Am I the only one with weird musings?

I suppose Thinking Out Loud is all about those weird musings in our heads. Only when I speak to my husband, he never seems to think about this stuff. Part of why I like running is not thinking (especially if I’m trying to push the pace).

Raking & mushroom picking
Doesn’t everyone rake at 6:45 am in their pajamas? Well, that’s what happens when you have a dog refusing to do their business. And it’s no longer dark.

Then it was time to pick the field of mushrooms that had magically appeared overnight.

Do squirrels get vertigo?
We have a raised ranch. I much preferred our ranch in Austin (that’s ranch style, not an actual ranch, although friends in Austin do have an actual ranch).

One of the things I do enjoy about our current house is eating my meals on the couch (which reclines — really not good for your hips but oh well) and watching the sunrise.

As I was doing just that yesterday morning, I watched a squirrel squrrying across a tree limb far above the ground. Now that the leaves are almost gone, I can see that. Just like I can see the birds sitting on top of roofs. Small birds.

I wonder if they get afraid of heights. Which obviously is a silly thought, but there you go, my mind goes to these places.

A little bribe’ll get you moving
I bribe myself all the time.Whatever post run snack is waiting for me often gets me through a run.

The other night I wanted to do some yoga. But the thought of changing out of jeans, into leggings, and back into jeans . . . it was just too much. It’s generally too cool when I walk the dogs to be in leggings all the time (even with our wonderful Indian summer that will tank just as I have a race).

So I bribed myself: you can change into your pajama bottoms, even though you haven’t eaten dinner yet, but you must do that yoga. Luckily I wasn’t planning to walk the dogs again. Totally worked.

Does it matter if I pick all the photos with pizza?
Did you ever wonder if you picked the wrong images on a reCaptcha — would it still let you post?

I’ve never actually not picked the right images, even though sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s what, but I do wonder if it even actually matters?

And just what do you think about those reCaptcha thingies anyway?

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her:

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

14 thoughts on “Am I the only one with weird musings?

  1. I love watching the squirrels, especially in the winter when the trees are bare. One year, about twenty of them were running in a circle at the top of the trees. It was awesome. I never wondered if they get vertigo. 😉
    Have you ever watched them build nests? Fascinating.

    We live in a city, or front-to-back, ranch house on a small lot. It’s a relatively congested town in the urban ring just outside of Providence. I didn’t want a ranch at all when we bought our house in 1978. I wanted something more stately, like a colonial or saltbox. But with the boys grown and gone and our home paid in fill by the time we were fifty, we don’t have to downsize, have no mortgage, and we live on a single floor. As senior citizens, we think it is wonderful.

    Not running related at all, but it’s musing. And Thursday is my rest day, so it fits. But just to muse on running a moment, two more runs, tomorrow and ten miles on Sunday, before my taper week. Even though I get out of work at 3:30, dusk descends far too early and I’ll be glad when training is done. It’s been grueling, and I don’t like running when it’s dark. I can’t relax. After my half, until the lighting changes my running will be relegated to weekends.

    Have a great day.


    1. Connie, you’re doing a great job! It’s hard to run in the dark; I don’t like it either (except in the summer, right before sunrise).

      I loved our ranch in Austin. It’s funny, it’s almost exactly the same square footage as this house, but it seemed much, much larger. So much I miss about that house.

      If we’d stayed in one place I’m sure our house would’ve been paid off, too. But this is our third (and very hopefully not our last) home. Not to mention the apartment we rented when we first moved to Austin (because it was a temporary assignment).

      No, I’ve never seen the squirrels build nests. Because of course the dogs chase any squirrel they see out back.

      And because I’m jumping all over the place, not only does my childhood home that my parents still live in have 2 floors, there’s a flight of stairs just to get into the house. It’s a really bad situation and we can’t pry them out of there — lord knows we’ve tried.


  2. The recaptcha things are satan spawn! I’ve wondered that same thing about birds. Especially if they get tired of flying long distances and fear falling out of the sky,,,,similar to my fear of tiring in the pool or lake and sinking like a stone.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have the secret to swimming forever (kind of like running forever, I imagine): do it slowly and you’re fine. 🙂

      Seriously, I could swim forever but I’m not racing and I’m usually not pushing myself, either.


  3. I have a hard time getting moving in the morning. I’m up but I like to relax with breakfast and reading email/blogs. The result is that my running is in the dark after work UGH!

    The warm weather has been wonderful but I fear it will end on Sunday when we race. Yesterday I ran in a tee shirt. And I am still running in skirts. I’m holding off for the tights & jackets for as long as possible.


    1. I like a relaxing morning, too, but I don’t do great with night runs & I have a narrow window right now when I can leave Chester without worrying about accidents.

      Yes, it supposed to be cold — but nice — Sunday. I can promise you I won’t be wearing a skirt!


  4. I bribe myself all the time when it comes to things that I don’t want to do. Or at least go through some kind of negotiation. If I have a workout I don’t want to do? I tell myself that I only need to do 10 minutes and then I can stop if I hate it. Almost never happens. The hardest part is getting started.

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  5. Okay#1- If I ever have to reCaptcha, I leave the blog. Same with the Discus thing- sorry, but in order to comment, I have to turn over all rights to my accounts- no thanks!
    #2- I bribe myself all the time…If I get up, I will have the first dibs on coffee. I also bribe my kids. And my husband. It isn’t wrong, it is just efficient!


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