Maddie’s Mark Race Recap 9/26/15

It’s been a long time since I raced, but today I’m recapping Maddie’s Mark, the 5k I ran on Saturday, with Jessica at The Silvah Lining, Mary Beth at Tutus and Tennies, and Christina at Crazy Mama Runner.

A Race chauffeur and running friends
I got such a treat this morning: a neighbor was running it too, and when I approached her about carpooling she said yes. Then she offered to drive! Win! I hate driving and I rarely go to this particular park, so while I have the basic idea of how to get there I’d be relying on my GPS.

Then again I’ve only lived here 6 years & she’s lived here her whole life.

So it was great to have a chauffeur and company.

The head coach for my USAFit Albany group and one of the assistant coaches are actually the co-race directors for this race. The race benefits Maddie’s Mark, which is basically a local make a wish-type organization.

It’s also one of my favorite 5ks and while I have PR’d at it, not this time. In fact, I do seem to be slowing down. Then again I was being cautious because my fall goal race is just 2 weeks away.

My running group had met up to do several miles beforehand. I just didn’t want to do that. I didn’t want to get all sweaty and then have to hang around that way until the race started (although there are real bathrooms — which were also totally out of paper towels). I wanted to really race this race and see what I could do.

I decided to go later with my neighbor and get in the rest of my miles later in the afternoon.

There’s all sorts of activities going on: a kid’s run, a fall festival after the race, and the 5k. There was a Zumba warmup which we watched. I probably should have done it, but I was too busy chatting with running friends.

Many of my running group were dribbling in after their warmup runs, including the 2 ladies I normally run with. One had fallen on the warmup run, but thought she was okay and I give her a lot of kudos because she still raced. The other mentioned a few times during the race how sorry she was that she ran before the race and how hard it made the race feel — keep in mind, though, that she ran a half marathon last weekend and has another the same weekend as me.

Crossing the Maddie's Mark 5k finish line
Crossing the Maddie’s Mark 5k finish line

Race Recap
We played chicken for much of the run. I was doing my 4/30 run/walk intervals, as that seems to be working for me and that’s what I plan to do for my half. I was really hoping to come in under 33 minutes, which would have beaten my time from last year, but it wasn’t to be. The first mile was 10:36, although there were quite a few times I was under 10 minutes when I glanced at my watch (but then we’re walking, we’re walking . . . and I don’t walk fast).

Mile 2 includes a trail through the woods and I slowed way down there. I wouldn’t call it very technical, but it’s narrow and there are quite a few roots, and I just don’t want a fall before my race. So mile 2 was 11:04. I was so hoping to keep every mile below 11 minutes.

Mile 3 was 10:25. So pleased that that last mile was faster than the first 2. If you look at all that data my pace was just a bit faster than my official pace. Still not sure of the accuracy of my GarminVivoactive but at least now I know it’s close.

My running partner blew by me in the end to finish 4 seconds ahead of me. She always says she’s dying, but she always beats me. Plus she ran 3 miles before! And a half the weekend before! Great job, Denise!

Some of our running group volunteer at this race too, and I saw them on the course, but I had no idea that one of them took photos of me at the finish line. And sent them to me; thank you, Leslie!

The aftermath
Nothing hurt, but I have been having just a little bit of tenderness in my achilles on and off. Always something. I’ve been icing it, although I totally didn’t do any stretching after the race. Bad Judy. I’m feeling good, though, and am still hopeful for a good half in 2 weeks. And I won’t be running anywhere near that pace at any time during my half, either!

I really didn’t have big plans for this race, other than to really try to race it and to try to come in just under 33 minutes. I definitely raced it but I didn’t meet my time goal. Close, but no cigar. Maybe if there was no trail portion I could have done it. I know I did my best or as they say, a PB (personal best for this day with these conditions). And training for a longer event is not really conducive to training for speed in a shorter event.

Maybe I need to look for a 5k after my half . . . a flat one.

I finished up my 4 miles (for 7 miles total for the day) in the afternoon. And this time I did stretch, and I did foam roll.

The Silvah Lining


I’m also linking up with MCM Mama Runs, Run the Great Wide Somewhere, and My No Guilt Life for the Tuesdays on the Run linkup; because the more, the merrier, right?

26 thoughts on “Maddie’s Mark Race Recap 9/26/15

  1. I would love to have a ride to a race. You look great finishing strong in that photo. I wonder how we get faster. Last I could finish in 58 and then 57 for a 10k and this year, can’t get under 60 minutes. But in the scheme of things, we are running and not injured and on the sidelines.

    See you Thursday at the Crossings. There is a ARE party at UAlbany at 6 pm – they are running the 3 mile loop – just putting it out there.


  2. Congratulations on a great race Judy! I love your pink outfit and your finish line shot is definitely a keeper. Mine are usually horrific, especially if I’m aware someone is taking a photo.


    1. I hear you! Usually I go by myself to the small races. Even this race, which my husband has come to in the past, I still usually end up driving (since he drives back & forth to work every day & I don’t).

      He does drive me to my halfs, tho. 🙂


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