Spilling over high tea: Chester, 9/2/05 – 1/2/16

If we met up for coffee (or tea, in my case), I’d simply tell you that I am both heartbroken and at peace; today we helped Chester over the rainbow bridge.

I am joining up with CocoDeborah, and Lynda for their ultimate coffee tea date, because so many of you have supported us in our journey and sent your prayers to us. They are/were deeply appreciated.

Angel Chester joins Cleo, Puss, and Simba

The Ultimate Coffee Date


19 thoughts on “Spilling over high tea: Chester, 9/2/05 – 1/2/16

  1. Oh my… I am so very very sorry. I have tears in my eyes, bless him, bless you. Heartbroken for you, but wow, what an amazing life he had. He couldn’t have been gifted with a better family.

    Rest well, dear Chester.


  2. Oh, I am sending so many hugs your way! (((hugs))) You’ve taken such good care of him and I know you will continue to carry him in your heart.


  3. I had gotten behind on reading my favorite blogs so I didn’t see this until now. I’m so sorry for your loss of Chester. I feel like I’ve been on this same roller coaster ride with you by keeping up with Chester updates. It won’t make the pain go away but it is comforting to know he’s not hurting anymore. Hugs to you Judy!


    1. I forgot to say in my other reply . . . poor Lola, I’ve been carrying her around a lot lately because I so wish I could carry Chester again. He loooooved being carried like a baby, but she doesn’t really care for it, so I do carry her a bit differently.

      Not her favorite thing, but it’s comforting to me.

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      1. You said you didn’t think they knew he was gone. I think they do maybe just don’t want to make you sad. My husband home first an buried Judd our other dog Maggie was over there laying beside him. When I got home Maggie stayed close to me like telling me it’s ok I’ve got your back.

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      2. I really don’t think they know.

        Many years ago I had 2 cats; we called them the girls (and then we had the boys). Anyway, these cats weren’t siblings and were adopted a year apart.

        Puss, the first cat, hated Cleo til the day she died 16 years later. But for the first 2 days after Cleo was gone, she would come into our bedroom and yowl very deeply. Then she stopped.

        Neither Giz nor Lola behave any differently at all. They’d gotten used to me going to the vet with Chester all the time, but I always came home with him, too.

        I’d much rather they didn’t mourn, anyway.

        And quite frankly Giz is probably doing a happy dance because he never liked the dogs anyway.

        Oddly, he always seemed alright with Chester & it was Lola he really didn’t like, but now he doesn’t seem to be as afraid of Lola (probably because he’s taken up the alpha mantle).

        He keeps laying on top of her if she’s laying on me, and she always moves away eventually.

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  4. 😦
    I know you made Chester’s time here wonderful with so much love and care- he would say thank you a thousand times over…You are the best pet mom.
    Hugs to you!


    1. I don’t know about the best — heck, just this past week, one night when I’d been up & down the stairs multiple times with him, I got so mad when he dragged me down there & didn’t want to do anything at all — and let him know it.

      But I always do say that I want to come back as one of my animals!


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