Phantom of the Taper: pesky taper injuries

Taper town is a funny place. Phantoms come to mess with our minds, weather throws us a curve ball.

I actually do love to taper — I’m ready! What I’m not ready for is the mind games taper town throws at us.

Taper injuries: real or phantom?
If you’ve run a few longer races that require a taper, you probably have encountered the taper injury. You know — the thing you worried about that training cycle is fine, but suddenly, just when you thought you were safe (cue Jaws music), something completely different hurts.

I was feeling good. Strong. I knew my IT wasn’t 100%, but it was pretty damn good. I ran a good 5k Saturday. My easy miles later that day felt easy. I was allowing myself to dream about possible race times.

Right up until the point I turned off my light, rolled onto my side to go to sleep, and was in excruciating pain. In my inner thigh. What I imagine a charley horse feels like (I don’t get them), only in my inner thigh.

The pain did go away and I slept okay. The next day there was also no pain, but there was a feeling that something wasn’t quite right.


My poor chipped mug cover

Team tile or team linoleum?
Our kitchen is tiled. I am not a fan. Things break on tile. Surprisingly few things have broken in the 6+ years we’ve lived here, but some things have.

I was making tea after walking the dogs Monday and I was in a rush because I really needed a bathroom. And I dropped my little ceramic topper on the tiled floor. It didn’t smash to smithereens, thankfully, but it did chip in multiple places. I know eventually it will go bye-bye.

It’s part of the mug I bought when we took my MIL to the San Juan Islands (although it actually wan’t purchased on the island). The topper is just right and fits most of my mugs (also bought on vacations or racecations).

Maybe I’ll find something new in VT.

And speaking of tea . . .
That was just another thing I didn’t mention in my things to like about Fall post: I enjoy using milk instead of water in my flavored teas when the weather turns colder. I enjoy green tea year round, but I find I only like the flavored teas (chocolate, of course) when it’s cooler. It’s my skinny version of hot chocolate (which is another thing to like about Fall, but actually that’s more a thing to like about Winter).


Running in a tank top in Fall
Running in a tank top in Fall
Just when you think it’s Fall . . .
Tuesday’s run proved that while it’s technically Fall, Summer sometimes doesn’t go quietly. After a week of just picture perfect running weather, Tuesday dawned hot and humid. Compared to the previous few days, that is.

And that made my cut down run a real challenge. I nailed the first mile after the warmup, and I thought I was doing a good job on the next 2, but I was shooting for 12 & 11:30 mm and what I got was 12:17 and 11:42.

Don’t worry, I’ll take it.

Tape is the answer
Tape fixes everything. I think by the time my running “career” is over, I’ll have taped every area of my body. So after that pain & weird feeling Saturday, I taped my inner thigh and just kept it on for several days. I took it off yesterday — so far, so good.

Have you encountered phantom taper injuries?

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her:

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

15 thoughts on “Phantom of the Taper: pesky taper injuries

  1. Your mug cover reminds me of when my fave mug ever went crashing to the tile. Sigh. Other than thinking a cold is coming on and a weird marathon dream, knock wood, this taper is going well.


    1. I ran pretty hard Tuesday (tape) and I feel back to normal now (I think). Sending you no cold vibes! I was sick my last half and that definitely kind of sucked.

      I have a lot of chipped mugs and Simba (who is no longer with us) took out quite a few altogether in his days — some of my favorites from Europe, too.


  2. I am a linoleum floor and want tile. They still break. Some of my faves have. Hope all your pains are phantom ones rather than real ones. See you later.


    1. I have…. I mean.

      My favorite tea is Starbuck’s Vanilla Cinnamon Chai tea latte with soy milk. I don’t like green tea, only flavored teas.


  3. Sending tonnes of positive vibes your way! Hopefully the phantom pains turn out to be just that — phantoms. And I’ve honestly never thought to add milk to my black teas, but I think I’m going to try that the next time I brew one. Sounds incredibly comforting.


  4. I’ve been dealing with shin pain/lower leg injuries throughout this entire training cycle. Just when I thought I was over it and had the best training month ever, enter taper town and now I’m starting to have a little niggle in my hamstring & upper IT band. Psychosomatic? Real deal? I guess only time will tell.

    Good luck with your taping & tapering!


  5. I know the phantom injuries well. My paranoia and active imagination take over. That’s why I do get taped up. I don’t know if it’s a placebo, but I like it.


  6. Isn’t it weird how small pains pop up completely out of the blue ? I am feeling really.really.good at the moment but there is always that voice in the back of my head…. “are you sure you are not injured ? injury is not far away”….. No, I am not schizophrenic, just obsessed with running !


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