Spilling over high tea:

It may say coffee date, but I don’t drink coffee. Just tea.

But I am joining up with CocoDeborah, and Lynda for their ultimate coffee date anyway.

The Ultimate Coffee Date

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you that everyday it seems like something else aches. Well, almost every day. Some days I wake up and nothing aches.

My sister says that’s just what happens when you’re over 50.

For me it’s just what happens when my mileage gets higher. And it’s really annoying how it seems like it moves around all over my body: one day the IT, another the hip, another the shoulder.

I suppose the aches let you know you’re alive & kicking!

Chester . . . or is it Yoda?
Chester . . . or is it Yoda?

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you it is really hard watching another of my animals deteriorate due to age and a terminal disease. Especially since I spend most of my days with him. Especially since they tend to detach from you somewhat as they get sicker.

Chester is in heart failure, and we see him getting a little worse all the time. He may have turned 10 this week, but it may also be his last birthday. I hope not, I pray not, but it probably was.

For now, though, he’s alive and he still enjoys his food and the occasional game of fetch, and I’ll love on him as long as I can.

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you I chose not to have kids. In fact, I told my husband before we got married that I didn’t think I wanted kids.

Show me a baby animal — pretty much any baby animal — and I melt every time. Baby humans are okay. It’s weird, because I’m a really good caretaker (I want to come back as one of my animals), but I just didn’t get the human maternal gene.

I think you mothers are awesome. I’ve no idea how you do it. It’s just not for me. Please don’t hate me.

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I would tell you that I am already fighting the shorter daylight carb/sweet cravings, despite temps near 90F.

I don’t like winter. It isn’t the cold, although I don’t like that. It isn’t the snow, although I don’t like that either.

It’s the lack of sunlight and short days. I get very SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I even sit by a small lightbox in the mornings. In fact, I do it year round!

And I almost always gain some weight during winter. The struggle is real, as they say.

There might be less baked goods appearing in Friday Food Porn soon . . . sometimes I just have to bake away from the baking if I want to maintain my weight.

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I would you that the animals make me laugh. Every day. I wanted to end this sad post on an upbeat story!

Like this morning: I take Chester out of the bedroom with me when I get up so he can do his business (actually he stood on top of me this morning to make sure I got the message it was time to get up — amazng how heavy a 9 lb chihuahua can feel).

Lola is not interested in getting up that early so she was still in the bedroom with my husband.

So I had some greek yogurt for breakfast. And I could hear Lola walking around in the bedroom because apparently she could smell that I’d opened a yogurt container!

I did save her some.

Tea? Iced Tea? Coffee? Decaf? Or something else?

What do you need to get off your chest?

24 thoughts on “Spilling over high tea:

  1. I think exercise-induced aches are a good reason to get a massage! Sorry to hear about Chester. Our Beagle got cancer and so we knew it was coming. Now I see signs of aging in our Boxer who’s about 8. I’ve been snacking all summer so I can’t blame the change in seasons, but I’m with you in the struggle!

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    1. I got a massage last week. 🙂

      We knew this was coming with Chester, too, it’s a long, slow decline (think yrs) but now most likely just a few months.

      As long as he’s eating we’re mostly good.

      I’m lucky I don’t work because he’s a full time job!


  2. My pup Cleo is 12 1/2 and I dread the inevitable. Right now, she’s still really perky and fun, but I see some changes that make me sad. My heart goes out to you…

    PS I don’t hate on anyone who decides not to have kids. I take care of plenty of kids whose parents would have been wise to make that decision.

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    1. Lola is just about 10, too, but thankfully very healthy, knock on wood. No one told Chester mutts are supposed to be healthier.

      No doubt it will be Gizmo’s turn next. He’s getting closer to 15, an age when a lot of cats start with kidney disease. But so far he’s healthy too, thank goodness.


    1. I had a massage last weekend. 🙂 Actually, I’m doing really well. I ran 3 x week untaped & only taped for today’s long run.

      Yes, what’s going on with Chester is tough but we’ve given him a very, very good life. He still enjoys eating. & that’s the most important thing. Thanks!


  3. It’s very sad about Chester. Cherish every day you still have with him. I love my dogs like my kids. And no judgement or your decision not to have any. I like your perspective on aches and pains. A great way to look at that. I’m definitely alive today!!

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    1. Yes, I refer to them as fur kids. It is hard. I ‘m lucky I can afford not to work, because he’s on such strong diuretics & really needs to go out every few hrs. So I’m also getting a bit of cabin fever & we’re having real problems making some travel plans, too. It is what it is.


  4. I join the others in feeling for you as Chester ages and is ill. Those who have been there have special empathy, I think.

    I cannot imagine judging someone who does not want children. As a matter of fact, if you “don’t have the maternal gene,” I applaud you non-traditional choice and echo Wendy’s sentiments.

    Seasonal affective disorder? I have it, too. Big time.

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    1. My SAD isn’t too bad, but it’s definitely there. Part of the reason I was happier in TX, no doubt.

      I no you get it re Chester. I’ve been here before & since Lola is the same age (but very healthy & chis can live a long time) & Gizmo is geriatric (but also healthy, knock on wood), I’ll be here again.

      This past week was a particularly hard one.


  5. Judy, I hear you about aching. I am not 50 yet, but just turned 48. I am always stretching and keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep running {until my body says no}. I am so sorry about Chester. I am sending hugs and wishing you a happy weekend. Thank you for having coffee with us

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  6. I am so sorry to hear about Chester! Our cat penny is 13 and is suffering from kidney failure. It is really hard to watch and, like Chester, she tends to hide often. Of course, they may also have to do with our 22 month old.
    How could anyone hate you for not wanting to be a mother?! It is truly not for everyone and it is such a personal decision.
    I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!


    1. I am so sorry about Penny – I have been through kidney failure with my cats a couple of times.

      One didn’t live to long, but kidney failure was the least of her problems.

      The other was dx at 16 & lived to 21! She was a project, tho & it was definitely hard.

      Gizmo is getting closer to 15 than 14, so I expect he ‘a next but you never know.

      Unfortunately there isn’t a lot that can be done for CHF, although meds do help.

      I hope you have much quality time with Penny left! I’d say ask me questions but my info is out of date since it’s been 10 yrs.

      And enjoy the weekend & your family!

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  7. Ohh, give Chester an extra hug! I agree with you, I now I am alive every morning causes something is twitching, or aching or something! I think it is the increased miles too! Enjoy the nice long weekend, I have my long run out of the way and a golf date with the hubby for tomorrow! I like hot tea but only in the evening 🙂

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  8. God bless you with your pets. We aren’t able to have any due to my husband’s allergies. Although I’ve missed not having them, I’m starting to see that I may not be equipped to handle the loss their short lives represent.

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    1. It’s hard, but it is worth it to me. My first 2 cats had nice, long lives. But we lost Gizmo’s brother at 12 & Chester is very young for a chi, too. Still, I know people who lose them way younger, too.

      It will hurt, but time really does heal. And better to have loved & lost, etc, I always say.

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  9. I’m a coffee drinker but am a dog lover too. I love my guys. It’s so awful to see them slowing down. My 8 year old Bichon is already aging, but my 10 year old mutt is an energizer bunny. They have such a big piece of my heart.

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    1. I have 2 chis & they’re both the same age – thankfully Lola is very healthy.

      Gizmo is definitely slowing down as he approaches 15 – he doesn’t jump as easily anymore & no doubt he’s next – but right now he’s very healthy too. I always seem to get pairs where one is healthy & the other isn’t.

      Enjoy your dogs! Give them some extra pets. 🙂


  10. Oh poor Chester. Animals are cherished family members so its heart breaking when they get old. Our dogs turned 15 in April and one has canine dementia, which causes him to pace around all night and I’m getting up constantly putting him out and cleaning up after him. Sigh. Our other dog (they’re brothers) knock wood, still does very well. They’ve led full lives but still it’s hard to think about life without them.


    1. I’ve been lucky not to deal with dementia – even in our cat who lived to 21! But there have been a couple of accidents recently & I’m sure there will be more. Lola is the same age as Chester but healthy, thankfully.

      You know how they say God doesn’t give you more than you can handle? I believe that.

      Hugs & pets & treats to your crew!


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