Spilling over high tea: Of dogs, babies, and just one more

If we met up for coffee (or tea, in my case), I’d probably chew your ear off about the struggles of having a sick dog, wanting to do just one more half, and shaking my head over how women with infants manage to function in such a sleep deprived state.

But since I don’t live near you, I am joining up with CocoDeborah, and Lynda for their ultimate coffee tea date.

The Ultimate Coffee Date

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you that this was one of the longest weeks of my life.

You see, we had plans to go visit my MIL on the west coast and spend a few days in Vegas. Only because of Chester, my husband went and I stayed home to care for Chester (it’s his mother, after all).

Let’s just say knowing you might have to make the decision on your own is very stressful. That, and Chester waking me up at 2:30 am every.single.morning to do his business — well, not stressful, so much, but zombie-making.

Then on Tuesday he collapsed when coming in. They’ve been asking me for years whether or not he’s collapsed or fainted when I bring him in to the cardiologist. He recovered in just a few minutes, bur seemed very tired.

We went to the park, and he didn’t want to walk. Thankfully I’d anticipated that and had something that allowed me to easily carry him. We sat with a very nice elderly lady chatting about dogs and the twilight days for a while. Another nice lady came up to us and laid her hands on his head. And then a third woman also loved on him. My husband joked afterwards that I needed a sign that said “I’m a cute chihuahua please put some money in the basket to pay my medical bills”.

By the end of the walk he walked a bit and by nightfall he was back to chasing birds in the backyard.

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you I do not know how mothers do it. Of course usually they’re younger when they have infants. But I had to get up at 2:30 am every morning while my husband was gone, and I kept telling Chester “you’re killing me”. Not like it was his fault; he really needed to go out and I’d certainly rather let him out than clean up a mess.

How in the world do you do that with an infant, take care of said infant, and still work? Boggles my mind.

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you one great thing about having my husband away was cooking for myself. We have very different eating styles: me, I lean veggie (but eat everything); he’s a meat & potatoes kind of guy. I’m sure Chester was missing the steak we grill most weekends until winter sets in.

I concentrated more on cooking than baking and I was really expected a nice loss this week. Except . . .

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I would tell you that for the first time in months I was more than 2 pounds above my Weight Watchers goal weight when I weighed in. Which meant I had to pay.

The real irony is that I wasn’t looking forward to coming back from Vegas the night before my weigh in; I knew I’d be up. Except the joke was on me since I didn’t go to Vegas, ate really well, and yup, my weight was still up.

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I would you tell you that I really wanted to do another half this year. I come close to signing up for RnR Savannah (a city I’ve always wanted to visit) or Rehoboth Beach. Good thing I didn’t, since I can’t travel right now.

I suppose I could if I went by myself, but right now I’d rather be home. Because I’d hate to be away when Chester’s time comes.

And truth be told, my body is probably thanking me. I managed to make it through 3 halfs this year unscathed and knock on wood, I’m still feeling good. I still do hopefully have my sights set on VA Beach in March and really we ought to do something about it — like have a reservation somewhere just in case or sign up, since I can defer it to 2017 if need be.

I just felt like maybe I could do it, and still be uninjured, and get that 10th state too. Which was probably wishful thinking anyway. Especially if I’m planning to run a half in March, I do need a little bit of downtime.

Tea? Iced Tea? Coffee? Decaf? Or something else?

What do you need to get off your chest?

19 thoughts on “Spilling over high tea: Of dogs, babies, and just one more

  1. I am glad Chester is hanging in there! Sorry about the scale! My weight jumped up a few, but is heading back in the right direction now that all the chips are gone …


    1. My weight does tend to go up as the days get short. And then there’s the whole peri menopause/menopause thing.

      But in my heart I know sugar has a lot to do with it . . . even relatively unprocessed sugar can pack on the pounds!


  2. I look back and have no idea how I did it when my kids were babies. We weren’t in the financial situation for me to take unpaid leave so I had 6 weeks short term disability with both and then back to work. I must have been a zombie. At least I was young. I don’t know if I could handle it now.


  3. Bummer about the scale. Maybe it’s because of the lack of sleep? I’ve wanted to do RnR Savannah too. It would be a very nice course. Downtime is a very hard thing for all of us! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with Chester.


  4. Glad Chester’s doing some better. I really wanted to do RnR Savanah too – I’m dying to visit that city! Hopefully next year when my body’s more cooperative.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Judy, you did have a long week didn’t you? I do not like scales and I never have them in the house…ever. Three half marathons is great and nothing to shy from. We have to listen to our bodies and do what we feel is right. Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy Chester and thank you for tea 🙂


  6. Sorry to hear that Chester is having a rough time. Sick pets are so hard. Sending good thought s your way. There is always another race to do so when the time is right you will find one. Thanks for joining us for coffee/tea always fun to catch up

    Liked by 1 person

  7. That does sound like a long week! Enjoy your time with chester, he needs you 🙂 I ran halfs this year and I am pretty pumped about it! I would love to do the RnR Savannah- I mentally put that on the list for next year 🙂 and scales drive me crazy I don’t get on them! 🙂 Happy Saturday!


  8. Awww Chester……

    my kids use to be every 2 hrs to nurse…and they nursed for 18 month!!!! haha! I think that is why to this day I can function on limited sleep.

    Your weight gain may be your body responding from the stress and limited sleep-maybe.

    Enjoy your downtime…your body will thank you!!

    Have a good weekend!


  9. I’ve always wanted to visit Savannah too. Fingers crossed that Chester makes it for a while longer. Cats are so much easier. Ours in the warm weather never want to come in. As they get older though, they get more clingy.


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