Angels, devils, wasps and bras, oh my!

Of angels, devils, bras, and wasps — then again, maybe wasps are the devil! I actually had enough random thoughts to fill up a post for a change.

angel vs devil

The angel vs the devil
So my training this cycle has gone, for the most part, quite well. Oh sure, there were struggles because let’s face it, there always will be. But as long as my body holds together the next few weeks, I’m hopeful for a good race.

The angel on my shoulder tells me I’ve worked really hard. I’ve pushed my pace just a little outside my comfort zone and it’s paid off.

And the devil says yeah, but those great tempo runs and speedwork? Totally flat routes. And you know your half isn’t flat. And you know you slow down going up hills.

Do you swell there?
This one just seemed so odd to me I had to throw it out there and see if I’m just a freak of nature.

So I’m running with Darlene from My First 5k & More and we’re chatting. And she says that her bra is tighter after a run — when in fact mine is always really tight when I put it on and it’s much more comfortable after the run.

It’s not like I’m well endowed or anything, either. I’m just barely a B cup.

Please tell me it’s not just me!

And speaking of bras . . .
Bras are, in fact, one of the ways I monitor my weight. All foundation clothes, really.

When they’re tight, I know it’s time to reign back the sweet stuff. Or maybe carbs. Or both.

Dear running shoe designer:
Have you ever had a runner come up to you and say “I really wish you made the toebox narrower?

Quit making narrow toeboxes! I get we all have different feet, but I seriously think this might be the most common complaint about running shoes.

The one on the tree is is bigger
The one on the tree is is bigger

What is it with the wasps this year?
Anyone remember the ginormous wasp nest on the back of our shed that was thankfully inactive?

Well guess what a nice neighbor kindly informed us was dangling from the maple on our front lawn? Another nest just as big and active. How neither of us noticed it is beyond me (and thank goodness they didn’t swarm my husband when he was cutting the lawn).

No wonder wasps have been chasing me inside when I’ve been sitting out back with the dogs (there’s another nest, active this time, near the front of the shed, too. We had someone come yesterday to take care of them).

It’s not that far from the mailbox and it’s been stressful getting the mail, especially since that was the site of a wasp nest a few years back that you couldn’t see and I got stung several times before I realized what was going on.

Not to mention I usually walk right by it with the dogs on our way home (but not now!). It’s like something out of the Hunger Games.

Do you even notice how your bra feels after a run?
What do you wish running shoe designers would do differently?

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her:

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

21 thoughts on “Angels, devils, wasps and bras, oh my!

  1. A thousand amens to this

    “Dear running shoe designer:
    Have you ever had a runner come up to you and say “I really wish you made the toebox narrower?”

    The Brooks Pure Flows were my all time favorite shoe ever, when the 2s came out I ordered them without bothering to check the update… narrower toebox! Ruined the shoe. Ruined. the. shoe. I returned them.

    My bra feels sweatier when I am done running, other than that I can’t say that I notice much of a difference, but then again I am a barely A and don’t need it tight ;0

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Poor thing! I haven’t been stung yet, thankfully, or least I don’t think I have been.

      I thought I was stung after a run, and that weird chafing on my thigh? Right in that spot. But it never swelled at all, and I usually swell like the dickens after a sting.

      Ok, it must just be me on the bra thing! How weird is that? My guess is I’ve just sweated all that water weight away!

      BTW, I’ve been reading your blog but not commenting because now it’s set to require google passwords? I used to just use my wordpress id before. Just so you know I’m reading!


  2. wasps….I have never ever been stung by a bee (other than when I was maybe 5 or 6 years old and tried to touch the pretty yellow and black fuzzy bug on a flower), but recently got a nasty sting (and so did several other racers) during a half marathon. Holy Ouch!

    the bra thing…never been a problem LOL

    the toe box…I actually have very narrow feet and have yet to find a shoe that isn’t too roomy. I wear thick wool socks, so that helps the “problem,” but I’m one of the select few who would like a little less “width” for my toes.

    Good luck on your race 😉


    1. That would totally suck to be stung in a race! Until recently it never even entered my mind. And I hadn’t been stung in decades until that mailbox incident.

      I actually do have a narrow foot, but I still need a roomy toebox. Maybe my feet are as freaky as my boobs? Because apparently I’m the only one whose bra stretches out on a run!


  3. My bra always feels loose after a run and I absolutely use my bra as an indication on how much I have been overindulging! I carry my weight up top, so it’s the best way to tell! I’m also really with you on the frustrating narrowness of running sneakers. I just spent a fortune on some a few months ago and and my toe is already forcing a hole through the top!! Frustrating!


  4. Wasps are totally the devil. I wouldn’t be going outside at all. I have a huge fear of all stinging insects which is odd because I’ve never been stung.


  5. Shoe designers need to stop. The shoes are great and don’t need “fixing” or “tweaking” or whatever they’re calling it. I moved away from Ascis for a couple years because that year’s designs failed across the board.


    1. I do get that they’re trying to get more market share & also improve . . . so far I’ve only had one person write that they actually do prefer a narrower toebox.

      Of course it’s not just the toebox, either, but it does seem one of the most common complaints.


  6. First of all, thump that damned devil off your shoulder. OK. My bra is stuck like glue after a run from pure sweat. I’m no bigger or smaller, however. Pancake flat as always. We stopped building fires because the wasps invade our house from the chimney every time we do. Pesky buggers. I’ve already had my rant over the narrow toe box this week. AGREE.


    1. I guess now I’m glad that we don’t have a fire place! Only our very first home had one and we never had any troubles with stinging insects. Thank God!

      Oh, my bra is totally stuck to me too. It’s just the band that goes around your chest is definitely looser on me after a run. It’s like jeans, I guess — you know how they feel really tight when you pull them on in the morning & by the end of the day they’re practically falling off?

      It’s hard not to listen to the devil. I’ve had too many races were I totally thought I was going to rock it & let’s just say they were less than stellar.

      But I am hopeful, for the most part. Because seriously, I am a half full cup girl! Even thought it may not come across that way here!


  7. Holy crap, that is a major wasp nest. This year we had a lot of hornets in the countryside. I think the warm winter just didn’t kill them off. Hornets here can be the size of your thumb. No kidding.


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