind with a lot of small diamonds). I think I was so touched because a) It was a total surprise & b) He had to actually plan out the surprise.

  10. What TV character are you most like?

    Maybe a combination of Monica & Rachel from Friends. Obviously I didn’t get Monica’s cleaning gene, but in some things I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I love to cook/bake & have battled a weight problem.I love fashion like Rachel. Clearly not career driven — as Rachel wasn’t in the beginning (although it’s never really changed for me & it did for her). I’m Jewish.

  11. I will also ask a question posed to me. What blog post are you most proud of?

    Probably DFL: the same for elite as BOTP?. That one really came from my heart.


I nominate:

Run Young 50
Zucchini Runner
The Pursuit of a Quality Life
Skinny Fitalicious
Running on Pinot
Brooklyn Active Mama
Running over the Hill
Confessions of a Mother Runner
Running Races Coast to Coast
This Runner’s Recipes

And here are my 11 questions. If I didn’t nominate you, feel free to answer some or all of the questions in the comments. Visit some of the blogs I nominated, too. I’m hoping to find more blogs to follow (although seriously, how many blogs can you follow? Oooh, I think I have my first question):

  1. How many blogs do you follow?
  2. Have you met any of the bloggers you follow in real life? Who?
  3. Tell me one thing about you I would never guess.
  4. How many states/countries have you lived in? Which was your favorite?
  5. Why did you decide to start blogging?
  6. If you could do something other than your current job, what would it be?
  7. What advice would you give your younger self?
  8. Are you a planner or more a go with the flow sort of person?
  9. Salty or sweet or both?
  10. Cold or hot weather? Why?
  11. What advice would give to someone who wanted to start a blog?

I thought coming up with 11 new questions would be the hardest part, but it really wasn’t! Really looking forward to reading everyone’s answers.

15 thoughts on “Liebster Award, or Getting to know me

  1. Thanks for the nomination 🙂 I tend to be really slow with posting, but I will do it!
    Diamond bracelet is a very nice surprise 🙂
    and I agree moderation, I love my treats!!


      1. No no, I thank you for NOT nominating me!! Lol! I’m much better at these quick comments/replies than having to actually put a lot of thought into something. This time of year is insanely busy for me between work and training.

        Oh, and if you ever have an animal sanctuary I’d gladly be part of the staff! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I love that you said if money was no object you would mostly be doing what you do now, with the exception of the chauffeur, masseuse, and maid. Sounds like the beginnings of an empire… 🙂


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