That’s what I’m talking about . . .

. . . Perfect Running Weather

I’m dreaming (or visualizing) about the weather I want for my next half. Actually, by the time you read this, I’ll have already run that half. I’m writing this a couple of weeks before the race.

Tuesdays on the Run asked us what are our preferred weather conditions for running this week. I try hard to visualize this on my training runs, and those rare training runs that actually have the weather I’m looking for? I try hard to store memories of those, too.

So what’s the perfect racing weather to me? Not this:

Not a cloud in the sky. Not a good thing.

And not this either:

I might have preferred this . . .

Both scenarios happened in the past 6 weeks for races.

We left home on a nice springlike day, and drove back just two days after the race to spitting snow and snow actually on the grass and buildings in Vermont on the way home.

If I could order up the perfect weather for a half marathon, it would be:

Warm, but not too warm
Roughly low to mid 50s. Hopefully just warm enough so that I don’t need a jacket and can wear a skirt . I’m actually really, really used to running in jackets at the moment, but it always feels freer when there’s no jacket involved.

I just miss the pockets!

I had a great run at my fall half, waaaaay back in October, but I was almost blown into Lake Champlain by the ferocious winds and almost lost my favorite “Run Happy” hat.

If it’s not too warm, I can live with no wind at all.

If it’s warm, a gentle rain feels really nice — although that can lead to chafing in areas you normally don’t get chafing. I didn’t get any chafing on my last cold, rainy double digit run of this training cycle, but soggy shoes and socks did lead to a little discomfort.

Again, if the weather cooperates, I don’t need any rain, thank you very much.

Partly sunny
If it’s sunny and my preferred temperatures, then I won’t need a jacket, and I might be able to run in a skirt. When it’s cloudy, it can feel a lot colder than whatever the thermometer says.

A few clouds are good for photos and for preventing sunburn and overheating.

Alas, my half on Saturday did not cooperate with this scenario. At all. And the weather forecasters royally screwed up the forecast, too — at least, four days before the actual race, which was when we headed out for the start of our racecation.

What was the best weather you ever had for a race?
What was the worst weather you ever had for a race?
I am very behind on reading and commenting on blogs, and replying to your comments, and we still have another trip this month. Bear with me as I try to get caught up!
Tuesdays on the Run

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19 thoughts on “That’s what I’m talking about . . .

  1. I agree with you about those conditions. I like it to be cloudy so the sun doesn’t hear me up. I once ran a race through a terrible Kansas thunderstorm. I was already out on the course by the time it started and I was super surprised they didn’t pull me off.

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    1. It must be really difficult to get runners off a course once it’s already started.

      I’ve never run a race in a thunderstorm, but I have had a few runs where they cropped up mid run. It’s scary!


  2. The worst weather had to be the Cherry Blossom Run this year…the weather was in the low 30’s and winds were up to 50 mph! Best weather? I thought the RnR DC Half Marathon had great weather, I was able to wear shorts and a tee in March, not bad at all!

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  3. The closest to my optimal weather was the Eugene half. It was cool at the start, maybe 50, but not too cold that my throwaway wasn’t keeping me warm. The sun did come out during the last 5k, but it still wasn’t hot. When I crossed the finish line, it was nice having the sun out at the finish line party.

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  4. I rarely put on jacket when it is in the 40’s unless it is windy! I love 40′ sand low 50’s 🙂 and low dew points, this gal doesn’t deal well with the swampy feel here in summer.
    Richmond half this past year was so ideal weather wise, I pushed my self faster than I believed possible in a race. It was about 45 degrees when we started and breezy, but no gusts…it was heavenly.
    This weather has been so crazy, it stinks it was hot for your half!!

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    1. Oh God, I would freeze to death without a jacket in the 40s. Plus I like my pockets (even with the pockets on my skirtsports).

      I’ll wear a jacket into the low 50s usually.

      I’m sure it won’t be the last time I do a hot half. Most of them are, anyway — I seem to attract unseasonable weather for my halfs. 😦


    1. I think on a chilly day, the sun can be comfortable. On a warmer day, a little sun is nice simply because it just makes the scenery nice.

      I don’t particularly like mist unless it’s warm!

      But you’re right, it seems running temperature is a highly personal thing.


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