Cherish is the word I use to describe . . .

. . . all the feelings that I have
hiding here for you inside . .  .

Deb Runs

And now that I’ve given you your ear worm for the day . . . I have been trying to cherish the time I have left with Chester (read more about him at 5 Ways to Know It’s Time).

But life is still busy, ironically even busier than normal because of him, and it’s easy to get caught up in the everyday tasks.

I do not know how much time we have together. I know that time is limited. I try to take time out of my busy days and hold him like he likes, throw a toy for him, take him for a walk even if we’ve already walked earlier that day, comb him — the list goes on and on.

It’s so easy to cherish our time because I know that it’s running out.

Do I cherish my time with my husband as much? With my parents?

Of course I don’t, not as often as I should (yes, honey, I love you). I try to, and while my mind knows that every day is a gift, as recent current events so sadly affirm, we tend to take our loved ones for granted. Even my parents, who are elderly.

I think of them, of course. I plan to call them. And then I get busy with life again. And I just don’t have the time (or so I think). Or I’m tired.

There is no chore more important than our loved ones.


Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age.
— Booth Tarkington

Who/what will you cherish today?

21 thoughts on “Cherish is the word I use to describe . . .

  1. I’ve been singing that song since seeing the word last week! I almost used it in my post but changed directions. As someone whose parents both passed away suddenly (which is a blessing in some respects) I didn’t get to cherish those last moments with them. The moral of the story is to do it now, while you can — so you don’t have regrets like me. I hope Chester is having a good week.

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    1. I have only ever lost a loved one suddenly once & on my birthday, too.

      I’ve never lost an animal suddenly, except when I was a kid. I’ve had a lot if time to think about that & hard as it is, maybe it is better that way.

      Chester’s doing ok, so far, knock in wood. Despite the moaning this morning!


  2. I’ve been feeling the same yes – knowing I should cherish my loved ones more but still caught up in the daily grind. Thanksgiving will be a good opportunity to start turning that around.

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  3. I’m glad Chester is hanging in there. I’m good about calling my mom, the rest of the family, not so much. They’ll all be here for Thanksgiving so we’ll catch up.


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