Forget downward “dog” . . . : TOLT

. . . .cats are good at yoga too — especially savasana!

I’m Thinking Out Loud about truly random things this thursday: writer’s block, eyebrows, weight management, oh my!

Creating the perfect eyebrow
Ok, I don’t know how to do that, you got me. But I did read this tip this week and wanted to share it. If you use an eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows — I do, by the way; I may have been gifted with full brows, but they look better with a little filling in — start at the arch and then work your way out towards your nose, rather than starting at your nose and just working out towards your hair.

The reason is our first strokes tend to be heavy, and that can look harsh no matter how much smudging you do. And I have definitely run into that! This tip works really well.

Not having a doctor’s note is a good thing
I know I whine a lot about how difficult it is to maintain my weight at just 2 pounds above my goal weight.

Weight Watchers actually does let you get a note from your doctor to adjust your goal weight. I have some friends who have done this. I haven’t simply because I don’t have a primary care doctor. Yes, the girl who sees a chiropractor, physical therapist, and massage therapist doesn’t have a primary care doctor. But I do have a ob/gyn. Well, I went once, anyway.

Don’t judge.

I realized one day, though, that striving to stay within 2 pounds of my goal weight helps me to try harder. To not let 2 pounds become 5, 5 become 10, and so on.

Life isn’t meant to be easy, folks. The hard is what makes it good.

Blogging controls mindless eating
Did you know you could use blogging to distract yourself from eating?

Works for me, anyway. I don’t eat while I’m on the computer. And I find reading, commenting on, and writing blogs makes me forget that I’m hungry.

It was probably just boredom, anyway.


Where’s the friggin’ sun already?

Writer’s block . . . 
Can be solved by taking an exercise break.

Okay, I wasn’t actually blocked, but I’d only partially written yesterday’s post when I left to take Lola to the park.

When I cam back, the words just flowed.

There is really quite a lot of science about how our brains continue to work on a problem when we take a break and do something else. Why else do you get your best ideas in the shower or on the run?



My fellow yogi Gizmo
I’ve written about it before, but Gizmo likes to help out with my yoga. I finally remembered to bring my ipod down with me one morning and sure enough when I did savasana at the end, he was doing his own savasana right on top of me and I got it.

I’m still losing my mind
My senior moment for this week: I got Lola into the car to take her to the park and run a few errands. Then I realized I’d forgotten the library books I meant to return and went back up to get them.

I’m sure you guessed that I’d already put them in the trunk so I wouldn’t have to worry about carrying them while carrying her out to the car (I don’t like her to think she can just wander into the garage, especially since Mr. Judy goes in and out of it a lot and sometimes forgets to close the door).

Do you use something to distract yourself from eating?

Have you had a senior moment recently?

How do you get the creative juices flowing?

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her:

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

23 thoughts on “Forget downward “dog” . . . : TOLT

  1. I had a senior moment just this morning. We have a single cup coffee brewer. I put in a kcup and pressed start and realized it sounded wrong. The coffee cup was sitting next to the machine, not underneath.

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  2. I’m with Lola. I think we turned the corner into real spring. Yesterday after work it was comfortable in the house when I got home; I didn’t have to raise the heat. And my run at 5:00 p.m. was in the sun!

    Regarding writer’s block, absolutely leaving for a while and coming back to it later, even after a night of sleep, jogs loose some good ideas. It works for revising, too.

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  3. Lola is so pretty! I never gave my brows a second thought until I got to “a certain age”. Now they seem to require more attention. I’m sure I’ve had a senior moment but I forgot what it was. Ha!

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  4. Exercise is such a great way for me to get over writer’s block as well. I actually type up a lot of my posts while I’m leisurely walking on the treadmill because I find it’s way easier for the words to flow that way. But being on the computer does the opposite for me – it makes me super snacky. I’m blaming that on the fact that I follow a lot of food blogs and seeing all the tasty food just makes me hungry 😆

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    1. I’m mostly pretty good about not doing mindless eating, and eating while on the computer would be just that for me.

      Plus my husband snacks while he works on the computer (which we share) and the shell residue all over everything is driving me nuts! No pun intended.


  5. My eyebrows are so pale I have to fill them in a bit.
    I have been in writers block mode for months…injury will suck the life right out of you.
    2 lbs. is good, we all go and p and down a little. I have recently experienced that 2 turned to 5 then almost 10, I still haven’t lost it, but i feel better, I am not snacking. Eventually it’ll come off, it takes forever these days…

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    1. Feeling good and eating better is great — not always easy to do when you’re sidelined by something. It’s so easy for weight to creep back on. 😦

      Even though I hope my blog will always be mainly about running, I do try to include all my passions and really make it mostly about a healthy lifestyle. So if I ever have a serious injury, hopefully I’ll be able to continue to blog!


  6. I always eat while on the computer…bad habit.

    Eyebrows? I knew there was a reason, I have long bangs.

    You don’t get yearly physicals? Bad girl! I’m not judging but those stupid cholestral, sugar, blood pressure test, mamograms, pap smears, etc are important for us older folk.

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    1. I despise long bangs (on myself). They never look good and they just annoy the heck out of me. I am constantly telling my hairdressers shorter, shorter, shorter (and they grow really fast, too).

      I did say I have an ob/gyn. We have a BP cuff at home since Lloyd has high blood pressure, so I keep tabs on that every once in a while since it’s right here.

      I haven’t had an actual primary care dr in forever; I’ve always pretty much just used my ob/gyn.


  7. If it makes you feel any better, I don’t have a primary care doc either. But I do have an OB/GYN, a dermatologist, a chiro, a sports med phys, and a PT. Yay, healthcare! 😉

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    1. Oh, I don’t feel bad about it. Oooh, a sports medicine physician? That sounds good!

      I do go to the dentist on a regular basis. 🙂 But I don’t let them take xrays anywhere near as often as they want to. Everyone is xray happy these days!


  8. Not judging…everyone has different priorities. And believe I hate drs! But I am relieved when my bone scan is good and all those other tests come out negative every year.

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    1. My ob/gyn said since I wasn’t yet post menopausal (still am not, but I think/hope I’m getting there that there was no reason to do a bone scan yet.

      It’s not really so much a matter of priorities, although I admit that I’m more likely to get the furkids to the vet than myself. Some of it is just the matter of actually finding one. All that stuff you have to find when you move can be exhausting!


      1. I guess they’re all different. As soon as I turned 50 (I didn’t go menopausal until 53), I got a letter in the mail to go for a bone scan. And then the letters just keep coming as you get older for more unpleasant tests.

        Now my cats are a different story, They only go to the vet when they are sick. Knock on wood, they don’t get sick. Jerry is 18 and hasn’t been since the first time when we got him neutered at 6 mos.

        Maybe if my 4 cats had healthy insurance and the visits were free, it would be different.


  9. I agree with you on the doctor’s note thing. That’s almost an easy way out. Too harsh?

    Lola’s face… ohmigosh, too cute! And Gizmo…. totally get that. I’m completely bombarded anytime I get down to floor level.

    Thankfully I’ve not had any senior moments recently… that I can remember, 😉


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