Show me how big your brave is


I am sure I won’t be the only blogger going with lyrics from Sara Barellies’s song “Brave” for today’s Wednesday Word. That’s okay — I love Sara!

Fun fact: I saw her at the Austin Rodeo before she became really big. My husband thought she’d be a one hit wonder. Ha! Just like that other girl I talked him into going to see at the VT State Fair, which she was playing with a then little known band called Miami Sound Machine. That would be the still popular Gloria Estefan, of course — maybe you’ve heard of her? Or of the broadway play based on her life?

I wouldn’t really claim to be a brave person. There was the time I ran towards the bees that Simba was chasing, and I have a mild phobia of bees. But generally, no, I’m a quiet person who lives a quiet life and I like it that way.

I guess brave is like anything else though — you might consider a few of these things brave:

  • Starting a business I didn’t go to school for when I’m an introvert
  • Moving to MD for my first job — I didn’t know anyone there!
  • The hot air balloon & glider rides (both Mr. Judy’s ideas, by the way)
  • Riding — and enjoying — loop de loop rollercoasters as a kid (wouldn’t do that now)
  • Taking up running in my late 40s (you knew I had to go there!)
  • Running my first half at 50
  • Deciding to run a half in every state
  • Continuing to try to run a half in every state despite some pretty tough IT problems at one point

Really, brave is in the eye of the beholder.

Happy Birthday, Wednesday Word!
My blog is not yet one year old, but the Wednesday Word linkup is! I really love this linkup (okay, you got me, I love them all!), but I love Wednesday Word because it challenges me and makes me think. You do not need to be a runner to join in the Wednesday Word fun!

Since Deb challenged us to be brave and see how many Wednesday Words we could work into this post, here goes:

I cherish the contacts I’ve made through blogging; all the support helps me to stay faithful in my blogging. I may not be very adventurous or get up to many shenanigansbut I can be gracious to my fellow bloggers.

I’ve discussed those annoying running pet peeves, the serendipitous moments in my life, and my triumphant return to running.

I’ve talked about how important it is to be confident and to have heart; why stability is important to runners; why runners aren’t deprived.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Wednesday Word! It’s really a great way to stretch your writing chops while at the same time not have to think up a topic!

Deb Runs

Won’t you be brave and join us in the Wednesday Word linkup?

28 thoughts on “Show me how big your brave is

    1. I saw that too.

      No frickin’ way would I submit myself to that! You know I’m into alternative stuff, but I would definitely classify that one as foolish.

      BTW, my PT has helped — a LOT! I hope yours can be as successful.


  1. You sound pretty brave to me! Starting a business is scary, as is everything else you listed. This is such a great way to appreciate your most brave moments. I do like the Wednesday Word linkup. I’ve never done it, but I think I’ll have to try it out in the next few weeks! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. one year already? I looked back and I think I have done it every week for 10 months. I guess I didn’t start at the beginning.

    As I said in my post, my brave may not be your brave. I have friends who have skydived and say that it was the best. Not me! I do want to go parasailing…the water is softer than the ground. Hot air balloon sounds like fun but my hubby says it is too boring for him. He likes FAST. The same with the glider… His plane was fun, though. I love to fly but again, it does scare people. And bees… when I was teaching, one flew up my sleeve and stung me umpteen times and I couldn’t scream or do anything (the kids were watching). Now they don’t bother me. Snakes, on the other hand…..

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    1. I haven’t actually been blogging for one year yet.

      When I was in college, a group of friends went skydiving. I did not go. Some of them chickened out, too, but some of them did it.

      Water is softer than ground, yes, but when you fall on it from a height, it’s not so soft. Parasailing isn’t regulated and people have died doing it. Of course you can die from pretty much anything, but still, I’m not into activities where it’s more possible that I don’t have to do.

      Too bad your husband no longer has a plane — my husband would’ve enjoyed it. He had a friend in college that had a small plane & used to fly with him (even tho he is NOT an adrenaline junkie).

      If I’d been stung, kids or no kids, I’m pretty sure I’d be screaming bloody murder. I was stung several times a few years ago when hornets built a nest on our mailbox that you couldn’t see. It HURTS!


  3. You sound pretty darn brave to me. Hmm…I didn’t really post on bravery so let me see. Being brave (for me) is going to the dentist. Seriously. I had horrible experiences as a child. As for running, I guess it was pretty brave to take it up in my 40s like you. Or, crazy perhaps to some.

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