When dogs fulfill their roles . . .

. . . they are ecstatically happy


What about you? When you fulfill a dream, are you happy? Do you spend time thinking about how you could have done it faster, easier, or are you already off chasing the next dream?

I know that I’m pretty darn happy after I complete a half marathon — as long as I didn’t get heatstroke or get injured. But I just might be off chasing the next best thing, too. In case you didn’t notice, fulfill is today’s Wednesday Word.

There are several definitions for fulfill, and all of them are good:

1) Fulfill: to do what is required by something

This is a great one for me: I say it over and over — I am not one of those people who can just go out there and run 13.1 miles. I must train for it. And just training isn’t good enough to guarantee a pain free race for me, either: I need to get in a few double digit runs and get to a certain weekly mileage — or I end up injured, from severe to mild.

Being injured is never fun

I haven’t yet figured out what is my sweet spot for weekly mileage that allows me to be properly trained, have the potential for a PR, and remain uninjured. Or even if it varies. The most weekly mileage I ever ran was about 30; eventually, I ended up injured on that plan.

The least was probably this past training cycle, where I topped out at 20 miles. These last few weeks of training, and a little shuteye, have left me feeling pretty strong.

Strong enough to fulfill my desires for a good half marathon? Only time will tell.

Your destiny is to fulfill those things upon which you focus most intently. So choose to keep your focus on that which is truly magnificent, beautiful, uplifting and joyful. Your life is always moving toward something.
–Ralph Marston

2) Fulfill: to succeed in doing or providing

Obviously I plan to complete my upcoming half marathon. It will fulfill my 11th state in my journey to running a half marathon in every state.

Lots of people tick off those states very quickly. I am only 1/5th through after five years. 39 states to go (assuming there is no DNS or DNF). I may or may not achieve this goal, but that brings us to the last definition of fulfill.

3) Fulfill: to succeed in achieving

I do plan to run a half in all 50 states; I’m quite serious about it. It motivates me to keep running, through the heat, the cold, the rain, the snow, the zero dark thirty runs, the solo runs, the lack of sleep . . . you get the picture.

I am also acutely aware of the passing of time. Maybe I won’t succeed in achieving my dream, but I know that I will work darn hard to fulfill it. It’s a challenge, and I love a challenge.

Well, I love most challenges. There are few lately I really could have lived without!

Deb Runs

Tell me in the comments:

What dream would you like to fulfill?

What dream have you already fulfilled?

What has motivated you to fulfill  your dreams?

29 thoughts on “When dogs fulfill their roles . . .

  1. I think that trying to tick off every state is a nice dream- if you did one every month it would take about 4 years! But it’s something to keep on with, nice to spread it out, you always have something to look forwards to, which state you are going to visit etc. I wonder which state will be your last?

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  2. I fulfilled my dream of running Big Sur this year…fulfilled my dream of running a strong marathon with my 2d Chicago marathon…fulfilled my dream of running a marathon with my 1st…fulfilled my dream of becoming a mom with the birth of my sons…fulfilled my dream of becoming a nurse practitioner and landing the ultimate job. And yes, all these dreams came with hard work–nothing worthwhile comes easy. This post was a great reminder for me, especially since I’ve been bogged down with lots of strife lately. Thank you.

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    1. It’s so very easy to get bogged down, I know. I fulfilled the dream of running my first half on my birthday. Sort of.

      I fulfilled my dream of becoming a graphic designer (too bad I ended up hating it eventually — not designing, but working with customers; I am not cut our for customer service).

      I fulfilled my dream of having a dog. And then some!

      Be careful what you dream, I guess!


  3. Never really had any dreams – sad but true.

    If I had to pick one it would be having my hubby want to be a runner and running races with him. He says that will never happen.

    So I will say being healthy for a long time so I am able to be active at the things I enjoy – tennis, running, hiking, travel….

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    1. You do so have dreams — running a half in NYC, running in France, to keep running races . . . I’ll bet there are others, too.

      I don’t need my husband to run with me — I just need him to realize how important it is to get in more movement.


      1. My husband plays a lot of tennis. But running together at races would be nice. I don’t running alone now that I have partners. It would be great if when we are boating I had a partner.

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  4. While I’ve fulfilled many of my dreams, running a marathon, running a sub-5 marathon, getting my MBA, retiring from the Air Force…the dream of being in the food industry or some other creative venue still lurks in the shadows close enough to remind me daily I am not where I am meant to be.

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      1. Thanks, Judy…I know it’s not ‘that’ old, but after 25 years in the same career it’s hard to catch a break doing something completely different. Every where I look it says things like “3-5 years experience required” for example. We shall see though, I still have hope!

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      2. Well, I will have to wait and see what my husband’s career has in store for us to be honest. If he is going to continue to deploy/travel etc. then I have to wait or at least not dive in full force because my kids need one parent to be present at least. My youngest does have a ways to go…about 8 years. I really need to sit down and define what my goals are, I think that has been part of the problem. Sure, I love to cook and create, but what avenue to I wish to pursue? A restaurant? A catering business? Who knows…I need to figure that out, FIRST.

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      3. He’s got at least 6 years minimum left in the Army, so I’ve got some time to figure it out. I am lucky in the fact that other than working holidays/weekends on a rotating basis, I don’t “hate” my job. I just know that there is something “else” I am meant to do in life.

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  5. Looking back, I guess I’ve fulfilled many dreams but that certainly doesn’t stop me from dreaming new ones. They seem to morph and change though. Mine certainly don’t stay static. I’ve been known to discard one when it no longer seems important and move on.

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  6. You go girl!!! I had hoped to do the halfs in each state but that won’t be happening so now it is all about a race (doesn’t matter the distance) in every state.

    Answering your questions:
    What dream would you like to fulfill? Getting my -ish together and studying and passing my Personal Trainer Test….uuugh!!!

    What dream have you already fulfilled? Completing my 1st Triathlon

    What has motivated you to fulfill your dreams? Filling my life with experiences

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  7. The marathon was a (secret) dream of mine, and I was very lucky to have had a great first marathon. I could have been finished, but I immediately knew (before I even crossed the finish line) that it would not be my last. I’d like to do a half in every state, but I’m content to just do a race (any distance) now. Maybe when all the kids are out of the house and we can travel more, that will change…and the 13.1 in every state will become a reality ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. Even not having kids, it costs a lot to have the furkids taken care of, which is why I only do a few halfs a year. I do wish I could do more, sometimes, and other times I think it’s probably better for my body if I don’t.

      I think a race in every state is good, too. ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. I fulfilled many of my racing dreams back when I ran marathons. One dream I didn’t fulfill was to run a marathon with my husband and sons (all together – a family affair). I’ve run 15 marathons with my husband, a half and a Ragnar with my youngest son, and 20 miles of an ultra with my oldest son; so I can’t complain!

    Thanks for linking up!

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