Setting the bar high


Today our hosts are asking how much is the most you would pay for a race. I think the most I ever paid was about $125 or so for Las Vegas (my first!). And I’ve gone as low as $35, I think — and pretty much everywhere in between — including free — thank you, Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner!

In addition, I have an exciting announcement to make at the end of this post!

FOMO over your Christmas beach vacations
My races are often our vacations. The discussion usually begins with “is there somewhere you’d like to go?” — if there is, no doubt I’ll find a race there. If there isn’t, well, then you get to come along with whatever crazy idea I’ve concocted.

We don’t typically go anywhere over Christmas break though. No kids. Too much chance of bad weather. So while you might be drooling over my racecation in October, I’m totally green eyed with jealousy over those beach vacations. Because I love me some ocean.

A race about so much more than an entry fee

I was going to say that it would be nice to go do a race by the ocean when it wasn’t off season, but then who am I kidding — I don’t want to race in heat and humidity if I can avoid it! We got so lucky in Panama City Beach.

It’s more than a race, it’s an experience
That’s how I view it, anyway. When you make your races your vacations, even if you have a bad race, hopefully you still have a good vacation (although if you’re in pain, that part can be difficult).

And if you have a good race, well, it just makes your vacation that much more memorable! You can’t always put a price on everything you get out of a race.

If you have a bad race? Well, hopefully you’ve still had a good vacation. When I first started chasing 50 states, mostly we’d put the vacation portion of a racecation after the race. So that I could be (hopefully) rested for the race. Unfortunately, if I ended up injured during a race, that makes enjoying the rest of the vacation difficult — and that’s happened a time or two.

I think that’s a good strategy, though, when you’re are getting started with a long distance goal race. Because that rest is super important when you’re not really used to that distance.

Will run for beer . . . not, LOL!

Once you have several under your belt, and are running regularly, I don’t think it’s quite as important. Of course you should be resting some before a race, but I was pretty darn active before Craft Classic Phoenix (running, hiking) and it didn’t effect my race at all.  It also helps you if you’re changing climates — it gives you at least a few days to acclimate to the new temps/humidity.

Do I have a race cap?
Probably not, although Mr. Judy might have something to say about that! Of course the race fee is only part of the overall picture. But it’s not the whole picture; not to my mind, anyway.

There’s a line from the movie “Practical Magic”, where Nicole Kidman’s character says: “What wouldn’t I do . . . for the right guy?”. I’m not saying that I’d go quite that far for the “right” race, but I don’t run 12 halfs a year. Or 7 . . . or 5 . . . I usually only run about 3 halfs a year.The race entry fee is just one part of the equation.

View from the Utah Valley Half Marathon

Wouldn’t you like to join me in Utah?
My next half marathon is the Best Damn Race New Orleans, but I’ve been dithering about whether or not to do another late spring/early summer half marathon. I got excited about the Glacier Half, but then lodging was a problem. We were thinking about picking one in WA, since we have family there.

And then the Utah Valley Marathon reached out to me. They offered me two free entries into the race (stay tuned for your chance to win one of those free entries — possibly tomorrow; of course I will be using one of them myself) and a discount code for anyone else that wants to join me.

Utah wasn’t really on my radar, except for some serious FOMO over the photos I see from my IG friends. I’ve never been to Utah, and it looks stunning. This race is great practice for the Wineglass Half, too, as you have to take buses to the start (a first for me) and it’s mostly downhill, like Wineglass.

Use code crj15 for 15% off of your entry into the Utah Valley Half Marathon on June 10, 2017. Disclaimer: The Utah Valley Marathon provided me with a free entry, and I will recieve 10% of the revenue from anyone that signs up using my code.

Tell me in the comments:

How high would/have you gone to run a race?

What else do you consider before signing up for a race?

Wouldn’t you love to race Utah with me?

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22 thoughts on “Setting the bar high

  1. I totally agree that if you have aa race-cation and your race doesn’t go well, at least all is not lost cus you still have your vacation!
    I think the highest I’ve spent on a race was on Disney’s Goofy Challenge. I don’t remember how much it was but the race fee alone was over $200.

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  2. Oh cool! Utah would be beautiful for a race. I shelled out close to $300 for NYCM, that’s probably the highest race fee. Of course all destination races have travel/lodging expenses. It’s all about making choices that align with your priorities. No shame in that.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. As you know, I don’t take vacations with the hubby but do enjoy visit to my friends and try to add a race in there.

    And yes, the race is the expensive part, it’s the travel and lodging.

    Utah looks like fun. A downhill finish!! Can’t beat that.

    I’ve never been. The closest I’ve been was to Jackson Hole, WY and it was beautiful. (Got altitude sickness, though 😦 )

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Nothing that says that you couldn’t race and visit one of the parks. We just might do that . . . not sure yet. First, a hotel!

        It will certainly be an adventure. And of course with the animals and my parents never quite sure what is around the bend.


      1. I don’t think it starts at a high elevation. I heard it was just flattish. I haven’t run in most states and will probably stick to NY and FL.


  4. I forget how much I paid for the Disney Enchanted 10K to be honest, but it’s definitely my limit for that distance! I know there are some really popular races that are super expensive, I guess it would be worth it if I plan a nice vacation to go along with it!

    Utah sounds amazing, congrats on your free entry! By that time I’ll be in my off-season but I’ll be sure to share your giveaway when you post it!

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  5. I do not like paying a lot for a race. I think the most I have paid was $65 and I thought that was too high. I am a cheap skate for sure and really try to catch rates before they increase and always looking for a promo code for sure!!

    Bling, premium and scenery for sure. Also if it is a mile to mile or out and back. I HATE out and back races!!

    Utah sounds lovely for sure!! Good luck!

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  6. It depends on the distance, location, travel involved, and how well the race is organized. I prefer a lot of good logistics so I don’t have to stress about that.


  7. Those destination races sound amazing! I’m not at a stage yet (family wise) where that’s easy to do but I look forward to traveling more with (or without) the kids in the future.

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    1. I can’t even imagine traveling with kids to a race (although the UT race does have some kid races, too).

      We have traveled with Lola to a few races, though. Not quite as relaxing (since I’m usually the one going out with her in the mornings).


  8. How exciting to have that Utah race reach out to you! It looks gorgeous. 🙂

    I’ve done a few Ragnars, and tbh, they are a bit over my limit. Such a fun experience, though (with the right team)! For a regular race, I’m not sure I’ve ever paid more than $100, but I could be wrong about that.

    I think it’s awesome that you plan your vacations around racing. That sounds fun!

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  9. Well I have run Disney that was crazy $$ I probably will never get back there. I hate to pay over a $100 it seems crazy LOL
    I am dying looking at Glacier!!!! That is so close to my Mom’s apt. I need to get to see her – it has been over a year, I may try to plan around that date!
    You are doing wonderful chipping away at your goal!

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