Dogs are the best yoga gurus: TOLT

Cats are pretty good yoga gurus, too. What is it about yoga that makes your animals think it’s a good time to curl up on your back or lap?

When it comes to  Thinking Out Loud, yes, Chester is still on my mind. Pretty much every day. Some days I smile wistfully, some days I tear up. I know, since I’ve been through this before, that eventually I won’t be thinking of him every day. It just takes time.

I do think this TOLT isn’t quite as sad as previous ones. You be the judge.

Miss doing yoga with Chester

Missing my yoga guru
All that yoga? Most of it was happening because Chester got me up so early. I didn’t want to just sit around all morning, so I often figured I’m up, I might as well do some yoga.

I’m finding it a little harder to squeeze in now, because I’m sleeping later and getting up later. Which I really needed.

But I do miss all that yoga . . .

Chickens in the Road
I tend to read a lot of weird things; things that I download for free to my Kindle. Yes, I do get library books, too, but it’s been a while since I actually finished one. I don’t feel the need to finish a book if it’s not holding my interest. Life is too short.

I’ve always wanted to have lots of animals: miniature ponies, goats,chickens — I don’t know much about them, but I want them.

Maybe not so much after reading this book! It’s all about the author’s experiences moving to a farm and acquiring a lot of different farm animals, slowly but surely: chickens, goats, sheep, donkeys, a cow . . .

Let’s just say I’m pretty sure I don’t want to work that hard. I’m lazy. 2 cats & 2 dogs were plenty of work for me! You can also visit the chickens in the road website for more current updates.

Heart Stopping
That moment when you open the dryer and pull your Skirtsports capris out if it.

Yeah, the very expensive capris that you’re supposed to dry flat.

Well, I did buy them on sale so they were just expensive, not very expensive.

And they still fit.

When you doublecheck you have the correct URL for Skirtsports and discover you can buy last season’s at REI for a good price . . . I haven’t actually ordered anything yet, but good to know.

Except now the cat’s out of the bag, so to speak.

My Trusty Magic Bullet
I didn’t always feel that way. I don’t remember the details now, but we had all sorts of troubles and had to get a new one after many phone conversations. And then that one died in short order.

Or so I thought.

For some reason I held onto it. And for some reason, years later, I tried it again and voila! It worked.

I’ve since learned it just can’t handle difficult ingredients like dates, but it’s good for banana soft serve and banana pancakes and anything else that isn’t too tough to handle. I have my Vitamix for the tougher stuff, although that is very old and I really would like a new one, which my husband was quite willing to get for me over the holidays, only I just didn’t have the time to decide on which model.

Delivery? What delivery?

Lola’s falling down on the job
Fedex pulled up Tuesday morning with an exchange for me. The first thing I knew about it was the thump on our doorstep. Lola never barked at all.

In fairness to Chester, occasionally he missed a delivery. Like maybe 1% of the time.


Have you ever had an appliance die, only to be resusitated?

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22 thoughts on “Dogs are the best yoga gurus: TOLT

  1. My black and white cat Meep loves to do all things stretching on the floor with me or my hubby, so I can relate with Chester, bless him. On the up note, Lola prefers peace over noise… maybe she just knows and remembers the fed ex guy!! (Nice try? Lol) Adorable pictures of both!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lola does bark sometimes when someone comes to the door; just not like Chester did and you can usually shut her up fairly quickly. Chester was very stubborn, but I’m not sure I’ll feel quite so safe when my husband travels anymore!

      I was sorting through some of my photos from our last trip to Kauia (3 yrs ago?) and thinking of you.

      So many great sunrises and sunsets!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Until he got really sick, Chester liked to sleep under the covers, and yes, he threw up under there more than once.

        He was prone to stomach upsets a lot of his life & thankfully Lola isn’t, but she does have her moments.


  2. My cat is always curling up with me when I work out. I lay down to do a crunch and there she is. Lay down to do a plank and she is added weight on my back-lol!

    I am so bad at the fly drying of workout clothes. I don’t have enough space to do that.

    Never had the luck of a resurrection of an appliance. Good to know about the magic bullet and it’s limitations. I have one but have used it for softer blended items.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I use a drying thingie on top of my dryer; I don’t really have a lot of space for it, either. But I have a LOT of clothes that need to be dried flat. 😦

      Gizmo is constantly walking under me when I’m planking! And sometimes trying to curl up in my lap or on my back — it’s not just the dogs, for sure!

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  3. My Keurig died and came back to life… of course, only after I gave it over to my parents, who didn’t know what I was talking about because “it worked fine.” 🙄 But I’ve had the same problem with a few Bullets dying on me. I love how convenient those things are, but the Vitamix really does make a world of difference when it comes to blending!

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    1. Even my Vitamix struggles these days, but that’s because it’s old & well used. In fact, I started something in the magic bullet, had to move it to the Vitamix, then had to use the tamper and still barely got the job done!

      Don’t you hate when you have to dirty almost every appliance in your kitchen to make something?


  4. I have a cat and anytime I put my yoga mat down she starts popping her claws and scratching at it, so not the greatest yoga gurus. But my dog will (usually..) just lay down next to me, mostly out of the way. TODDLERS, on the other hand… HORRIBLE yoga gurus. The worst. Never do it. Just don’t.

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  5. My cat will curl up on my yoga routine printout, which makes it very difficult to know which pose is next. The paper’s on the floor, it’s her territory.

    And I’ve had those panic moments before. I forget something’s in the laundry and it gets dried. I will strip in the laundry room and put on that piece of clothing to make sure it still fits.

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  6. Luckily I don’t have toddlers. 🙂 Although I’ve seen some cute photos of toddlers trying to do yoga, too!

    I don’t use a yoga mat; it’s the one area of our house that is carpeted. Although I have used on on occasion and I don’t think the cats every scratched at it — not the rough texture they love. Giz is actually pretty good about scratching on his scratchers & he has a ton of them!

    He also loves to knead me and sometimes claws a little bit at my clothes; I can’t wear anything nice at home.


  7. I don’t do yoga at home but I’m sure if I did my cats would be in the way.

    Dry flat?? I put my stuff in the dryer. Never had a problem. Even the cheap stuff doesn’t shrink.

    6pm has older skirtsports stuff too.

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  8. What a great picture with Chester.
    I am sure you will get back to a Yoga routine eventually 🙂 Sometimes sleep needs to be a priority.
    I have never received anything new ( replacement) from a company, that is nice.

    Liked by 1 person

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