February 2017: Did I pass?


I think February might be dubbed the month of self care, as in the month I got back into trying to take better care of myself — so that I can care for others.

The weather was wild and wacky: wind, cold, record breaking heat, killer snowstorms, freezing rain — yes, all in one month. I still got outside for the majority of my runs.

My weight has stayed relatively stable with a mild detour for my birthday.

There’s been some personal stress, but who doesn’t have that?

Running in a skirt in February

Getting in scheduled runs
February was pretty challenging with the weather whiplash, the back to back killer snowstorms, and the grind of going to work on my parents’ house every week.

But also in these . . . 

I always found a solution, whether it involved Yaktrax or the treadmill.

Grade Earned:  A+

Got back to my journal

Recording my runs
I finally got back to my written journal. I won’t say I’ve always recorded my runs as soon as I should, but at least I’m making an effort again.

Grade Earned: B+

Dynamic Warmup
Almost always. Maybe skipped it on a really cold run or two. Won’t say I didn’t shorten it up sometimes . . . 

Grade Earned: A-

Foam Rolling
Same as January — foam rolling helps so I almost always do it. Once in a blue moon I skip it.

Grade Earned: A-

Respecting my body
By now the cat’s out of the bag with my foot tendinitis (if that’s what it is). Yet I’m still running. Often three days in a row. I’m always so impressed by people that take off a couple of weeks for what seem to be relatively minor aches.

But here’s the thing: basically, as I wrote in my Runfessions, this is like Plantar Fascitis, except it’s not in my fascia, it’s the tendons on the side of my foot. Activity actually helps (aka it doesn’t hurt when I run; it doesn’t alter my gait).

Do I wish it would go away? Fervently. Do I think a week off would make it go away? No. Remember my ankle last year? It took many months before it calmed down. The good news is that it’s feeling a lot better right now.

Rest has been hard to come by, too, when basically I’m losing a day every week. Which means making sure a lot of stuff is prepped ahead of time. And yes, often running 3 days in a row so I can have 2 days of “rest” before my long run (rest in parentheses because one of those days is spent driving/working on my parents’ home).

Grade Earned: B


Well, my birthday did fall in this month and I totally enjoyed a decadent dinner out. And paid the price on the scale, despite the fact I even got in a birthday run. But it was fine — I’m in maintenance, after all, and the scale will go up & down — and down it went the next week — the exact same amount; that rarely happens.

Also prepped healthy food & alternative running fuel

In general I’ve been eating pretty good. Trying new recipes. Eating freggies. Playing with alternative runner fuel.

Grade Earned: A-

I’ve spent a lot of time at the chiropractor getting my foot worked on. Had a foot massage. Got myself that foot spa for my birthday and am using Epsom salt soaks twice a week (wish I had time to do it every day — can you overdose on Epsom salts?). And now I have my massage seat, too.

Grade Earned: A+

Cross Training
I wouldn’t say I got off the rails with the cross training, but some weeks were better than others, especially as my mileage has climbed to the peak (not sure if we’re at the peak yet, probably not, but we’re close!).

I barely spent time on my stationary bike last week and didn’t get much Pilates in either — but I did some of both, and that was only one week. I’ve already been on the bike a few times this week.

Grade Earned: A-

February 2017 gets  . . . 
. . . a pretty solid A-. It was a tough month on many levels, and aside from not as much cross training as I’d like to see and not really enough rest, it’s been a pretty solid month. It ended with a confidence boosting 10 miler last weekend on a pretty brutal day weather-wise.

Goals for March:

  • Continue keeping my jouranl up to date
  • Chiropractor appointment before we leave for NOLA
  • Massage at some point (another infrared wrap?)
  • Keep up the cross training
  • Keep up the healthy eating, with a side of indulgence occasionally
  • Eat a savory breakfast at least once per week (bonus points for more than once)
  • Listen carefully to my body and be flexible with workouts
  • Set goals for my NOLA Half

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31 thoughts on “February 2017: Did I pass?

  1. I’ve discovered a fabulous tool for helping with PF/tendon pain. Arnicare rubbed in, but then put your feet, or whatever achy part, on a hot water bottle. Heaven. It’s helped with a crick in my neck too and I fall almost instantly to sleep with that bottle. (The cat is loving it too, lol)

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    1. I’ve tried arnicacare, but it doesn’t seem to help me. I’m using Deep Blue Rub right now — I don’t know if it’s helping, but my foot is definitely a lot better.

      I bought a ankle wrap that includes two gel packs that can be heated or cooled. I had a nice pad, but the area on my ankle was too hard to get at with that. The ankle wrap works pretty good, although I’ve stopped doing it at the moment.

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  2. Hope your pain goes away. You know that because you can run doesn’t mean you should. But you don’t know unless you go to a podiatrist and get an xray and mri.

    I did it both ways. I had achilles tendinitis and went to a podiatrist right away – no running & pt for 6 wks (could have run cuz it hurt worse in the am and got better as the day wore on) and then I ran two 5ks with a stress fracture (because I could) and then went to podiatrist (who made me stop).

    It seems that your injuries are not serious. But they may go away right away if you stopped running…but as I said I’m not a dr and even they don’t know for sure.

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    1. My foot is a lot better. Almost (but not quite) normal. I definitely don’t need an xray or an mri, but probably should go to a podiatrist someday . . . for now I’ll stick with the chiropractor (who specializes in sports medicine, btw).


      1. A chiropractor — which is also a doctor, by the way, they actually go to school for it — is different from a massage. Although in some ways it can be like a massage, too (but you’re fully clothed).

        For instance, my neck got very stiff last week — no clue why, again, I don’t usually have neck problems. It was almost back to normal, but when she adjusted me today it was immediate relief (wish it always worked that way).


    1. The muffins are from a cookbook — I never really feel right giving out a recipe from cookbooks without permission.

      I actually think I liked the cookies better during — both are actually rather plain — but they worked well for me Sunday anyway.

      I’m doing a lot of nutritional experimentation right now.


      1. I haven’t made a lot from Feedzone yet — they can be a little odd, but I like what I’ve made so far.

        I haven’t made a lot from Rocket Fuel yet either, but what I have made has really been good & there’s so much to choose from! I would recommend that one first.


  3. I’ve dealt with that tendinitis too, and I always fear it’s PF, but it’s not in that spot. It moves around too, so it could be in my heel, or my arch. I know that’s not PF, plus my dad says PF is excruciating, and this isn’t.

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    1. Mine doesn’t move around. And I sure hope it doesn’t learn to! No, it’s one very specific spot.

      I knew it wasn’t PF because I knew it wasn’t the right spot. It’s not excruciating, either, but at its height (not now), it could be pretty painful.


  4. Overall I think you had a strong month, especially when you factor in the time and stress of caring for your parents. Glad to hear your foot pain is fading. Hope it’s entirely gone soon.

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    1. Thanks, Marcia.

      I think running, in some ways, is like my anorexia — not that I’m making light of that, of course. Just that I mean that it’s the one thing I seem to be able to control in my life . . . sort of.

      I got a little sidetracked on the cross training last week, but I was tired and I knew rest was more important.


  5. Nice job this month!! I say you definitely pass. Sorry to hear about the foot, though. Frustrating. Are there any foot/ankle exercises you can do to help? What about rolling your foot on a lacrosse ball for mobility work?

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  6. Sounds like you had a great month! And I just saw your weekly recap post about Bandit always wanting to come with you running. Sounds like Trixie! As soon as she sees me putting on my shoes her tail starts going and her butt starts wiggling.

    Not peak week yet. Close… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually, Bandit doesn’t always want to come. It depends on the weather. Or his mood.

      This morning he didn’t look real excited, but then he happily accompanied me.

      And yes, I know I’m not at peak. It just feels that way. 🙂


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