Too Much Brotherly Love?: 4/25-5/1 Weekly Wrap

Damn, I was looking forward to this week. It was supposed to be my highest mileage of this training cycle, my longest run, the second time in months I managed 4 runs in one week, which meant the majority of those runs would be shorter, easy runs.

Instead, shortly after I posted last week’s wrap my throat felt scratchy. The next morning it still felt scratchy, and I was tired, had mild muscle aches, and I began losing my voice. So much for more frequent, shorter, easier runs.

I listened to my inner coach, though, and took several extra rest days. Thank you, brother, for sharing so generously.

I’m wrapping up my week with the Weekly Wrap from Holly @ Hohoruns and Tricia @ Misssipppiddlin. Anyone can wrap (as opposed to rap).


Workouts update

  • Monday: Short Dogwalks x 2, PT Exercises x 2
  • Tuesday: Dogwalk x 2, PT Stretches x 2
  • Wednesday: Dogwalk, 5 miles easy, PT Stretches x 2
  • Thursday:  Dogwalk, PT Stretches x 2
  • Friday: Dogwalk, 5 mile easy run, PT Stretches x 2
  • Saturday: Dogwalk, Abs, PT Stretches x 2
  • Sunday: 1 mile solo WU, then 9 with Denise, PT Stretches x 2

Mileage: 20 (-1)

TIU = Tone it Up
TM = Treadmill
YFR = Yoga for Runners
WU = warmup
YFPR = Yoga for Pain Relief

Running update
Running didn’t go too badly, despite not feeling well this week.

After taking a couple of extra rest days, I planned to go out for an easy 4 miles. And then I thought: why not 5, 5 on Friday, and 10 miles Sunday?

I didn’t watch my watch for that first run back. And yes, it was basically the slowest run of the whole year so far (not counting some trail running which included ice and steep stairs).

Then I was freaking out because of the weather forecast for Sunday: a high of 50 and 90% chance of rain. And I’m supposed to do 10 miles in that after just being sick?

Friday’s run felt easier and was faster (without me actually trying to be faster). My knee had tightened up a bit after Wednesday’s run, so I sucked it up and taped it up. It really annoyed me as I haven’t been having knee problems since last summer! No doubt my body was telling me that just running and PT is not enough to keep it happy. But the taping worked — Saturday morning it felt fine.

I actually added in just the tiniest amount of strength training, finally, Saturday — including some exercises aimed at keeping my knees happy.

Sunday’s forecast was correct, although not quite the washout predicted. It rained, stopped, rained some more . . . I tested out my compression toe socks and my Peek-a-Boo tee, a contender for my race, except for the fact that I hadn’t yet worn it. No chafing.

I’m undecided about the toe socks. They got pretty wet, and one toe was hurting a little towards the end, but that turned out to be a sharp corner on the nail cutting into the toe (did you know it’s a good idea to clip your toenails at least a week before a race — otherwise you can end up with that exact situation).

The main reason I’m undecided is that my ankle felt just a tiny bit irritated afterwards. And if it’s a warm day (doubtful, but always possible), I may not want them either. Bottom line is one run isn’t enough data!

I warmed up by myself for a mile, then met up with my friend Denise. What a difference running with a friend always makes! A little on the slow side, but frankly, I wasn’t looking to break any speed records today — I’d much rather have a great race than a great training run! I was pleased that my speed and endurance seemed to come back quickly.

Now I just have to continue to get better.

Favorites of the Week
Mr. Judy brought me some flowers.

Matzo brei

Matzo brei. The first batch stuck to the pan, just a little, but the second and third batches (yes, I ate it 3 times) were perfect.

Wish I got a better shot — so freaking cute!

These goslings seen during my warmup mile (which you probably can’t make out).

Sweatshirt was after the run; the capris are a possibility for my upcoming race (but probably not)

And a long run with a good friend. Denise made a chilly, raw, 10 miles go by quickly. I’d totally forgotten that we’d grown up in the same town (she’s just 4 years older than me). Don’t ask me how I forgot that. I was talking about some of the places I’d worked, and not only did she know them, she’d even worked at IBM Poughkeepsie one summer just like me — although I guess since she’s older, I worked there just like her!

And that’s a wrap!

Tell me your comeback stories from illnesses or injuries or nagging pains

39 thoughts on “Too Much Brotherly Love?: 4/25-5/1 Weekly Wrap

  1. Bleh, sorry you weren’t feeling great. The weather’s been horrific so I’ll blame that. Those goslings are so cute! I was driving down a very busy street around here and mama goose managed to get her goslings all to the grassy center strip. Some of the goslings were trying to go into the street and I cringed. If it wasn’t the height of the rush hour (and I’d had anywhere to stop) I’d have done something. But what? I’m sure mama goose would have attacked me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually, I saw another goose on the path as I was running that way. I just started making noise and it slooooowly walked off the path.

      I know geese can be mean, but so far, knock on wood, I haven’t “run” into that.


  2. It seems if I want a review, I can ask you. Do you have every Skirt Sports item? LOL

    Glad you’re feeling better and it didn’t affect your endurance. You are ready!!!

    No nagging aches and pains, thank God.

    I only have major injuries and it appears that I have recovered.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, I definitely don’t have every Skirtsports item and you have to remember I have been buying from them for years, too. I don’t even have every pattern!

      I almost always have nagging aches and pains and they always decide to pop up in my taper. But my knees feel fine today and my ankle feels better too.

      Will definitely be interesting how I feel after my half!

      Guess I won’t be seeing you before that. Good luck on your races next weekend — the Mastodon definitely has to be challenging!


      1. Thanks. Yes it is hilly but you just have to adjust your expectations.

        Aches and pains in your taper is telling you to ease up on your training (before the taper), I guess.

        Hope your half goes well and you finish without any aches and pains.

        BTW I hate this rain!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think aches & pains in the taper are pretty normal. Last week I did take it VERY easy — I actually am pretty sure the tightness in my knee was due to only running & walking Lola — not enough of all the other stuff I normally do. Feels perfectly fine today.

        At least you probably won’t get rained on tonight. I wouldn’t mind it so much if it would just warm up!


  3. Aww the running FOMO. I also feel that way about races, and totally understand about Cape Cod. I’ve tried to be really good lately about shopping online, but sometimes it is so tempting. Sports massages help me alot too and how great that your IT band issue disappeared after yours. I am still struggling with a tight right hip, but luckily it was not a problem during my race. I do find lots of foam rolling is helpful if I would only dedicate time to it every day.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My come back stories would be too lengthy. Hey, at least I can keep coming back! I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. How wonderful to have someone to share your long run with. Do you start your taper now for the half? I like your capris — I’ve thought about that skirt but would always have to wear a black top. In the summer, that’s not wise around here. Thanks for linking with us Judy!


  5. You still ha a great mileage week!
    Running and talking is so nice, the miles go by faster. I wish I could find someone here to run with.
    I obsessively wipe every thing down at work, I try to avoid all the spring colds. That is good you made it through your long run!
    I found coming back from a stress fracture easy…I barely missed a beat. I have had a worse time coming back from bronchitis…it lingers.
    Now, this current situation…it is kicking my rear. If I make it back, it will be the most expensive, challenging thing i have endured.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankfully, I’ve never had bronchitis.

      This really was a mild virus, I was lucky, as long as I don’t push too hard too soon and get sick again — that’s happened to me in the past!

      So I keep alternating getting some stuff done with watching all those shows that have been piling up the last couple of months.


  6. Isn’t it great when you run faster without even trying. When I first started running again after taking time off after the marathon I slowly started doing 4 miles. I did some slow runs on purpose and eased my way to run faster. I was surprised when I would get faster without purposely trying!

    I like those teal capris! You should wear them to the race if it’s not too hot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I doubt my race will be hot, but you still just never know. If it’s cool enough for capris, though, I’ll probably go with one with a skirt that has more pockets. I mainly wore them so I could test out the tee, which I suppose is kind of silly since I was wearing 2 jackets on top of the tee anyway. 🙂


    1. LOL, Natalie! Nah, I just didn’t take a photo of the flowers.

      Why can’t matzo brei be a little healthier? Oh wait, it can, if you don’t eat a plate the size of your head, but I do!


  7. The weather is fluctuating so much, it’s making my allergies really bad. I’m packing every allergy thing I have to Cali because I don’t know what they have. Could be nothing, could be something. I won’t take the chance.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. look at those babies- sweet! Great way to stick it out with some workouts and allow yourself a little wiggle room for that cold- nice week Judy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  9. It sounds like a good week, even if you weren’t feeling 100% and seriously, great job keeping at it! Usually when I get sick everything falls apart and I have a lot of trouble getting any mileage in.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did a lot of resting even on runs days — I caught up with a lot of tv shows! It was like watch some tv, do a little work, watch more tv . . .

      I was also lucky that while I was sick, I wasn’t too sick. I mean, I would’ve loved to not run, but I know for me, I need to keep running if I can or things hurt.


  10. If you’re going to get sick, better to have gotten sick now!! Plenty of time to get back to 100% before the race! And you’ve trained really well so you don’t have to worry!! Glad you’re feeling better, 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree and said that on more than one occasion.

      The biggest thing for me is not to do too much to soon (kinda hard prepping for a trip), because I’ve done that in the past and then relapsed.

      But I’m going with I’ll feel great on race day.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No sooner did I say that then I came down with type A flu. I have been down hard all week long. Hope you’re feeling 100% by now and ready to go. I have some catching up to do with your blog to see where you’re at, 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Ha love it “Anyone can wrap” that’s a good one Judy! I hate you had to deal with not feeling well, isn’t that always the case you look forward to a great week and Life has other plans. It sounds like you are on the mend and feeling better. Now you just need some sunshine to help bounce back right.
    How sweet of Mr. Judy for flowers. What kind did he bring you?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sunshine would be really, really, REALLY nice. But it’s not in the cards anytime soon.

      So far, so good, knock on wood. He brought me carnations — they looked pretty sad at first, but then they opened up and now are lovely.


  12. I’m with ya in the scratchy throat business! Mine started at the end of last week and I’m just starting to clear up now. Bleh! I hope you feel better soon! I’m supposed to be in my last week of “peak” but ended up taking an extra rest day (today). Listen to your body – it’s better to show up at the starting line under-trained and healthy rather than sick and unable to run!
    Amy @

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sounds like we were in the same boat, unfortunately. I was supposed to be in my last week of peak, too — I mostly got my mileage in & so far, knock on wood, despite those rainy, cold 5 miles, I’m ok.

      Hope you feel better too!


  13. Oh no! I’m sorry you ended up sick after all. That stinks. Glad you’re feeling better now, though. Good job getting in some miles – especially that 10 miler despite the weather. Running with friends is always best. It’s been a little while since I’ve run with my running buddy due to schedule conflicts, illness, and races. I need to give her a call! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m pretty much back to normal, just trying hard to keep it that way! I started meditating again — been months!

      Running with friends really is the best. Most of my runs are solo, but this year most (but not all) of my long runs have been with friends.


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