It’s not senior moments, I swear! I’m just tired

I am not technically a senior citizen. But I still totally have “senior” moments. It’s better than believing you’re crazy. Today I’m Thinking Out Loud about some of the more memorable senior moments I’ve had. Or at least the ones I can remember.

Seniors on the bus
As I was driving off to go running yesterday morning, I saw a school bus and a lot of older people (like my age or just a bit younger) walking away. And my first thought was why are all these older people getting off the bus? Some kind of parent conference thing?

D’oh. It was parents who’d walked their kids to the bus. Or at least I assume that’s what it was. But in my tired state for some reason I thought a lot of adults were getting off the school bus in the morning and I couldn’t figure out why!

Water chestnuts in the drawer
It’s a classic one: I was searching high and low for the water chestnuts I knew I had. I’d used just half the can and saved the rest. I finally gave up figuring that I must have used them and forgotten about it.

A few days later I opened a drawer and found them. Like a drawer you store containers in, not a refrigerator drawer.

At least it wasn’t something that gets stinky.

Keys in the door
I have a tendency to leave the keys in the door to our office. Usually I come in, let the dogs out, leave the keys in the door so they don’t fall out while I’m stretching, and then just come back in and shut the door . . . with the keys still in it.

Of course then I ransack the house because I can’t find my keys.

Forget about forgetting your keys, how about forgetting your . . .
. . . email address.

I can remember a time, not too long ago, where I started to type in my email address into a form, and then just absolutely could not remember what the last part was.

Remember, sharing is caring — what are your more memorable senior moments?

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her:

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

8 thoughts on “It’s not senior moments, I swear! I’m just tired

  1. It’s not because you are on the edge of becoming a senior, it’s because our lives are far to busy! We’ve all been there. Thanks for the morning chuckle of identifying. Have a great day. Stay dry.


  2. I constantly walk into rooms and forget why I went there in the first place. Sometimes I’ll remember, but usually it doesn’t hit me until later. And I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve said “kids these days…” Kind of embarrassing 😆


  3. oh just wait…it gets worse LOL

    Yesterday, I posted my Thinking out loud post and then someone commented that I was a day early.

    One day I couldn’t remember the password that I log on to my work computer EVERYDAY with.


  4. Here’s one. I lost my wallet. I’ve been able to back track to the point that I think I actually threw it away at the mall! Her. Had to get new everything… Wallet, DL, credit cards, insurance cards….


  5. My kids will lock me out of the house when I’m running (or now cycling) and then jaunt off to school. So, I hide mine out back. When I return home, I use them…and proceed to leave them in the back door. And then, it’s where are my keys? You are not alone.


  6. LOL! I wrote myself a “To Do” List. it was marked “Friday” and on it, amongst a few things, was written “Bobs”. Soooo I still have NO IDEA who or what “Bobs” meant on my to-do list. So whatever was suppose to get done on Friday in regards to “Bobs” never got done.


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