Try it, you’ll like it: TOLT

I’m sleeping much better since my husband got back last week, but Thinking Out Loud is still hard because I still have to get up early — sometimes for Chester, sometimes for me. The next couple of weeks are sure to be busy & tiring: getting ready for Thanksgiving on top of the normal chaos. 

Good thing I’m not training for anything (or maybe bad, if you read on). 

Humbled by your response . . .
. . . to yesterday’s post. Very unexpected and I appreciate it. I knew the point I wanted to get across, but as so often happens, I really struggled with it and didn’t feel like I did a great job, but I guess I did better than I thought I did.

Rain makes me inactive
My steps yesterday really sucked. Somewhere around 4-5k. Normally I’m walking the dogs a couple of times a day in addition to whatever other exercise I do, but they don’t like to walk when it’s wet and it never dried out the way they said it would yesterday so there were no walks.

But I felt plenty tired, because I: did yoga, did barre, made some veggie curry for lunch, baked some pumpkin soda buns, worked some more on the pantry and closet in our laundry room, washed the sheets and changed the bed, and did some other laundry too.

I guess I needed that little “break”. 

Winter off season & packing on the pounds
Am I the only one that sees the irony in having my off season be during late fall/winter, so I decrease my running right about the time all I want to do is eat carbs & sugar?

Step out of your comfort zone
As I mentioned in Tuesday’s post, I decided, on the fly, to take photos at my 15k on Sunday. I’m glad that I did, and while I don’t know if my time suffered (it was my first 15k), I do know that my “time” (aka, my enjoyment of the race) didn’t suffer — in fact, I’m pretty sure that it enhanced the race.

As we age (and no one really remains ageless), we tend to get so hung up on our routine; it’s good to try something new once in a while. 

Try it — you might like it. 

I’m great at picking out recipes
Not always so great at actually making them! I had such a nice healthy menu planned yesterday. If I wasn’t weighing in today (I weigh in once a week at Weight Watchers), I would have totally made a frozen dinner for lunch or dinner. 

And speaking of recipes
I better get cracking on some of the recipes I plan to make for Thanksgiving! Because it’s just 2 weeks away.

Where are you with preparing for Thanksgiving if you’re in the US?

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her:

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

16 thoughts on “Try it, you’ll like it: TOLT

  1. I know what you mean about comfort zones. I’m pretty set in my ways and have a tendency to fall into a pretty steady routine as well, and even the slightest change can make such a big difference in how much I enjoy my days. I’m glad that you were able to have such a good time at your race 🙂


    1. OMG, I’m glad we’re not coming to my house. That pie would be the death of me and I’m already struggling with my weight.

      That is the good thing about having it at my house — I am semi in control. 🙂


  2. I have to say I’m relieved that I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year – just making a couple of sides to take to my brother’s…still need to figure out which recipes though.


    1. We’ve been going to my sisters, but she won’t let the dogs in the house so it’s been a hassle.

      So while it’ll still be stressful, it’s kind of nice to have it at my house (that & no one in my family ever has anything healthy to eat).

      If I can get my rear in gear, I might even be able to do a turkey trot!


  3. One side of my life is very routine, like my workouts are pretty routine and I hate haveing to change them but just on the other side, my fun life is so not routine. I do like that, I do think you must get out of your comfort zone every now and then to experience something. Just like you 15K and taking pictures, which btw I need to take notes on if I’m going to take them at Disney!

    Thanksgiving, ahhhh I can not wait! We visit the in laws in Jacksonville, FL make the trip in our RV and I have been asked by my husband to make my Red velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing. Hopefully it will work out since I’ll be somewhere different.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yum! Red velvet cake. Like my friend Natalie, good thing you’re not coming here. I’m already struggling with my weight.

      So despite the stress, I’m glad we’ll be doing Thanksgiving. Although I’m sure my mom will bring something decadent because “it’s only one day”. Yeah, that & the other 364 . . .

      I actually carry my phone AND my ipod with me. The ipod just in case I want to take photos (which as we know I haven’t for years), because the phone is cheap and doesn’t have enough storage space for too many photos (even tho they’re supposed to go to the SD card).

      I really just whipped it out and took a quick shot, couldn’t see what I was doing really & figured they were probably horrible — but I was pleasantly surprised!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL!I don’t like rain OR snow so where does that leave me? In the summer it’s too hot . . . we could go on & on, right?

      Today it’s a cold drizzle, but since I’m not training for anything I’ll be on the treadmill.


  4. I’m disappointed that my MIL is so depressing. Thanksgiving was always my holiday to cook so I would go all out trying different recipes – squash soup, stuffing, cranberry sauce, apple pie etc. Oh well, it’s probably a restaurant for us (no leftovers 😦 )

    I always do a winter half so down time which is good for getting in those long runs in the freezing cold.

    If you do the Troy 10K, you’re done early before the 5k crowds come.


    1. Well, you could cook just for the 2 of you!

      If I do race TDay, it’ll be Cohoes. Closer, almost free ($1 processing fee!). It’s 3 1/2 miles — it’ll make me think it’s New Years Day.

      Knowing myself, though, chances are I’ll run around the neighborhood like usual.


  5. Nah, too much trouble for 2 and my hubby is such a boring eater, I prefer to cook for others. In a restaurant, you can order what you want. We may go to a friend’s or my MIL’s after dinner.


    1. I like cooking for 1/2. Leftovers! I made some pumpkin cornbread today & I’ll make another batch; tonight some individual apple crisps. Testing out recipes for Thanksgiving.

      I made some pumpkin soda rolls that were just ok. Haven’t decided whether or not to serve them yet.

      Other than that, I’ll just roast some veggies & my husband makes the stuffing.


    1. I’m Jewish, so no worries about Christmas.

      My MIL is on the west coast, and it’s too much for my mom now. And my sister works black friday, so we’ll see if she likes it this way & then I guess it’ll be my thing.


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