A Day in the Life 2

What I Did/Ate Monday

I gotta admit that I just didn’t have the time/desire/heart to write a post for today. So I decided to take the “easy” route and just write about what I did yesterday.  It wasn’t quite a typical day in that I had to bring Lola to the vet (which I knew would push Bandit outside his comfort zone at being left at home, but that’s the way it’s got to be).

Or maybe it is typical. I do spend a lot of time at various vets.It’s the vet that Bandit bit, by the way. Mr. Judy joked that I should show up with Bandit and say “surprise!”.

I’m not that evil.


I was awake earlier, but tired, so I decided to just lay in bed for a while.Lola enjoys some belly rubs before I get up.

I give Giz a few treats to distract him while I get Bandit’s harness on and take him outside. I sure hope he learns to go out later in the morning eventually. This actually was later for us.


Pack Mr. Judy’s breakfast. Make my own and have a little laptime with Giz while I eat, drink my tea, and read a magazine. I had an Evol Egg Whites & Veggie cup with a banana muffin (didn’t take any photos).



Walk Bandit. Mr. Judy has already walked Lola and left for work.



Feed all the animals. Which involves feeding Giz in the laundry room and then closing him in (after opening the window to his outside kennel). Then Lola. Then Bandit, he needs to think about it a while, lick some off my fingers for a while, and then eventually finishes off his bowl.

Lola hangs out on the chaise while I’m in the office with Bandit

Make sure to put everything I need in the office (including my second cup of tea), because hauling all that down while taking Bandit down on leash could get ugly.

Bandit has figured out 2 beds are better than 1


Worked on the blog, returning comments, reading other blogs.


Placed an Amazon order (using Amazon smile to benefit the small rescue I used to volunteer at). Filled out the questionnaire for the recommended boarder for Bandit and contacted them via email to try to arrange a meet and greet. Let Bandit out & scooped litterbox (again), since I noticed Gizmo was outside.


Tried charging the clicker for Bandit, again (click, treat, click, treat). For a dog that isn’t afraid of noise in general he’s just terrified of the clicker so this was an epic fail. I was trying to tire him out mentally before having to crate him — the only upside was that he was actually happy to escape to his crate afterwards.

True barefoot running


Quickly ate a banana, then ran on treadmill. Threw in a little barefoot running too — just a half mile at the beginning, and another quarter mile walking cooldown at the end. Foam rolled prior to running, stretched afterwards. Ate a snack of a couple of chocolate chip cookies afterwards.

Post run snack


Let Bandit out, then gated him in the kitchen with me while I made lunch. I threw out some old cookies from the freezer, and apparently dropped one on the floor. That he wanted (this dog is a very picky eater). Of course they had chocolate chips in them, but I traded it for some cheese before he could do much more than take a couple of bites.He remained in the kitchen while I ate in the living room (looking out our bay window).



Called the behaviorist (the office had called to see if I wanted to make an appointment). I was informed that actually the behaviorist would call me after reviewing the paperwork. Worked on the blog, returning comments, reading other blogs.


Let Bandit out. Let Lola out. Get Bandit crated & set up with a chew and a kong-like thing.

Lola at the vet


Took Lola to the holistic vet (yes, the same one Bandit bit) for laser treatments and an adjustment (she has some back issues, and now apparently her hips are bothering her, too).


Let Lola out when we got home; she didn’t actually want to do anything. Let Bandit out, as my being gone makes him anxious (he didn’t touch his treats, but that’s par for the course); he didn’t really want to do anything, either.

Was glad to finally see him out again; he was glad to finally get some treats!

Gizmo was finally out in the kennel. I was getting a bit worried, as I hadn’t seen him since this morning.

More work on the blog. Got a little sidetracked hunting for new prints on the Skirtsports website. . .


I haven’t been sleeping great, not to mention the heat & humidity, and all the animal wrangling . . . I was just exhausted and needed a break. I really wanted to at least do some abs this afternoon, but I was just so tired.

Snacked on the last of the cantaloupe — so sorry I forgot to buy more last time I went shopping! And then I laid down and watched the rest of the Today Show.

Leftover salmon with carrots and peppers


Got Gizmo in, fed the animals, and then we had dinner. Bandit is crated while we eat dinner and afterwards while we watch some tv, since Gizmo is back in the house.

My second banana with almond butter and chocolate chips


We watch a couple of episodes of “Friday Night Lights”, our latest Netflix project, I had a snack, and then I brought Bandit down into the office to finish up this blog post.

I need to lay out some clothes for tomorrow morning, because the plan is to try to get out earlier to take advantage of the cooler morning hours to get in my last hill repeats for this training cycle. Bandit will just have to hang out in his crate and wait a little longer for his walk.

I have to make sure to get whatever I need out of the laundry room (we use a closet down there as a second pantry because ours is pretty small). I do try to get in there during the day to scoop if I know that Gizmo is outside, but it’s easy if I try to get whatever I  need from there before he’s in there.

Which just reminded me I was going to do some laundry last night, and just totally forgot about it.

Afterwards I’ll probably check some email, get ready for bed, read a while , and then lights out around 9 pm (before getting up around 5 am or so tomorrow to do it all again — although thankfully no vet visit tomorrow, but we are meeting with the trainer for Bandit again).

So I know that my day probably looks very different than yours.It looks very different than mine did just a month ago! Most people work. Yet I feel like I’m working, too! So let me know in the comments:

What time does your dog get up in the morning?

What is the last thing you do before you leave for work?

What do you surf for when you’re tired?

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19 thoughts on “A Day in the Life 2

  1. That was an endearing post Judy! Would’ve loved to tag along with you, chatting and keeping company while you went about your work 😃
    And don’t make the mistake of ever feeling you don’t work!! Like you said, you DO! And more than most, I must say 🙂
    Also, I don’t have a dog so I can’t answer that. The last thing I do before leaving for work is to grab something to eat or just sit…you know, just no do anything! 😉 And I usually surf the internet for some stand up comedy or do some online window shopping when I’m tired 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And I would have definitely relished some company!

      I know I work, but then again, people do most of that stuff and they’re working outside the home, too. I used to . . . but it’s been a very long time.

      Unfortunately I tend towards actual online shopping when I’m tired, not window shopping! I wonder if there’s a term for online window shopping?


  2. My non-working day is not as structured as yours.May be it should be. I eat whenever I am hungry. My hubby is charge of the cat feeding and his own meals. I am either playing tennis at a scheduled time and running whenever. I do doth grocery shopping.Otherwise I don’t know where the time goes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, mine looked a lot different just a month ago.

      It’s hard to make the transition when you’ve been working as long as you have — how is the job search going?

      When I run with my group (and I use the term with loosely), it is pretty highly structured and it’s kind of difficult to move thing around the way I do when I’m doing the training on my own. But it’s nice to have the company, even if it’s only at the beginning & end.

      I don’t need to go, go, go all the time like you, but I also don’t sit around much either.


  3. Things are 90% better for me since Remy left us. Sad but true. He got me up 3x/night and it was exhausting more than I even realized. Carlo gets up at 4:30a worst case and 5:30 best case but he sleeps through the night, and does not suffer from anxiety, which is huge.


    1. Chester was the same way, but it was only for half a year, not years like you had.

      And here I was just finally having some fun again & Bandit happened!

      Years ago, caring for my very geriatric cat with kidney disease I had the same experience-I didn’t realize how exhausted I was until she was gone. But then we’d been together for 21 years-that makes a difference!

      It would be so different if I’d gone into this knowing what I was getting myself into.

      Seriously, just once I’d like to get a dog who was healthy & easy. At least both of them do sleep through the night!


  4. You are working….hard! No dog but the cats get up when I do so that’s sometime between 2 and 4. I’m usually eating breakfast right before I leave for work after having fed the cats and working out.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve always been an early morning riser. If I don’t get a workout in before I go to work, it gets hard to fit it in later. I am looking forward to retirement when I can sleep in until 4 every morning.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. 12 hours? Doesn’t happen.

      It’s not really that I’m sleeping terribly, it was worse when Chester was still alive and I was getting up several times a night with him.

      But there have definitely been a lot of nights with interrupted sleep totally out of my control.

      Luckily Bandit actually took quite well to sleeping in his crate and doesn’t make a peep unless there’s some strange noise.

      I’m sure he’d rather be in our bed still, but it’s not happening.


  5. Your day looks great to me 🙂 I understand the animal busy because I get it! LOL but i would give just about anything to be home instead of working.
    Lola is so cute 🙂 I just want to hug her, well they are all cute!
    I am usually getting in the car cursing everyday because I am rushing lol then I ask for forgiveness and do it again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, but if you were in MY home, you wouldn’t be able to go hiking, because Bandit is not yet comfortable being left that long. Although I’m sure a lot of people would just do it anyway.

      Lola would be happy to lick you (and french you) to death. And jump all over you, of course.

      I’m not usually rushing in the car, but timing everything right now is a real juggling act.


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