Traveling trials & must haves: TOLT

I’m Thinking Out Loud about travel today, because May will be/has been a month of traveling.

My running 13.1 tired her out

Mainely ticks
We spent a lot of our time pulling ticks off of Lola (and killing a few just crawling around) while we were in Maine. Apparently Maine is much more infested than New York and the rest of New England.

Because we have never had a tick problem with her, we had stopped using Frontline Plus in favor of a dust from the holistic vet. In fact, earlier this spring we pulled the first ticks I’ve ever seen on her (she subsequently tested negative for tick born diseases), but after religiously dusting her each week, she was fine.

Until Maine. We ended up paying at least twice as much as it normally costs to buy some Frontline Plus while we were there.

As soon as we left, we seem to have left the ticks behind. Which is not really true, but it felt that way. At least I haven’t seen any since we left.

I’m guessing that they were dog ticks, but I’m still a little confused on all that even though I’ve consulted Dr. Google (this link was somewhat helpful). Thankfully I happened to have some tweezers with me — they came in handy!

It’s amazing how many steps you can get in when you have a dog
Even when you’re not going on your normal walks. Because you can’t just open the door and let said dog out. So there I was, every morning around 5-6 am, walking Lola. Mind you, she’s usually still snug in bed with Mr. Judy at that hour at home.

And multiple times throughout the day.

Despite basically doing nothing other than walking her, I was still racking up about 8-10k steps a day just taking her out. Even on the days we were spending several hours in the car.

Good thing, I guess, cause like I said, I sure wasn’t getting any other activity in. No yoga. No bodyweight training. Just one easy run, one half marathon, and lots of dog walking.

Why is traveling so tiring?
I mean seriously. We go away to rest and then we come back and it feels like we’re more tired than when we left. We didn’t do that much this time — well, aside from my running a half marathon and Mr. Judy trying to eat all the lobster — which was one of the race signs, by the way — “Run now, Lobster later”.

We even stayed in Freeport, ME for a couple of days before the race. You know, the home of LL Bean and all the outlets? Would you believe that I didn’t even go shopping? It’s true. Aside from the mug and bracelet (notice the turtle) I bought in Kennebunkport, I didn’t buy a thing.

Just give me a mini fridge & microwave and I’m happy
Seriously. Better yet, a kitchen!

We stayed in one airbnb in Maine. It had a small kitchen. Which allowed me to just get some mayonaise and some lettuce and make a waldorf salad for myself one night (I brought the tuna and apples with me).

In fact, every place we stayed (three different places for a 5 night trip) had a mini fridge and microwave. This also allowed me to make my usual overnights oats for race day (and another batch for the day afterwards). I just made up a packet with the ingredients, brought along a small coconut milk carton, and a couple of mostly empty nut butter jars.

On race morning I could heat my overnight oats in the microwave, because I usually prefer to eat them warm — you know, because then the chocolate chips are all nice and melty.

What, your race day breakfast doesn’t involve chocolate? How sad.

And speaking of travel and food . . .
I actually brought my huge insulated bag we bought in Kauia. I think we bought it because we ran out of space and we had some chocolate with us. Of course we brought back chocolate.

I highly recommend the Kauia Chocolate Company, by the way, if you’re ever there — and the Opihi.

I had a variety of snacks in it (you never know what you’ll want after a half, and this time I remembered to bring some salty stuff with me, thank God, I needed it), bananas, Lola’s food, kongs and chews for Lola, a water and food bowl for Lola.

I organized it by using some of the small canvas bags we get (often at races or walks) so that at least everything wasn’t all jumbled together. Aside from not remembering what was in which bag, having different things in different bags was quite helpful.

Too bad we’re almost out of the races we can drive to.

My ME mug (notice the turtle on the bracelet)

It’s not just halfs . . .
I’m also trying to collect mugs from each state. Unfortunately I missed getting one in MD & RI — but then again, I have 2 from some states — like WA.

The only problem is I don’t have a lot of storage space. Any idea what to do with 50 (or 50+) mugs? I actually do use them!

Blogger meetup fails
I found out, after the fact, that not  one, but two bloggers I follow were actually pretty close to where we were in ME. I wish I’d known — I’m not sure we could have met up, but it would have been nice.

If you’re ever in upstate NY, let me know!

Why can’t I get him in there when I need to?


That darn cat
I have several crates out all the time. We’d leave treats for the cats in them before we had dogs. They liked their crates. They often napped in their crates. It wasn’t that hard to get them into a crate and to the vet.

As Gizmo has gotten older, he’s gotten wiser and more wary. It’s not so easy to get him into a crate when I need to now, but he still likes to nap in them.

It’s much easier to take him to the vet in this smaller one. Only he doesn’t like it as much as the huge one that’s more trouble — of course! He’s a cat and he’s good at it.

So wouldn’t you know just the other day I found him snoozing in it?

How do you deal with breakfast when you travel?

Anything you have to have where you stay when you travel?

Any foods that are a must have when you travel?

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her:

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

25 thoughts on “Traveling trials & must haves: TOLT

  1. Ticks are the worst. Hopefully your pup is ok! We had a doggie names Lola too. Sweet. As for the coffee mugs, I’m not sure how to store them. Maybe rotate the collection? Keep them in containers in storage and rotate some every couple of months. Then it’s like you always have new mugs! I love coffee mugs and had to stop myself from buying them everywhere we went. The struggle is real.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I always feel like I need a vacation from my vacation when I get back home since I usually end up more tired than before I left 😆 But that makes it a lot less depressing to come back home since you can settle back into your routine and not have to worry about packing and tying up loose ends. AND it means you can get back into your bed and kitchen, which is always nice. We had a kitchen at a few of the places we’ve stayed at over the years, and it’s crazy how big of a difference it makes. Feels so much more homey.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t much like to travel. Working full time, being at home is a vacation in itself. 😉
    I hope that the tick issue is over now that you are home.

    We have had a couple of cats who crawl into the carrier whenever its left out with the door open. Out Angel, now gone, loved it–she loved being confined anywhere, under clothes, in a basket full of towels. Almost three years and still I miss her so much. Our newest cat, Nelle, struggled the first time we took her to the vet. Last Saturday she had to go back for help in resolving a behavioral problem. My husband opened the carrier door and set it on the floor; Nelle walked right in. I think she is channeling Angel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Simba was always easy to get in the crate; which was good, considering how often I had to take him.

      No ticks since we left ME.

      Being at home is never a vacation for me! Love to travel but it is tiring.


  4. uuuugh Ticks…yikes ;(

    Wait…you didn’t go to the outlets!! What the what?!? You must have been distracted by the ticks…lol!

    Breakfast when I travel-if we stay in a hotel, I try to find a hotel that serves breakfast other wise, I I bring my oatmeal and banana with me.

    Anything you have to have where you stay when you travel- a kitchenette and comfy bed!

    Any foods that are a must have when you travel-no…I love food and will eat just about anything 😉

    I have missed a few bloggers at races and always feel so bummed about it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, first of all, MD’s done! Second of all, too hilly, too humid, too hot — that was another race where they ran out of cups (and one water station ran out of water altogether) — also not well organized for a BOTP like me. Thankfully that time I did carry my small water bottle with me.

        Although I finished almost 15 minutes slower than my ME half at Annapolis.

        I also wasn’t feeling well that weekend.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yup my thoughts exactly!!

        I shared that with Zooma as well. I had a bad expereince with the pacer group. She ran without a watch..chatted the entire time which I think increased her pace. I finished at 2:15 (the supposed pacer pace group time)…they finished about 6-8 minutes ahead of me….she sucked!!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That is really too bad about the pacer.

        They usually don’t have pacers at my speed. I think my past half actually did, but I never saw the pacers . . . I’ve heard mixed things about pacers.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. They say it’s going to be a really bad year for ticks since it never got really cold and they didn’t die off.

      But it was definitely way, way worse in ME and we traveled through 3 states. My guess is the ocean?


  5. There are SO MANY ticks in Kansas. When I trail run, I come home covered and I’m always worried that they are going to get on the cats. I’m a very paranoid cat mom though.

    I usually bring Lara bars with me for breakfast. I usually wake up pretty hungry, but I don’t need a lot to get full, so a Lara Bar works great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like larabars, but I don’t find them filling. Unfortunately I’m a volume girl!

      I’ve never found a tick on my cats. We did occasionally find them on Chester, but he wasn’t a very healthy dog; but until this year, I’d never, ever found one on Lola.


  6. When we were living in NH, ticks were a huge problem, and lyme disease was something we worried about. Thankfully, Tom and I never had a problem, but we always wore long sleeve shirts and long pants when doing yard work (we had a huge yard but enjoyed doing it ourselves). After a very long car trip to DC from Boston with my sister, I was absolutely exhausted from all those hours in the car. My coach said traveling can be harder than training, especially for older runners. So, don’t feel too bad that you were tired from the trip. By the way, love that lobster mug, really cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve always found traveling tiring, and both my husband & I hate to drive. Yet we love to travel. Go figure.

      We lived so long in TX, and there the big thing was heartworms. I really worried about Lyme when we moved up here. I still do.


  7. I always chose apartments when I travel if I can. I prefer having my own kitchen, and it is easier and healthier to pick up something at a salad bar rather than eat out.
    You were in Freeport and didn’t shop ? Crazy !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I definitely like having a kitchen, at least a microwave & fridge.

      The last time we were in Freeport, a couple of years ago, I did shop — and bought nothing!

      The only place I kind of regret not going to was the North Face. I really need another thermoball. But I figured it was rather doubtful they’d have them, and besides, it’s been such a busy month, plus being sick on top of it, I was just tired & wanted to relax. At least semi-relax.


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