5 Reasons I am Grateful to my Husband

My favorite winter activity? Hibernating? Drinking hot chocolate? Seriously, I don’t ski, I don’t like cold or snow, and while I do like to ice skate, I stopped skating when I started to run.

That is the theme that Cynthia from You Signed Up for What?, Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, and Mar from Mar on the Run came up with this week.

I decided to write a sort of love letter to my husband instead. All the things he probably thinks I don’t notice or appreciate, but I do.

For Walking the Dogs on the Weekend When I’m Running
I run with USAFit Albany during the summer, and as the runs get longer, I have to be out of the house earlier and earlier. Add to that the fact that Chester couldn’t tolerate walking in the heat this summer, and that meant dogwalks were up to my husband.

He has to feed them, too, most of the time, and even on occasion has to feed Gizmo as well.

Let’s just say my husband isn’t really a morning person.

For Putting Up with My Unshoweredness
He puts up with a lot of stinky, salty runner and never complains.

For Being My Gear Check at Halfs
And my chauffeur, my photographer, even sometimes my personal assistant (there was the time I discovered I had no pins at Gettysburg and he walked over to a Walmart to get me some or the times he had a bagel and lox waiting for me at the end).


For Showing Up at the Finish Line — Rain or Shine
He has only missed one finish line so far, and that was because he was on a business trip.

He’s been there when it’s cold, when it’s hot, when it’s raining, when it’s taken me far longer than I thought it would. True love!

For Supporting My Dream of Running a Half in Every State
He thinks it’s cool. He doesn’t really like to plan, but often gives me my way when I push him to plan anyway because it makes me happy. He never complains about race fees.


 Who supports your racing/running?

24 thoughts on “5 Reasons I am Grateful to my Husband

  1. You are very lucky. He is a keeper. And since he reads you blog, I bet he will be even more understanding about your race-cations. LOL.


    1. I suppose that’s better than not supporting it at all, right?

      My husband does worry about it. He wanted me to use the tracking software last night — in a race with 1699 other runners & I parked in the parking garage!

      In the end I just didn’t. Too cold to get it started!


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