5 Finds from Target

The title may be 5 finds from Target, but the truth is I didn’t buy any of these items, although I was tempted with a couple. And lest you think the only thing I do with my free time is shop, this particular visit was a month ago. I just never got around to sharing, and today seemed like a good time. Maybe you’ll luck out and something will be on sale.

Maybe I’ll luck out and something will be on sale, because I discovered yesterday that my favorite pj bottoms from Target have a hole in them, so I have a legitimate excuse reason to go there.

It’s Friday Five from Cynthia from You Signed Up for What?, Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, and Mar from Mar on the Run, and I’m talking fashion, another of my favorite subjects.

We can look bright even if the day isn’t

I’m walking on sunshine (sort of)
The day I did this particular shopping excursion was a bit warmer than it had been for much of February, but gray — and sometimes I like to cheer myself up on a gray day by wearing a bright outfit, like the one above (courtesy of Gap, Old Navy, and DSW — yes, those silver sneakers are really comfy).

The sweater and the pants are obviously quite bright; the chambray shirt helps them to not clash. And the boxy sweater works well over a pair of fitted jeans.


Too boxy for me

Army Jacket
I really wanted to like this jacket, but I just didn’t. Too big, too boxy.


Army green is always in and goes with pretty much anything — see how it tones down my fuschia pants? But just not the right jacket for me.

A little lace never hurt no one

I’m obssessed with lace
Seriously, I want everything to have a lace edging.

Well, maybe not everything, but lace is almost always in style, too, and to just have a bit peeking out is an easy way to wear it.

I actually really liked this top, but I needed an XS and there weren’t any left in the store. A month ago! I told myself I’d look online, but I haven’t.


Throw it on after a run, when you’re sweaty

After run top
I quite liked this top, too. I like a simple top I can throw on over a sweaty top after a run, so I don’t get chilled. Same deal as the lace top: I need an XS.

I’m not really sure when showing our bras became so in — way back with Madonna, maybe? Funny, I don’t like showing it in front, but I don’t mind as much in back. Maybe because I can’t see it!

Out of sight, out of mind.

Another post workout top

Sleeveless Hoodie
This was the second time I tried on this top. I actually quite like it — except for the hoodie.I could see myself wearing it to walk Lola (with a top on under it, not just a bra), for instance.

I’m not a huge fan of hoodies, though.

Better for an athletic build

Dress with a Flounce
Another item I wanted to like, but just didn’t. I think it wold look pretty on a person who has a more up and down build, rather than someone like me, who has curves.

It’s not that it looked bad, but the truth is I really don’t need more dresses, so if I buy one, I better buy one that looks really good on me (or is super comfortable).

To be a true fashionista, you have to be enjoy the hunt. You have to be willing to try on a lot of stuff and walk out empty handed. Sometimes it’s the hunt itself that’s rewarding. Because anything worth having, is worth working hard at, right?

 What’s your favorite store for reasonably priced clothing?

Fitful Focus
I’m also joining up with Nicole for the first time for her Fit & Fashionable Friday linkup.

32 thoughts on “5 Finds from Target

  1. Target is my go to store to but jeans for work ( I want them cheap in case they get chemicals on them and ruin them) and bras. Tops and dresses rarely fit me there. I don’t know if I would have picked up silver sneakers but they do go well with your outfit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lloyd gives me a hard time about pants that bright AND the sneakers. Beyond looks, though, they’re really comfortable.

      Hard to get into, though- those zippers are decorative.

      I have a pair of patterned jeans from target I love! And I’m not afraid to shop in juniors.


  2. I love your top outfit, the slouchy sweater and pink pants look great together. I go to Target for nearly all my sports bras when they have a sale. It helps to have “little girls” that don’t need a ton of support.,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL, that top outfit had nothing to do with Target, but I like it too!

      I’m small on top, too. I like Champion bras, but I don’t usually get them at Target (although just everyday bras I often do, that one seen in the other outfits is from Target).


    1. When I was heavier, I wore a lot of black. Like most heavy people. I wouldn’t say I never wear black, but the simple truth is my home is always furry even if I’m on top of cleaning, so I can’t really wear black at home!


    1. Well, it was at Target a month ago, anyway.

      I like it too — I’m just not terribly found of hoodies. Always so awkward to lounge around in. But I might just look at it for the third time . . .


  3. I just tried on a bunch of clothes at Target and also didn’t buy anything haha! I did buy pajama pants earlier this year and they’ve quickly become my favorite. I’m on the hunt for an army green vest, believe it or not! Still haven’t found a fitted one yet!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Look at you! cute, cute! I am not a huge fan of the bra showing either but in the back? I guess that is ok 🙂 I hate trying clothes on, so kudos to you for the fashion show! TGIF!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love the silver sneaker! I used to be a huge Target-aholic, but the clothes never hold up very long for me. But I do still buy their shoes, which hold up surprisingly well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, we do get what we pay for. Although I actually do have a lot of Target clothes that have held up: jeans, cardis, dresses.

      And yes, quite a few shoes from them,too. I’m particularly fond of the Sam & Libby line there.


    1. I have quite a few clothes from Target that have lasted a long time! I have been trying to up my game this year and spend a bit more on fewer pieces.

      But sometimes the cheap stuff is oh-so-tempting.


  6. Target is dangerous. I have bought all my jeans there and running clothes. Black is my favorite color to wear. I like to dress it up with scarfs and jewelry.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I love this Judy! You’re getting super good at taking selfies while you shop! And such an inspiration! I need to learn to love to try on clothes… but, ugh… for me it’s as bad as hill training! But then again, I’ve seen the bargains you get, sooo… suck it up, right? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I love cute jackets but NEVER wear anything with lacy fronts or buttons / decoration on the front. I like simple lines and colors. But I hate shopping ! So I usually just buy a couple pieces, even if they are expensive. And then wear them for years… and this year I have definitely bought WAY MORE running & fitness clothes than everyday work clothes.

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