Never put off til tomorrow . . .


Do you know what the worst thing about running is? It’s not the weather, it’s not the injuries, it’s not the time involved, it’s not the expense involved.

It’s getting out the damn front door!

Procrastinate is today’s Wednesday Word and I have to admit it’s one of my weaknesses.

If you procrastinate when faced with a difficult problem . . . break the problem into parts, and handle one part at a time.
–Robert Collier

Maybe you have my problem too? The bed is so comfy, you didn’t sleep well, you’re just not in the mood to run . . . the excuses go on and on.

I like to say that for every problem, there is a solution. How can you beat procrastinating about your run?

  • Run with a buddy. Hands down the best way to get out the door. If someone is waiting for you, you are likely to haul your butt out that door, no matter your excuses.
  • Sleep in your running clothes. I’ve never tried this one personally. I do not like constricting clothes on me while sleeping, which does not mean I sleep in the nude. I just can’t see how sleeping in running clothes is comfortable. But people do it.
  • Set out everything you need the night before. This one I do. The hardest part is not forgetting something.
  • Reward yourself for your runs. It could be food, drink, money, new running gear/clothes . . .  whatever motivates you to get out that door (although sometimes you have to be careful with the food and drink thing).
  • Schedule your workouts just like you would a work meeting.
  • Be a morning runner. The days get away from us sometimes . . . if you run in the morning, at least you know you’ve got your run in.

I have yet begun to procrastinate.

The quote above just tickled my funny bone.

Deb Runs

Tell me in the comments:

What do you procrastinate about?

Do you reward yourself for running?

Any other anti-procrastinating tips?

22 thoughts on “Never put off til tomorrow . . .

  1. For me in the beginning it was to put the running clothes in front of my bed and fall into them. Then I just tell myself “just go outside in your running clothes and you can go back” … I made it as easy as possible and the requirement as low as I had to …

    Now it’s more a habit I feel hard to shake off! I don’t run on Sundays and have to stop myself from going out for a run. There was a point where I just had accepted that it’s the first thing I am doing in the day and I guess my procrastination demons had gotten sick of talking to me. Any excuse I have been through before and have an appropriate response. Might not make sense to anyone else, but that is how my brain works.

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  2. Procrastination and commitment phobia. That’s me. I don’t know why. Inertia is my natural state. I’m living evidence of the laws of physics.

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  3. I often have thought about sleeping in my running clothes, but haven’t tried it yet. I do, however, set stuff out so I don’t have to think about it! And you’re right… sometimes getting out that door is the hardest thing!!

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  4. I rarely procrastinate. Because things are often not as bad as we think they will be.
    I always set my clothes out the night before. That way I get up and put them on without thinking about it.

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  5. I prefer to run first thing in the morning before my day gets away from me; otherwise, I never know what might pop up. I procrastinate most when I need to make phone calls, schedule appointments, and pack for a trip – all things I don’t enjoy doing.

    Thanks for linking up!

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    1. I often have to get Lola walked before I run, although sometimes I use her as a cool down.

      It really all comes down to what I’m doing that day and what the weather is doing.

      Phone calls are the worst!


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