It’s hard to be randomly spontaneous: TOLT

Well, that’s what I find anyway, but Thinking Out Loud is sometimes the hardest post for me to write. Which is so not what TOLT is supposed to be!

You can be random, or you can be spontaneous, or . . .
. . . I have no troubles, most days, sitting down and writing something spontaneously off the cuff. Sometimes stream of consciousness are my best posts.

But being randomly spontaneous? Or spontaneously random? That’s a whole other ball of wax. I think of things, but I don’t have my phone on me,  and by the time I am near something to take notes on, that thought has flown the coop.

Some TOLT posts are so entertaining. I suppose I really shouldn’t complain, it’s not like I really have to think up a topic.

My husband & I are such opposites
I don’t work, and when I did work, I worked from home. So by the time the weekend comes around, all I want to do is be anywhere but home most of the time.

Thankfully, my husband does work. And by the time the weekend comes around, all he wants to do is stay home.

It kind of worked for me last weekend. My friend and I went out for high tea after our race and it was really, really good. No, I didn’t eat everything, but I definitely indulged and enjoyed every morsel.

I really didn’t want to go out for dinner that night . . . and since most of the time my husband really doesn’t want to go out anyway, it worked out just fine for both us.

There are some weekends I am too tired to go out, too. And it’s usually because of a long run . . .

Back in Zombie-land
Chester has been waking me up very early again. This is not helping me get stuff done around the house or lose those few extra pounds I picked up somewhere.

My clothes actually feel just fine, but I can always tell by my face. Let’s just say I’m not loving my cheeks right now.

Do or do not; there is no try
Do you ever want to say that to your dogs when they want to stop at every yard and sniff (and then do nothing)?

I know I do. That and “sometime this year” comes to mind a lot.

I admire the runners who . . .
Ditch or shorten the run if they’re not feeling it. I’m not dissing you, I swear; I totally wish I could be you.

I will switch around days because of lack of sleep or weather or whatever, but skip a run? Cut it short? Unless I’m sick I stick to the plan.

Sometimes I actually wish I could get rid of my “motivation”. I think it’s more fear: fear that if I stop exercising I will gain back the weight I’ve lost overnight.

In my head I know that is just crazy talk, but my heart doesn’t always listen to my head.

So when you ask me how I stay motivated, I suppose the real answer is fear.

Although that’s not true, either; it’s just part of the story.

Whatever happened to beta testing?
Seriously, why is it that companies — even good companies — seem to think it’s okay to release buggy software and just let people buy it and beta test it. Pay for the pleasure of beta testing!

I can remember years ago, I was a beta tester for quite a few smaller software companies. Occasionally some larger ones, too (very occasionally).

I wasted spent way too much time upgrading my OS on my iPod Touch yesterday — like hours. Which delayed my run. Which put me in a bad mood. Gizmo eating grass and throwing it up didn’t help matters. And then I couldn’t get the freakin’ Apple password to work (apparently a common problem — disconnecting from Wifi, rebooting, and reconnecting solved that, btw).

And why did I put myself through all that? Because of the new damn Weight Watchers app. Which is bound to be buggy, too. But I can no longer use the old one, and I had to upgrade the OS for the new one (I was still on iOS 7 for just this reason).

The silver lining is that I now have the RW Go app on it (although I haven’t yet looked to see if it’s worth it) and I can now download the Wellcoin app, too — why not earn something for all this exercising?

Had any recent technology nightmares?

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her:

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

19 thoughts on “It’s hard to be randomly spontaneous: TOLT

  1. If though I work in IT, I have those IT woes!!

    Your husband & mine should get together and we should go out. It’s so hard to get him off the couch.

    I am off Dec 24 – Jan 3. Maybe we can get some daytime runs in together.

    See you on Dec 19.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Except I think our husbands are perfectly fine being on their own at home and not going out. 🙂 Actually, it really did work out to my advantage this week — I wasn’t terribly hungry and really didn’t want to go out again.

      You’re too busy with your gazillion friends! I must say we thoroughly enjoyed Whistling Kettle — but I can’t do that all the time!

      Although I did lose weight this week, finally, go figure. I really do believe a lot of it’s just a hormonal thing.

      We have zero plans right now. Except probably going to Poughkeepsie the day after last run.


      1. New stuff is always fun to see (and buy).
        About the latkes…I had some roasted celeriac with them. Perhaps not the most balanced meal but it made me happy.

        Liked by 1 person

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