What I’m Loving Lately: Friday Five

It’s incredibly easy to focus on the negative (like I did for the weather in yesterday’s TOLT), so for this Friday Five, I’m going to focus on the positive: favorite food, favorite clothes, favorite treadmill workout, favorite reads, and favorite blog posts from this week.

Cynthia from You Signed Up for What?, Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, and Mar from Mar on the Run chose favorites for  this week’s  Friday Five .

Ginormous peanut butter mug cake

Favorite recipes
I have been getting busy in the kitchen again!

The peanut butter mug cake above kept me full all morning long. And it was good, too! I left out the truvia altogether and didn’t miss it at all. I made it once with the oat flour recommended and once with teff flour — I think you could pretty much use any type of flour.

It would be totally awesome with some chocolate, but oddly enough, I’m trying not to throw chocolate into everything these days. Just some things.

Speaking of chocolate . . . I shared this recipe for chocolate protein fudge on my facebook page this week. Then I made it. And really enjoyed it! Great post run snack. I didn’t take a photo because it wasn’t very photogenic, but it was tasty.

Favorite mug cake — surprise, it’s savory!

And I saved the best for last: white pizza baked oatmeal. This one just barely qualifies as a mug cake; I guess it’s more of a one bowl meal, but I’m lumping it in there with mug cakes anyway.

No matter what you call it, I thought it was awesome and I made it twice last week. Am I the only one that does that: try something I like and then want to make it all the time?

Lululemon Speed Crops

Favorite new leggings
You have to love a legging that is great to work out in and looks good to walk around in (Lululemon speed cropnot an affiliate link).

Favorite treadmill workout
Favorite and treadmill don’t always go together. Some runners really love their treadmills; some runners tolerate them, and some runners loathe them.

I like having the treadmill as an option, and I spent a lot of time on it in the winter, as usual — even though we’re not having a terrible winter. Maybe I’m a winter wimp, but I did get out for my long run last Friday with a starting temp of 9F, so maybe I’m not such a wimp after all.

By Sunday, though, I was back on the treadmill. And lately I’m loving doing circuit treadmill runs — run half a mile, do some strength exercises, get back on and run another half mile, and so on.

Maybe it’s not so good for my endurance, but hopefully in a month or so my treadmill and I can break up again.

Favorite reads
Right now I’m reading “The Essential George Sheehan”. Highly recommend and I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding this to my Kindle library (I got it out from the library).

I did just finish “The Nightingale”, but I actually found it rather slow for about 3/4 of the book (but those last 100 pages were a real page turner). So sad, though. Certainly puts in perspective whatever “hardships” we think we’re facing, and it’s important not to forget what happened in World War II (so that hopefully there will be no WWIII in our lifetime).

Favorite recent blog posts


 Read a great book lately — or blog post? Tried any great new recipes?

37 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Lately: Friday Five

  1. That peanut butter mug cake looks sooo good! I found a great blogger Mimi Matthews, and she just did a post on regimental chickens (pet chickens during the American Civil War). Good stuff. Hope you have a great Friday!

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  2. Thanks for the shout out! I love those tights on you! They look super cute and comfy. Lululemon makes such great products. If it wasn’t so expensive, everything I own would be lulu. Haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re my first. Except they were crops! But I do really like them. We’ll have to see how they do on a longer run, although I’m not sure I’m willing to test them out on 8 miles this weekend, since I’ve only worn them for 3.

      But it’s supposed to be warmer, so they’d be the right thickness.

      And you’re very welcome (and thank you, too).


  3. I don’t mind the treadmill much there are definitely days when I have to get outside. The weather’s been really nice this week and I’m hoping it won’t be too windy tomorrow when I get out for my run.

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    1. I’m pretty sure the recipe said oat flour? That’s what I used the first time. I actually think any type of flour would work.

      And if you don’t have oat flour — I tend to forget not everyone bakes like me — you can just throw them in a food processor to make your own. You don’t have to buy it.

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    1. I usually only read in the mornings and before I go to bed. I haven’t been knitting at all.

      I could eat that oatmeal pizza every day! Unfortunately, even though it’s healthy, doing so would still pack on pounds for me.


  4. I have never made a mug cake, I think I definitely need to get on that. And I checked out that fudge recipe, it looks amazing. I’ve made a black bean brownie before and it was SO yummy! Love the crops!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought I was the last person on earth that hadn’t made mug cakes — you’re in good company. They really are very convenient, it’s just a matter of finding the ones you like. YTMV (your tastes may vary).

      I’ve made black bean brownies, too; I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to food.

      I really liked it, but I’m sure some people wouldn’t be into it.


  5. I haven’t read any good books lately. I am currently reading All the light we can not see, but have the hardest time finishing it. Finishing any book for that matter !
    I already told you this but I am jealous of your Lululemon clothes ! Definitely on my list for the next time I come to the US !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did 8 miles in them today — very comfy. Yes, also very pricey but now I get what the hype is about!

      I read All the light; I thought it was good, not great. So I can understand you having trouble finishing it; although I would think it would have more meaning to you, since you live outside of Paris.


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