Serendipitous: Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

Β serendipitous

Serendipitous is an adjective that describes accidentally being in the right place at the right time, like bumping into a good friend in some unusual location, or finding a hundred dollar bill on the ground. And it’s today’s Wednesday Word.

Like when I ran into my running friend in Target this past weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever run into anyone I know in Target before, but of course I’m usually there during the week.

In fact, this particular friend will always remind me of the word serendiptous.

A fairly new runner with few runner friends, I decided to go to one of the night runs held by a local running group. I sat down next to this woman, and we struck up a conversation. I think it was the first time there for both of us.

When we started to run, we started out together. And then we lost the group. It was nighttime. It was dark, and even in the daylight, all the buildings there look the same. If some kind souls from another running group hadn’t found us and run us back in, we would still be out there shivering (although we’d be long gone, actually, this was several years ago).

She didn’t have to stay with me; she could have easily kept up with the group. But that is just the sweet person that she is.

But wait, there’s more!
This particular running friend is from Montreal, and we both signed up for the inaugural RnR Montreal half. She gave me lots of information on where to go and where to eat, but since she has family there, we didn’t see each other and hadn’t made plans to get together.

This is the only half my husband did not come to the start (he met me at the finish line). It was cold and windy. And wouldn’t you know it? In a crowd of 20,000+ runners, I “ran” into my friend at the start.

If that’s not serendiptous, I don’t know what is.

But wait! There’s even more
Montreal was also the half where I found out my father had a brain tumor and needed surgery at age 86 — the day before we were to leave for Montreal. I almost was a DNS, but in the end, he wasn’t having surgery that weekend, and at the urging of my family, I did go (and ran into my friend).

The serendiptous part is that on my last run, before I got the call from my mom, I saw a fox on my run. Although foxes are plentiful in this area, it’s the one and only time I’ve seen a fox in our neighborhood.

I don’t know what that was a sign of, but I do know that it was serendipitous.

Deb Runs

Any serendipitous moments in your life you can remember?

33 thoughts on “Serendipitous: Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

  1. OMG, this was great! Fabulous serendipitous descriptions, AND, the ending is the best! It made me giggle! However, seeing this friend in all those different places, yes, definitely serendipitous!! πŸ˜€

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  2. What a great story! I think making friends often stems from something serendipitous – being in the right place, saying the right thing, or just sharing a smile at the right time.

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  3. Wow, this is quite a story. I did have something happen on our recent cruise in the Caribbean. We met neighbors (for the first time) who live less than 1/4 mile from us. We both walk dogs in the neighborhood and had never met until we were miles from home on a cruise ship!

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    1. OMG, that reminded me of yet ANOTHER serendipitous encounter.

      I went to a pre race pasta dinner and ended up sitting next to our neighbors; I didn’t know she ran.

      Sadly they’ve since moved out of the neighborhood. 😦

      Wow, make it stop! πŸ™‚


  4. I love running into an unexpected friend. It’s like they are there when you need them, and an unexpected encounter like that absolutely enriches your day.

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  5. I met my husband serendipitously (actually both of my husbands) but I never shared that on the blog. I was thinking only in terms of running.

    Things always happen for a reason.

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    1. I agree things happen for a reason – although it can be hard to figure out why sometimes.

      I am sharing how I met my husband later in the week. Instead of having separate blogs I just roll it all into one!

      Right now it’s also looking like Sunday has swung back to being the better day.

      Next week might even be skirt weather!


      1. I only have one blog (plus work) and I have enough trouble having time to put into it and post mostly about running on it.

        We can talk about a time but I agree Sunday looks a little warmer. Right now, they forecast rain for March 13. Hoping that that will change as we approach the date.


      2. My weather app doesn’t go out that far. But it does have rain the days leading up to it. But as we know, things change.

        Plus I haven’t put that town in, either (although I do have Poughkeepsie in & it’s close).

        It’ll be what’ll it be. As usual.


  6. That is a big crowd, kind of cool to just happen by a friend πŸ™‚
    Run buddy and I saw a fox one day last summer….it was like a streak, and such a pretty red. It distracted us from how miserable were ( summer running) and gave us a boost lol

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    1. This fox just kind of popped out of the trees, started at me a minute or so, and then just melted away.

      I actually had a great run that day — right before I got the call.

      Yeah, it was definitely really cool running into her in Montreal!


  7. What a great story! I think I have made alot of my running friends from something serendipitous – being in the right place, bumping into an old friend, or meeting so many cool peeps on this link up!

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  8. That is so crazy. Things definitely happen for a reason. There’s a friend, who I met on the internet that I’ve run into with no planning, at 3 big marathons. (Boston, Columbus and Twin Cities.) It’s so nuts half the time I can’t hook up with people I’ve made plans with yet here she is. What does it all mean??

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