AON Syndrome


Hey you! You with your face in the cookie plate over there! Listen up.

I like to make up my own acronyms every once in a while. Today’s is AON, which stands for all or nothing.It’s running related, but sufferers tend to suffer with it in all areas of their lives.

Today’s TOTR topic is wrapping up our year, but I’m doing that in tomorrow’s Wednesday Word post (see ya back here tomorrow!).

AON & Running
You’ve got 8 miles on your training schedule but you only have time for 5. What do you do? If you suffer from AON, you might ditch the run altogether because you can’t do what is on your schedule.

The truth? Any run, no matter what length, is a win. Even 5 or 10 minutes will help you stay fit. And if you can’t find a full hour, 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there will make a big difference.

Yes, it’s okay to split up runs sometimes. Better something than nothing — make that your new mantra!

AON & Eating
You overindulged at the holiday luncheon at work. Or a family brunch. Or both. What do you do? If you suffer from AON, you might think: “I blew it, I might as well just keep eating and start again tomorrow . . . or Monday . . . or in the new year“.

Which is exactly how so many people gain weight — this time of year, or any other time of year. One bad meal won’t cause you gain 50 pounds. Even a few days of bad meals won’t cause you to gain 50 pounds.

Consistently bad meals? Throwing in the towel because of a bad meal? Yeah, that’s where the weight gain comes from. Every snack, every meal, ever nibble is a chance to get back on track.

As my Weight Watchers leader likes to say, throwing in the towel because you overindulged is like slashing the rest of your tires because you found one tire slashed.

AON & Cleaning
I’m afraid this is one I still suffer with. Probably because I don’t want to clean. I want things to be clean, but I don’t want to put in the effort to make them clean. Especially since I know I just have to do the same things the next week . . . and the next . . . forever & amen.

Yet when I force myself to do one small thing, I often find myself doing more. Much like running, it’s taking that first “step”. Just a little bit of cleaning will make you feel better.

Final Thoughts
I really hope I can get you thinking about AON, how you suffer from it in your life, and how it’s not doing you any favors.

SIBTN: Something is better than nothing. Always!

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17 thoughts on “AON Syndrome

  1. 😱 you can see me!😂😂😂 I definitely suffer from AON! But I’m reforming. Small bite size goals, for today, this week, this month. Building in time to stop, enjoy the results and plan again. But my diet starts tomorrow, despite the dastardly weight gain – 2lb overnight has to be fluid retention, I’m staying calm!!!!

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    1. I don’t weigh myself daily — it works for some people, but I think it works against more people than it works for. And yes, I’m pretty sure a lot of that gain is bloating.

      I’m still working on the housecleaning thing. They seriously need to come up with an affordable robot for that!


      1. I’m pretty sure they’re working on it. 🙂 Roombas don’t cut it with the amount of fur in our home — we’ve tried (my husband had one when he was living on his own up here for a while — without animals it worked great).


  2. This reminds of our time in our previous house…I was home with the “little” kids back then and watched a lot of HGTV. One of the home improvement shows had a guy who did all the projects, and I remember him cautioning the viewers about the “Might As Well” clause…you know, since you’re already doing A, you might as well do B as well…and that will lead you to thinking about C as you envision when D can begin, etc. …and you’ll get all the tools/equipment/supplies for EVERYTHING and then will be stuck with several half-finished projects and no feasible living space. Yes. That would be my husband LOL AON, if there ever was one 😉

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    1. I call that analysis paralysis — not so much the getting stuff out, but thinking about if I do this, then I have do that, and then I have to do that . . . and suddenly you can’t even get started!

      Most of the time I don’t fall prey to that one, thank goodness.


  3. Being a military wife …I really appreciate a three letter acronym! I’m definitely not AON when it comes to working out. I will squeeze what I can in when I can. BUT….I do tend to fall in the AON trap when I start eating bad …I will get stuck in the rut for a few days then snap myself out of it! Which is not a good thing at all …your right, a few bad meals won’t make you gain 50 pounds but I do feel like sometimes it can add 5 to the old hips and belly and at my age, 5 is almost as hard to get off as 50!! 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder! Good food for thought!


  4. Ooh AON is a tough one, I have definitely experienced it and witnessed it in action! Like you say, every bit of effort helps and we just have to do the best that we can. Just because you don’t get everything done that you wanted to, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure!

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