A Day in the Life 3/30/16


I mentioned last Wednesday that I totally forgot about wanting to try a WIAW post (epic food photo failage, and yes, I just made up that word), so instead, I decided to record everything I did all day so you could get a peek into my life.

I think you deserve brownie points for reading it. If you lived close to me, I might just feed you brownies for reading it.

Yup, I am linking up with the Weekly Wrap from Holly @ Hohoruns and Tricia @ Misssipppiddlin again. So let’s double dip!





5:30-6:30 am
I actually woke up a little late for me (remember, I don’t work!). I drank my water with a squeeze of lemon and then had some lap time with Giz while I added my blog to the Wednesday Word linkup, perused Instagram and Pinterest.

Ate breakfast and had my first cup of tea while reading a magazine.

7-8 am
Let Lola out. Kissed Mr. Judy goodbye after giving him his breakfast. Played with Gizmo. Then fed Gizmo, then Lola, got my second cup of tea ready. Stripped the bed and put sheets into washer.

8-9 am
Posted the blog post to Facebook, read blogs, commented on blogs, replied to comments on my blog. Also started some FB messaging with a couple of different friends on a couple of different subjects. FB messaging isn’t a normal part of my day, but some days it just speeds things up.

9-10 am
Did my first set of PT Stretches.Brought up the dry sheets, brought down the duvet cover. Dusted & vacuumed downstairs.

10-11 am
Let Lola out again. More blogging, commenting, replying to comments.

The vet called to let me know Lola’s bloodwork looked perfect. I called Mr. Judy to let him know what the vet said & we discussed some other stuff. Made the bed.

Had a snack before doing my second round of PT Stretches & Final Fat Meltdown (circuit training). Started some more laundry.

1-2 pm

2-3 pm
Because it was a nice day, I took Lola for an extra long walk at the park. I ran into one of my friends as we were walking towards the car — oddly enough we didn’t recognize each other initially (although I told her later Lola should’ve been a hint!).

3-4 pm
More blogging, working on Friday’s post, replying to comments, yadda yadda yadda.

4-5 pm
Shower. Finally finished up watching Monday’s episode of DWTS. Fed Gizmo, then Lola.

5-6:30 pm
Made dinner, ate dinner, chatted with Mr. Judy.

6:30-8 pm
Watch previously recorded tv shows with Mr. Judy (we have a tivo, I know you’re dying to know — because I don’t stay up late enough to watch shows as they air!).

8-8:30 pm
Wash some pots. Finish loading the dishwasher & start it. Last PT stretches.

Get ready for bed, into bed, read for some amount of time, lights out and I’m out soon afer!

And that’s a daily wrap. I know it’s not terribly exciting, and it actually was a busier day than some. I have a lot of freedom not working, but then again, I don’t, caring for my furkids. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyone else out there early to bed, early to rise?

Comment if you want to see more Day in the Life posts!

14 thoughts on “A Day in the Life 3/30/16

    1. I suppose that is one of the good things about my life, there is variety — at least to some degree.

      We got a pretty good snowstorm today. It wasn’t too bad when Lloyd left, and not too bad by the time he came home.

      Me? I got to drive on mostly uncleared roads with heavy snow coming down. So fun. NOT!

      Course he has a much longer drive & he cleared the driveway (although I did have to clear the bottom because the plow had just come by before I got home and my little car probably wouldn’t have made it over the snow boulders).


  1. I always like reading these! I think they are neat 🙂 I did one once, and I felt like it was a lot to remember keeping track of what I did all day so that I could blog about it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We do watch tv together, but I go to bed before him. He gets a bit upset when we don’t have enough time to watch a movie sometimes, but I gotta go to sleep at the right time for me or everyone suffers!


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