5 Songs that will get you moving

5 Favorite Songs
5 Favorite Songs

This Friday I’m talking music with Cynthia from You Signed Up for What?, Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, and Mar from Mar on the Run, the brains behind the Friday Five Linkup.

Which is funny because I no longer run with music. That doesn’t mean I don’t like music. And there was a time I did run with it. Maybe someday I’ll go back to it. Nothing really gets you motivated to move as much as a great song!

Although if you look at my list of songs you might shake your head and come to the conclusion that I’m clearly a teenage girl trapped in a 50+ body. Which I suppose is better than my parents. whose answer pretty much anytime they were asked who was singing when I was a teenager was Billy Joel.

Firework (Katy Perry)
This song always puts me in a good mood, it’s a good song to run to, and I like the message.

Fight Song (Rachel Platten)
I suspect that this song is too slow to run to. Maybe there’s a speeded up version somewhere? Or you can use one of those apps that makes songs 180 bpm?

I love the message, again.

The Climb (Hannah Montana)
Yup, another one that was on my playlist when I had a playlist. Have you listened to the lyrics? Yes, I may like pop music, but usually the lyrics are what hook me.

I always had my playlist set to shuffle and I just loved when it would serve this song up to me on hills.

Shut Up and Dance (Walk the Moon)
Okay, so this one the lyrics are not really that great, I admit that. Put it’s upbeat, it’s catchy, and I just want to move when I hear it and I love singing along with it. I’ll be bopping along to it in my car when it comes on the radio (which surprisingly still works, considering my car is going on 16 years old! Although the CD player did die a long time ago, but who plays CDs anymore anyway? Do you remember CDs?).

What do you think? Would this one be good to run to?

Don’t Stop Believin’ (Journey)
Yup, this one was on my playlist too. Does that make me a Gleek? I like some inspiration when I’m running; sue me!

Hey, don’t forget to enter the Fall into Fitness Giveaway Hop! I’ll be revealing an addition to my giveaway tomorrow. Don’t get excited, just additional snacks. Or go ahead: get excited!

 Run with music? Without?

18 thoughts on “5 Songs that will get you moving

  1. I run with music on the treadmill but not outside. CD’s….I just listened to Heaven Tonight (Cheap Trick) on my car CD player. I have a turntable hooked up in the living room. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I seriously, seriously just love that song. It makes me happy. I felt that way about Taylor Swift’s Blank Page, too, but somehow it didn’t seem like an exercise song.

      Like I said, my musical taste is all pop!


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