5 Random 2015 Photos

Got random photos? Why yes, yes I do. And since I started this blog in June, I thought I’d try to share some I don’t think have appeared on the blog (although they probably appeared on my Facebook page).

Cynthia from You Signed Up for What?, Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, and Mar from Mar on the Run are shaking things up a bit for Friday Five in 2016.

Check it out!


Running ninja
Running ninja

It’s ok to be a running ninja during the day
I like hats (visors in the summer). I like shielding my eyes from the sun. I bought this hat with the face mask when I first started running seriously and then never used it (I found it at Sports Authority, by the way, but that was years ago).

A couple of years later and I love this hat on cold days — like, really, really cold days.

Packet Pickup Redding Road Race

It’s always smiles before a race. Well, it usually is for me, anyway. Unless I’m injured. And I wasn’t injured for a single half in 2016 — I think that’s a first and a reason to smile!


Revisiting Burlington

Again, smiling before the race
It was such a beautiful day before the Green Mountain Half. Seriously, perfect running weather. Unfortunately race day didn’t dawn with the same weather.

I’m actually in Winooski here. That old woolen mill behind me used to be an upscale shopping center back in the day when we lived there; sadly no more.


In Vegas

Vegas, Baby!
I wrote a little bit about our 3 state vacation in the dead of winter in the first part of my recap of Running 2015.

I was just starting my training for Redding Road Race above, so yes, I ran in all 3 states.

Because who doesn’t want a lapful  of chihuahuas?


 Wishing you a very merry Christmas (or a nice Friday)

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